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    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Kindly reserve 3 of those FW A8's for =FI= squad. 1 for Genosse, 1 for me & 1 for a potential 3rd guy. Genosse & 3rd person should be "reserve" for now. I will follow up if they confirm.
  2. Actually if you're into adding more realism to your sim flying, less comm is better. Min comm or full radio silence was often the rule especially over enemy territory. True then and still true today. Other intraflight visual signals were and are used instead, but staying situationally aware and keeping your eyes & brain moving will substitute for most nav-related radio calls. We just have to be 'big boy' wingmen & make sure we stick with lead & maintain proper tactical formation as Gambit suggests. I'm 4 missions in so far, and your campaign is outstanding so far, Gambit. Thanks so much for all the painstaking effort. Some great touches so far, down to small details like the way the flotilla of boats was moving. This shows just what can be done when someone is truly dedicated to excellence, and has some fine helpers to boot! Well done sir.
  3. =FI=Blue2

    Best IL-2 Game for New Player

    Glad you know that about 1946, cardboard_killer, but I wasn't sure the OP was aware & thought it best to clarify for him (and any others reading this) before he starts spending his $$. I have CLOD also, and yes you should try it out - BUT it is extremely important to (a) make sure you update it to the latest version ("Blitz"), and (b) I highly recommend asking someone well versed in the game to help you get started, via teamspeak conversation or something like that, if not in person which is always best. CLOD's interface is very different from Great Battles, and I would have struggled with it a long time if I hadn't let some friends already familiar with it talk me through the setup process. As for your next purchase, it's a personal choice of course. It sounds like you're jonesin' for the western front, and while the map may be 4-6 months away for all I know, most of the planes are already out so you can start to scratch that itch now if you go with BOBP, and you'll have access to each new plane as it's released. But I would ask yourself which aspects of this series you're going to spend the most time with, because there won't be any campaigns (offline or online), any offline careers, or many [if any] dedicated western front online servers to enjoy until BOBP is officially released. So if your focus is going to be on any of those, Kuban gives best bang for the buck for now. Don't think you can go wrong either way.
  4. =FI=Blue2

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to you Jason, to Han and the whole team in Russia, plus Yugra Media, all you beta testers out there, and to each of the many others who have poured your valuable time and creative energy into this fantastic sim! There are too many to name you all without missing some, but I'm very thankful for each one of you and your tireless efforts. Also a hearty and well-earned congratulations on what has been - from my limited perspective anyway - nothing short of a banner year for the Great Battles series! I believe 2019 will be the best year yet.
  5. =FI=Blue2

    Giveaway ENDED, thanks for participating

    That was an awesome giveaway, Busdriver! Goodonya!! Merry Christmas.
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    U-2VS or Not?

    While we don't have dedicated missions for this little bird yet, you can be certain they will come. This is an ever-expanding, growing sim. The team is adding new mission types to the career mode, and has added some for the Ju-52 (another premium plane that originally had no mission types associated with it). Search other threads on the PO-2 & you'll find some very creative lists from others here on potential missions. I'm sure the dev's already have many of those same ideas in mind, and are probably getting more from these threads. Plenty of fun ahead for those who buy this bird & enjoy the unique challenges it already has, as well as those on the way in time. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    Best IL-2 Game for New Player

    OP and cardboard_killer, just be aware that IL-2 1946 is what you might call the full combined product of the old, original IL-2 game that launched way back in ~2002 or so. It's essentially 2 generations older than the game associated with this forum, and is not compatible with the IL-2 Great Battles series of games (Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow/Kuban/Bodenplatte). It was a great game for its time, and many here like me owned & loved it. It's still great fun - you just shouldn't associate it with this new series. That said, you have a great point cardboard_killer - those prices are great for both products! Our old friend 1946 will always be cheap now, but you have to catch a sale to get the Great Battles games at these prices. Fortunately there are sales several times a year, so anybody new & uncertain can buy one now, try it out a few months, and catch another installment on the next sale (unless you just can't wait to buy more, OR want to support this dev team more by buying at full price).
  8. =FI=Blue2

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Please add me as reserve - 50/50 chance I canake it. Probably on the Spit since that side looks to need more. Thanks!
  9. =FI=Blue2

