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    ISP lagg has really been giving me the it's this end with many online games, hopefully there is a solution that does not cost an arm and a leg in the future. In the mean time, it's SP.
  2. Air Combat: High Altitude Air Combat: Ground Pounding: Scenic: Other:
  3. Peterla, these are fantastic! Thank you very much
  4. Appears to be a great engine! Have no idea why it's not getting more attention? I believe, if a team of talented devs ever decides to look into this, (like we have here ), it would be golden. Something like DCS maybe or SC for the purchasing side of things, (as Outerra appears to be on a global scale) Titles seem to be a bit of a trend, (like fashion), it appears to come around again. We can only hope our sim's become more fruitful and the fire brigades arent rushing to put out fires on servers that are running hot
  5. Looks Beautiful, like all of the models here. It's nice to here from Phenazepam as well, so Thank's Phenazepam, (it's with your talent I choose to fly this game the most ). The Macchi looks to be a challenging plane to fly , especially with the getting used to the inverted throttle while adjusting manual prop pitches etc, (all good). Look forward to flying this bird aswell.
  6. wouldn't it be cool if the planes tarnished, after many sorties.
  7. From what I understand, (please correct me, as we are all here to learn) the value of 32 - 38 is on the darker scale, meaning partual transparency (with mask applied), and or if for example: ffffff (white) was used, it would show the original image, (with mask applied). Visual rough example would look something like this: The first image is a scale from white to black within the greyscale bitmap. The second image is the original image, and the third image has the mask applied.
  8. This is wonderful information regarding the alpha 1 channel, (Grey scale masks), or another way of looking at it, (correct me please if of track) the difference in the planes materials reflective properties via tone. or translucent effects. I gave you a thumbs up, excellent and clear tutorial btw Stab/JG26_5tuka. In real life: One thing I noticed when sighting paint on metal military land and air vehicles, is that the finish appeared satin. I have not seen a painted WW2 wooden uncut , (not sanded between coats), vehicle in real life yet, but a guess would be some where between matte and eggshell depending on the number of coats applied and temp. Example of High gloss would be: A new polished aluminium surface and semi-gloss after a few sorties or where fabric has rubbed the paint coat off. I really liked the footage you added also, as it shows your examples in engine. and thank you very much for your time.
  9. Have been watching this Planetary enginge for quite some time now. I think it has so much potential with a photo realistic appearance about it, not forgetting to mention the scale. Just imagine a WW2 global historical simulated war with all military , (land, sea and air), planes, vehicles and ground soldier combat. This is the link for those that have not seen it yet: http://www.outerra.com/wfeatures.html
  10. Wow! It's great to see stuff like this, helps folks out alot.
  11. Hi Tyberan, the lads here put me onto this site for file hosting https://www.mediafire.com/ Excellent work on your 190 btw
  12. Thanks Zak for the news, looks like it's going to be another impressive year with all the wonderful work the team is doing.
  13. Nankeen


    Thanks for sharing Sokol1
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