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  1. ph1317

    Fw-190 D video

    this is a high quality video about a Fw-190D displayed in a museum
  2. Small delays during the world cup are no big deal
  3. I liked old IL2's views a lot and I'm not quite sure which ones are available in BoS. Is it possible to fly your own plane from external view, but so that camera is simultaneously padlocked to an enemy plane or ground object?
  4. Looking forward to the editor then. To me multiplayer servers and ability to create own missions are more important than a campaign.
  5. FW190 cockpit visibility is actually one of the most interesting details of planes that are not in the game yet. In the FW190 pics thread there was a comment from a US pilot that visibility to most directions was great. All who have flown the original IL2 game know how things were in that game. How will it be in BoS?
  6. I understand that many if not most people wouldn't like if they were not allowed to do what they want. BUT: real military isn't like that. Real pilots didn't go flying when they felt like it, but when they were told so. Bomber pilots didn't usually get to select targets, but different people planned missions and flight crews flew according these orders. IMO if you really want simulate those real missions this is just as important as flight modeling of different planes, weapons etc. And because this command structure is missing, IMO this is a flight sim GAME.
  7. I'm well aware of that, but IMO this is more a game than an attempt to simulate all aspects of air war. If you wanted to simulate real combat wouldn't we also make missions where that Allied bombing flight lasts several hours instead of 30 minutes? And flying is done according to command chain instead of everyone doing whatever they want. And once you're killed then no more flights - simulating that detail alone would make tactics more realistic than pretty much anything else.
  8. My experience from IL2 times was that good servers tend to have quite equal amount of pilots when the mission allows good plane types on both sides, like you write. And when there are enough pilots, like at least 10 total. But those unequal missions can turn totally unplayable if one side has even 2 : 1 superiority and keeps vulching pilots that try to take off. I don't know how auto-balance works, what kind of limits can be defined, but as general rule I see it as good option for the host.
  9. Do you think it's a smaller problem to fly when one side has let's say 4 times as many pilots than if all your squad mates are not on same side?
  10. Would it be possible to have a MP server feature that the host could define a limit to how inbalanced player numbers can be? Like if the limit was 5, then one team could have up to 5 players more than the other team. Players joining later could only join the team with fewer players. Would that make sense?
  11. Just a short test flight with latest version so far, but many things seem to be working very well already. And the game UI says it's only 45% finished....
  12. Type of improvement: Interface Detailed description: Add a new plane colour setting so that Russian planes are red and Germans blue no matter whether you are flying Russian or German plane. Benefit: Would be clearer than current 2 options where you select friendly to be blue or red.
  13. The steering wheel of a Formula1 car has quite a bit functionality! One might easily press a wrong button when controlling the car at speeds >300km/h. http://www.sauberf1team.com/fileadmin/user_upload/redactors/documents/pdf/2014_SteeringWheel_EN_lr.pdf
  14. Pe-2 is a nice addition and not an easy opponent because it's so fast. During my first test I got its engines burning, but its rear gunner also hit my plane. Should be nice in multiplayer missions.
  15. Even if the AI is controlling a transport plane like Ju-52, human pilots could fly fighter planes that escort these big slow planes. I flew some such missions in IL2 and they were great. Keeping enemy fighters from downing transports bringing supplies.
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