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  1. on GTX 970 ASUS strix im running dsr on native resolution 1920-1080 with smooth of 4%
  2. ASUS gtx 770 on shandow of mordor gave me 32 fps average everything ultra on benhmark with asus gtx 970 60 fps average included vsync in game(without vsync 70 fps average and i didn't overclocked yet!!!) 1920-1080p this sim running with 970 is like running like hell on everything maxed out!!!!
  3. personally i never shooting on a parachute and on a taxing enemy aircraft i wait untill he's airborne!!!!
  4. why not? i think we'll get something...
  5. at last i delete them using the unlocker tool
  6. ok here's the problem! two days ago i download the new Nvidia drivers (package installer) here http://www.nvidia.com/download/drive...px/77224/en-us now the drivers installed without any problem include a clean install and everything works well but... the problem after that is that i cannot delete the package installer when i try i get the message "The action can't be completed because the file is open in Windows Explorer." now i try to disable explorer to get it done and when i try again to delete it says "The action can't be completed because the file is open in Windows Task manager" im so idiot who have accidentally copy paste the package to move it to dekstop and now i have it 2 times and cannot delete them i also try via cmd but the problem remains!!!
  7. i use an asus z87 pro mobo and the chip is great for sound on my 5.1 speakers!! i don't even bother to put my old creative card on...
  8. the 111 is awesome not a single crash from take off one just play with the left right brakes untill the rudder became takes effect about 80kts
  9. new startup and shutdown engine animations are awesome for all planes!!!
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