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  1. if you have the Money sure,for me the better Picture in rift-s vs cv1 was why i changed,About audio,dont know about that since im deaf on 1 ear and severe loss of hearing on other ear.have tried it, it was for me ok,but for others with good hearing i dont know.im using a Logitech G333 wireless headset instead,and it fits nicely over the rift-s.
  2. I had a cv1 and upgraded for a rift-s,and im happy,better Picture clarity in the rift s,only drawback is it 40fps for asw on and 80 off and that it is very warm.You can take off lower nose strap in the rift s so you can see you keyboard like in cv1 if you like.
  3. some one please do Cyril Doleacs - EX-LAX Shitn and Gitt..
  4. several high ranking german aces and bomber pilots, crashed behind enemy lines,and even a soviet hero of soviet union Winner 6km behind enemy lines and they all got back,to fight on.please do a survival chances on captured.Say over the front 50-60% that you get home.1km from the front 10- 20% chance to make it...
  5. It says in the book the fuel tanks was installed inside the plane,not droptanks,theres no reference about weight of the plane in that situation.no guns installed etc,Wolfgang Schenck states he flew 40 missions against the Normandie landing area,using 2 - 250kg bombs and dropping them in shallow dive at 4000m,before they are transfered to Etampes in august after the Normandie breakeout.Im not a big fan of Bergströms book since he write so monotony and sleepy.have read the battle of Britain book and operation barbaros books.its just interresting what the commander Wolfgang Schenck says,fact or fiction its still interresting,not much about the me 262 bombing campaign is known.Kg51 Bombed the shit out of Graves air force base from okt 12-okt 21 so that the British spitfire squadron had to relocate,destroying a total of 80 planes on the ground with no AA loss.
  6. Ive been Reading a book by Christer bergström called german pilots of WW2-the veterans tales part 2 in Swedish - only released in sweden,he is also autor of Black cross - red star series and other ww2 airbooks.In 3 chapter of the book its about Me 262 in operations and a few pages aboug KG51.There are some very intresting thing like during their 10 months of operations june 1944-May 1945 they dropped several thousand ton of bombs,and of 342 assigned me 262 only 88 was lost in action.One pilot Oberfeldwebel Otto Werschnick was logged for 342 missions.Acording to commander of Erprobungscommando Schenk part of Kg51/3- Wolfgang Schenck there me 262 had 2 big extra fuel tanks installed,giving them a flight time of 2 hours instead of regular 1hour..And flying from Chatedun South of Paris,reaching the Normandie area and even bombing England,with a load of 2 - 250 kg.It would be cool if the fueltank mod would be assigned to Kg51 in il2 career mode,but only used in conjunction on bombing runs.
  7. P51B or C - Hawker Typhoon or spitfire Mk14 since it fits Boddenplate timeframe and would be easy to produce,with recently done material.
  8. Lets have a follow up. Bought a Asus rtx 2080 dual 8g yesterday.And the result i was able to rise the settings to high with mostly everything set on,not been able to do this Before-getting a low 38-40 fps at low altitude and around 70-80 fps high up,on balanced setting and mostly other settings off.The new fps sits at 45-50 on ground and almost constant 80-90 high up.The headmovement seams more fluid in cockpit,cant describe how just feels.The verdict moneywise a big hole in your vallet!And game wise Ohhhh yea!!!!!
  9. SU-152 will be released and the germans will cry….
  10. If you mean antialiansing,then its turned off. thanx all whom replyed.thinking im going to save some more cash and do a full upgrade,motherboard,i9990k and a 2080ti
  11. im on a Rift for over 2 and half years now.Loving every moment of it,But Boddenplatte is coming along,and fearing that it will increase fps drop just like moscow and kuban maps have done againgst the Stalingrad one. my graphic setting is high exept shadows low-hdr off-ssao off.well i could lower it to balanced,but i want it too look nice,thats why im asking if a uppgrade too 2080 or 2080 ti will benefit som increase in fps.Got to stay ahead for Boddenplate when it arrives,incase theirs fps drop from the map/area.