    Tactical Air War

    Riksen, Nice wall of text - no apologies needed. I haven't had enough sim time available lately to make flying TAW worthwhile, but I flew some in several of the early ones, and plan to join up again by mid December, if I can keep brushing up my skills until then. I really think these are good suggestions & hope they can be implemented at some point. Believe they would really enhance what TAW is all about, so thanks for the post. A few words on that 2nd point. I'm one of the [probably many] people who fly red almost all the time, for the sake of helping keep things reasonably even. (Your comments about blue/red pilot numbers are obviously true.) Sure, I & others like me could fly 'what I want to, all the time,' but my parents taught me you're supposed to outgrow that level of self-centeredness soon after puberty if not before, for the most part anyway. If we all had that mindset, the numbers would be even more one-sided than they already are. Personally I enjoy the challenge of being the 'underdog' (unless it's massively imbalanced), and I always prefer it over being on the side with over-dominant numbers (seriously, how is that any fun??). I'll keep doing what I do & enjoying it, flying for the other side once in a while when it makes sense & I suspect many others will do the same. I'm not complaining about it either. I just want to point out that a spawn limiter that prevents people from joining on the majority side is not what would keep them from joining the match & flying. It is their choice to fly one side only that prevents them from joining & flying at that point. They can't blame the spawn limiter since a decision to be a little more flexible would allow them to join. "Far less realistic"??? Sorry, totally disagree. I'd say it makes the ground targets far less 'gamey,' and adds much more realistic 'fog of war' to the ground attack scenario - and this is coming from someone who flies a lot more ground attack than fighters in IL-2. For example I'm sure you realize that de-tracking alone only immobilizes a real tank, temporarily; it can still fight if it's crew stays in it. We know for a fact that 1942 Sturmovik or Stuka pilots had very little idea how many vehicles they truly destroyed as they flew back home, because records reveal huge overclaims were rampant on all sides, especially tank claims. Sure, the new damage modeling changes the game & adds a lot more uncertainty. It means that now you're best bet is to attack in a larger group that is communicating, so you can ensure all targets are hit, and hit hard enough to raise the odds that they're destroyed or badly damaged. If you must go in pairs or singles, it's now imperative to communicate with the rest of your team & learn whether your target was already hit or not, and which part(s) of it might be less damaged & need your bombs. Now I love the satisfaction of the always-exploding tank as much as anyone, but like it or not, I think this change brought a lot more realism to this aspect of the game than it had up to now. My hat's off to the devs on this change, for sure.
  10. =FI=Blue2

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Tip, sorry for the late notice but I can't make it tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ AnotherYak is free now. Have fun guys!
  11. =FI=Blue2

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Tip, if they are still open, please put me and =FI=Genosse down for those last 2 Yak slots. Looking forward to it! Happy Thanksgiving to you (and all our brother U.S. pilots). The rest of you may have to forgive some of us if we seem a little sluggish on this mission. All that turkey can have some lingering 'side effects.' ๐Ÿ˜ด ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ด
  12. Yeah, thanks for the reminder Centx. I'm sure this is the what happened. When this server was 'young,' & I was playing it more often, reserved planes at forward bases often lasted 2-3 days or even longer. But those days are over, especially with a couple of folks apparently spending half as much time here every week as I spend at my full time job in the same period. Nice ideas, Coconut - they have the potential to be really helpful especially for those of us who love your server but can't afford to treat it like a 2nd job. The last one is very creative. A few people might even be that unselfish once in a while. Thanks for the response, and your ongoing tireless efforts here. Don't say it often enough!
  13. Haven't been able to play here often lately, but I've noticed that planes flown forward don't seem to last overnight. Is that just the way it is now, or am I doing something wrong? Might be an answer somewhere here in the forums but I can't find it. Not in then manual or stats websight. Thanks for any help on this.
  14. =FI=Blue2

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Tip, please give my Yak-1b to NN_Lambert, so the NN boys can fly as a group. If I make it, I will slide into the bomber vacated by DeDass.
  15. =FI=Blue2

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Great to see this back. Unfortunately I'm only a 'maybe' for this Friday, but I'll try for it. Reserve for a Yak-1b, please, kind sir.
  16. =FI=Blue2

    All the tanks stop after a few meters

    I was having this same issue, Ricky, but only when driving tanks from the driver's position. Once I realized this, I was simply driving from any of the other positions with no problem. I believe it was the same whether I was using WASD, or the cursor keys, but I'm not certain & need to verify that. Anyway I figured this was a bug & would get fixed in time. However BladeMeister's response turned on a light bulb. I think he's probably right about the a key being the problem. I'm going to do some checking on it whenever I can later this week. Good luck! If that doesn't solve it, try driving your tanks from the commander's position (or any other if you have the new tanks), and see if that helps.
  17. =FI=Blue2

    It's OUT !

