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  1. TAW needs an incentive to join the team with less players... I miss flying TAW but I gave up because every time I would fly It would be me and another guy on red v 20 blue pilots. I prefer to German planes too but I join the team with less players out of a sense of fair play. So I wonder if I am playing with selfish children who refuse to share the nice toys... Maybe TAW could introduce a points bonus system for playing on the side with less pilots. So BOTH teams get this bonus if the other team is stacked against them. In that way it is fair and it cr
  2. I don't mind the 262 but I do mind that people won't even the teams. I was just playing allies with one guy and me against 13 Axis. Again... I found a screenshot from last year of 1 red (me) v 20 blue. Apparently these blue guys flying jet's on a stacked team don't know or care what sportsmanship or even common decency is. I swapped sides from blue to red when I realized that red was usually outnumbered but I don't understand why so many just stay on the stacked team. Selfish children who don't wanna share the nice toys? Why would anybody join the server as red when
  3. Yeah the principle is what am getting at. These engines such as Merlin and Allison, DB....world have shorter maintenance cycles from running at high power for too long they generally didn't break down immediately. The devs found a way for us to resist using emergency power unless we are in an emergency. It's a compromise they chose since we don't have maintenance modeled. In my opinion it may be more realistic if the engines just slowly lost power as timer went past the stated limits. Instead of stopped dead.
  4. PS you can use the emergency engine power to accelerate to top speed in a shallow dive and then throttle back to combat power and lower RPM... It will still carry the high speed quite well with a very shallow dive all the way back to base. You can do this with all strict engine limited planes. Just use WEP for acceleration hold on the top speed with shallow dive. I wonder how different it would be if the engine limitations were not so strict. I found a direct quote in primary source claiming that engines don't break immediately if engine is used for longer than 2min man
  5. I read in a book about Soviet tactics for P39... They used it as top cover. They would fly P39 on high six of Yaks and these Yaks were sometimes on the high six of IL2. They called the formation Yuri's Steps. Or something like that. At least in the book I read. It is the only plane the Soviets had that performs so well at high speed in dive. Bf109 cannot dive away from it like a Yak or La5. It also can pull more G at high speed than Bf109 can. We can see why they did well with it flown to strength _ High speed diving hit and run. I like flying it on TAW as a one
  6. I would like to sit in it on the ground with the canopy open listening to the Griffin purring rumble ...
  7. What a great patch ! I have been really enjoying the new planes .I was surprised how competitive the P38 is against late model German planes at high altitude. Really fun to fly too. The P38 force feedback is exquisite. The P51 is also great at altitude but I did notice the buffett from high mach ( high altitude and high speed ) is quite a bit stronger in the P51 than in the other planes. Which surprised me because I thought it had advanced aerodynamics for the time. I did some simple tests starting from 10 km alt and then made a shallow dive at full p
  8. Great thread, I am just riding around admiring the manifold pressure gauge. Got to remind myself to look out the window for Bf109s ! I have a lot to learn about how to use this new manual turbo mechanism. Thanks for the manual pages. I would never have used the interlinked throttle and turbo lever if I hadn't read it in the manual to do that. I thought it was just a game thing... I was fighting the AI at high alt and there was a Bf109 on my six so I revved up the turbo for a short time to dangerous levels (25K rpm) and it seemed the boost went even highe
  9. Wow this server is the new high water mark for me. You have extended the limits of awesome with this. Thank you for your efforts. The server is down now apparently... I get an error message saying "unable to write file" or something like that. PS I join whichever team has the least players. Is that frowned upon? I just play to the best of my ability whichever side I am on.
  10. Yak 7b is like an ugly girlfriend who is the best sex you ever had! I wasn't even interested in flying it but the campaign for Yak1b included Yak7b in your squadron and boy was I surprised to fly it. Straight away the feeling from the controls through my FFB stick were VERY light. Much lighter than the Yak1b feels. Especially light in elevator. I love how ugly it is and how it was discovered by accident that it is superior to the combat yaks it was designed to train pilots for. I was earlier flying P39 practice Quick battle ... starting with my flight of 4 P
  11. I love the A-20. The first time I flew it was on a cold winter map and my flight accelerated at tree tops to top speed with full internal loadout of 1600kg... I couldn't believe it was indicating 300 m/h. I was blinking and wondering did the Russian convert this plane to metric? ...No we were doing 500 km/h with a full internal bomb load at tree tops .. wow ! That's impressive.
  12. Hi I just found this server a couple of days ago. Great Server ! I get very bored of very quickly of Wings of Liberty and TAW is not running so now I found this I am very happy. The instructions seem to say that loadouts are unrestricted but I can't put any bombs ona stuka at all. Is this right? I can put 4x 250 kg bombs on a Ju 88 or 16x 50 kg bombs on a He 111 but no bombs on a stuka?! I am actually happy that the giant bombs are restricted and prefer servers to have typical historical loadouts . I imagine Stuka would typically carry a 250kg and 50kgs on
  13. I'm still getting 60 fps but terrible stuttering. unplayable offline or on. Tried lowering resolution and settings but it makes no difference. At first I thought it was the return of the FFB plus trackIR stutter problem but when I turned off FFB it made no difference. Boy am I disappointed right now. I5 3.7 gighz 16 gig ram GTX 770 8gig It was running solid 60 fps with no stutter before in highest settings.
  14. The server went down a few hours ago and I had to leave server because finish flight was not available. I just tried to join again and I can't join. I see that on the TAW website it still says I am connected. Obviously I am not still connected. Hopefully it will disconnect me when the mpa rolls and then I can join again. DirtyRotnFlieger
  15. I'm just updating to 2.009 and while I wait for he DL I thought I would check this thread to see if the Stutter issue was solved... I guess not yet but it is good to see Jason's reply.Thanks . I wish I could fly. Been months, and my fly buddies need me to clear their sixes Hope a fix can be found . Good luck.
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