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  1. According Tobii it's closer to 57% https://venturebeat.com/2019/07/30/tobii-spotlight-uses-foveated-rendering-to-cut-vr-graphics-load-by-57/
  2. So do I waiting what 8k X offers. But this should required CPU and GPU power. This 8kx should come with eye tracking ,enabling dynamic foveated graphics rendering, which concentrates high-quality visuals rendering only upon where their eyes are currently focused and therefore reducing CPU GPU power. Especialy now IL2 developers reported in Dev blog #227 " Improved visibility distance of planes and ships " instead of a bunch of black pixels.
  3. Hi Nobody is foreseeing the HTC VIVE COSMOS, 1440 x 1700 RGB LCD at 90hz with IL2 ?
  4. Hi Got COD TF 4.3 running for a while on my config. get COD Blitz and it doesn't even launch, while TF 4.3 still does !?
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