  12. Hi all! Im considering bying a 2080 or 2080ti for better vr performance.Im now on a 1080 and have a custom graphich setting in game,set high no hdr and ssa and low shadows etc,The game runs nice in Stalingrad map with around 45-60 fps constant over ground/towns to 84-90 constant in high clouds.But on moscow and kuban the fps much lower 35-50 constant over ground and around 60-70 fps high up.When having major dogfights down low in career is seroius fun,but also anoying.so the question is will a better graphic card like 2080 or 2080ti give the moscow and kuban maps some increased fps-lets say 10-20 more fps.My gaming rig is mostly up to date-i7 7700k -4,5ghz oc and 32gb ddr4 ram,thinking its gpu thats holding some fps back???
  13. Dcs World has for the spitfire mk 9, clostermanns Big show Campaign,flying Before and during Normandy invision.If you have read the book you will feel familiar with some events...
  14. Begin by having 1 or 2 Junkers 52,without a reargunner,and start trying too shoot them down.Then Take 1or 2 Il2 Sturmovik early 1941 version without a reargunturret then shoot them down,Then finally you take 1 fighterplane and try to shoot it down,After that you play with a squad mates - AI say 4 vs 4 and try a bigger fight.
  15. It works fine,just dial in the desired distance where you want to hit your enemy and size of the enemy Aircraft and thats it!takes a Little to get used to but when you have him in the sight his dead...
  16. For battle of Moskva - Ju87B-2 or Ju87 R .Early Lagg3 .For Battle of kuban -Lagg 3-66,Ju 87-D5, (Yak 9 -Stalingrad ?).Overall need Fw 189.Fiesler Storch,Li-2,Db3
  17. Hi All! Im having problem with proloning the careers,finished Moscow career and choosed too prolong.Got to choose from Stalingrad and kuban,they whont work either,only get a screen with choose squadon and time date and all is blank,the map is not visible all grey.this is in a german career tried several times with restarts of the game..
  18. Well since almost half of the bf 109 E to G2 skins and other planes are squadrons we dont fly in the South,they should honour the skin gods and build the northern map.
  19. Just because! you have a 1080 ti,dosent mean you will get 90 fps.I have a 1080 ti and a high end computer even 32 gb ram,for faster load.But it dosent do jack a22,in Dcs World or Il2 in vr with multiple stuff going on,running in high or ulta graphic settings,wich only generates a 37-45 fps as best,try lower the graphic settings to medium or high with low cloud,no hdr etc and practice your way too better constant fps.As of now i run on high with no hdr and no ssa,clouds medium all the other untouched,i get 45-70 fps and im happy with. That-If by meaning mirroring image they seam like 2 targets on 1 try set your Eye disytance correct,seams to help a Little same as the more fps you have it shows less.to turn off Asw ctrl+1 on numkey board
  20. I have started a simmilar tread yesterday,with the same problem,finnished Moskva Campaign,and was offered the choice of transfer to other front-Stalingrad.And it just freezes thereafter.
  21. The game crashed after i finnished Battle of Moskva career as german,and cant continue to Stalingrad,it just whont respond and shuts down after 30 sec,anyone else have same problem?dont whant to erase the pilot in hope of transfer to Stalingrad.
  22. Rip! Just finished his Book First Light.For those of you,that has not read it-Do IT.Sits between Heinz knocke I flew for the Fuhrer and Clostermanns The great Show as some of best ive read about flying and Life in ww2.A very fine Book Writen with humor about the tradgedies of flying and Life in WW2.
  23. If you mean,like in trackir that the vision zooms,when you lean forward with trackir-NO.Vr dont zoom when leaning or looking forward as it follows your moves realisticly,you can assign a vr zoom button if you whant zoom.
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