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  1. Thanks mate. I have a different extension already but yours certainly look like a great option and if I didn't have this one, yours would be ordered! Looks like I'll have to produce something myself. Probably just need access to a pipe bender! If I come up with something that works for me, I'll let you know through PM for future products in your lineup.
  2. A curved extension would not increase the throw as long as the original height of the handle is maintained. My issue is that the stick is too far from my body when moved forward. If something could be made that sees the handle 75mm above the original height and 75mm-100mm closer to the 'pilot', I believe you would have a winner.
  3. Any chance of an extension with a curve? I am hoping to bring the stick closer to my body by approx 70mm-100mm so that the forward reach is better.
  4. Love the idea! Very nice devs... I feel we have assisted to create something excellent, and it hasn't even begun! Thanks for the recognition!
  5. I am going to put my hand up for the New Guinea, Bismarck Sea, Coral Sea, Solomon Islands, 1942-1944 option. Hopefully we will see some RAAF action implemented.
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