    Reading a few posts, it's already a confusing day for lots of folks here, so better not to 'cross the streams' and add to it my friend. That game above is discounted alright, and a great choice, but THIS is the one the ROF discount code applies to (if you bought that content before 2014): It's pretty standard for this team from early days to offer a modest discount like this for all Early Access releases. Also, the releases today are priced the same or very close to the same as all the earlier releases were on day 1 (deluxe versions at least; standard versions are usually $30 less). So, nothing really new about today's releases. Exactly. All the detail can be found on today's release announcement. Whatever ROF content you bought prior to 2014 counts toward your discount code. If you disagree with the value of the code, they've already written to just email tech help & they'll work with you (not sure it's worth troubling over $5-$15, but anyway...). If you want to see how much your code is worth, you'll can add Flying Circus to your cart in the IL-2 store, then enter the code & hit "apply." You can then back out of the purchase if you like, but you'll know what the code will save you until Sept 14th.
  18. Awesome, 2 more brand new toys! Thanks Jason, Han, and the whole bunch in Russia (welcome aboard & nice work DigitalForms!). Not gonna get much of anything done on my projects this weekend, from the look of things.
  19. =FI=Blue2

    DD today?

    I'm sure you're prob'ly just kidding, because I'm sure Jason is still wrapped up with moving. , probably Han and maybe 1 or 2 more are busy getting ready for some international travel setting up their booth in Vegas (or having some fun there) as we speak. (Got a week ahead of myself there.) Surely somebody's already suggested it, but if not it has to be done: New handle for you: SpaceBalls Anybody got a Dark Helmet .gif? Might come in handy for his new profile.
  20. =FI=Blue2

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Tip, thanks so much for generously reserving a slot for me! Sadly, real life is going to take me out on both of these next 2 Fridays. I hope =FI=Genosse (& maybe more) can be there to 'represent' the Fighting Irish in these landmark FNBF events, and maybe pull in 1 or 2 more of us - we'll see. Either way I wish you guys a fantastic time! I'm also really encouraged to see you leaving some room 'between the lines' that we might see an FNBF redux in some new format in the future. This event has helped me work through some challenging weeks, just by putting one more 'cherry on top' to kick off the weekend right. Others obviously feel the same. The 'cooperative misison' flavor, the environment of the missions, and of course the great group of folks participating have we salivating for Friday every time. Sure, 'participation makes it happen,' but NONE of it happens without the gift of your passion and dedication, and you've shared that with us for a LONG time, bud. The same thanks goes to your DBS squad mates who've also contributed. I hope to see more of FNBF later on, but either way it's a good time to let you know just how grateful we are. THANK YOU!
  21. Bush & Sketch, thanks for the explanations. Just didn't have time to come see them until tonight. All is clear to me now, much appreciated. Also, Sketch, yeah I heard you tonight about comms, but the 2 squad mates I was flying with are still new to the BOX "world" & airplanes, so we have way too much comm going on between us right now & have no business on the main tactical channel yet. They're competent virtual pilots & long time simmers, but it would be a bit too much to push them to Discord just yet - they are already pretty fully tasked with "new" for now. So for tonight we were just flying ferry missions, hauling bombs for the rest of you to make use of. I'll give them them a Discord intro before too long though. We all fully realize the benefits of being on a common freq, especially for combat missions.
  22. Coconut, Forgive me if I'm just blind, but I've read through this forum topic, combed your manual, and even clicked through your stats pages for answers - all with no luck. My questions: Where & how do we use the PIN? (login doesn't seem to work on stats pages, using email or handle + my PIN in the boxes) Where & how do we make use of the 'cash reserve' system? Or is this somehow automatic? Are these 2 related? If so, how? Haven't had much time to fly lately except some on the weekends, so low exposure to your campaign isn't helping me either. Hoping you (or anyone else) can point me to what I can't seem to find here, so I can figure it out & explain to my squad mates. By the way, we all enjoy it very much every time we're on it. THANK YOU for your commitment & ongoing improvements!
  23. =FI=Blue2

    Join us at Flight-Sim Expo 2018 in Las Vegas, NV USA!

    I'll be out that way hiking in Utah with friends the week prior, so I've extended my stay - all registered for Sunday. Looking forward to it! Wheels, the registration fee is $40/day, or $70 for both Saturday & Sunday. That price increases by $5/day after 5/15.
  24. =FI=Blue2

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Rain out confirmed, but I got lucky & won a new sand wedge in the raffle! I'll take one of those Yak-7's or the Pe-2, whichever you recommend for mission purposes, if that's acceptable Tip. Thanks again, look forward to it.
  25. =FI=Blue2

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    I'm supposed to play in a golf tournament tomorrow, but it doesn't look like the weather is going to cooperate. Would like to be on the "reserve" list for whichever side could use a possible extra tomorrow - unless it's truly too late. (In that case, no problem.) Either way, have a great time guys!