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  1. Why can we get the Mk II or Gyro gunsight?
  2. Backers should get it starting mid December, others should wait 2020 (maybe before Summer) to order it, there after delivery lead time could be a quater.
  3. STAR VR one is using eye tracking (which reduces the GPU's workload) but wasn't desine for Simulation but for christal rendery for industry. Not to take about the price they seems not to sell to end customer. For the while the only VR machine dedicated to Sim is the PIMAX8K X +eye tracking option + upscaling. (Hoping they got their quality issues solved)
  4. Hi, When starting a quick mission in flight the falps are never full up but always half. When landing moving flaps command from full up to middle doesn't provide a 30° flap.
  5. According Tobii it's closer to 57% https://venturebeat.com/2019/07/30/tobii-spotlight-uses-foveated-rendering-to-cut-vr-graphics-load-by-57/
  6. So do I waiting what 8k X offers. But this should required CPU and GPU power. This 8kx should come with eye tracking ,enabling dynamic foveated graphics rendering, which concentrates high-quality visuals rendering only upon where their eyes are currently focused and therefore reducing CPU GPU power. Especialy now IL2 developers reported in Dev blog #227 " Improved visibility distance of planes and ships " instead of a bunch of black pixels.
  7. Hi Nobody is foreseeing the HTC VIVE COSMOS, 1440 x 1700 RGB LCD at 90hz with IL2 ?
  8. Hi, Any estimated date of release ?
  9. Hi Got COD TF 4.3 running for a while on my config. get COD Blitz and it doesn't even launch, while TF 4.3 still does !?
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