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  1. ITAF_Cymao, best streak 13, disco 61. What is that, admins?
  2. 302 in Ju-52? Why not. Add 302_Osh too.
  3. Limited slots for blue Luftwaffe pilots is a bad idea. But I think, if there is so many Luftwaffe fighter pilots, maybe you should force them to take bombers? Limmited fighters, even if they had posibility to fly them, coz advantage of the Luftwaffe on the server at the moment, when they choose planes is to huge?
  4. 302 Polish Virtual Fighter Squadron 302_Tomasz 302_Osh 302_Frankol_PL 302_Korzen 302_Kret reszta jak się znajdzie, to będzie.
  5. 302_Osh


    302_Corsair, 302_Korzeń, 302_Kidaś, 302_Smoła are waiting too.
  6. 302_Osh


    302_Tomasz 302_Wietnam 302_Frankol_PL 302_Kret 302_Mad_Mat 302_Osh are back an waiting for the new game. See you over the snowy fields of Stalingrad! S! 302_Osh
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