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  1. Finally found time to buy this one today. Thoroughly enjoyed the interview, @ShamrockOneFive, thanks for that! @SYN_Haashashin, I was floored to learn how much time & dedication went into this effort. This is obviously a real labor of love for you, but that doesn't make you & those who helped one bit less deserving of our sincere appreciation. THANK YOU for this, to you and your 'team' - both your SYN 'consultant' brothers AND to everyone else who helped with those many details. Really looking forward to this one. And, equally glad to hear you intend to put focus on the WWI side next. That will surely provide a wonderful boost to Flying Circus as it expands. Cheers!
  2. Thanks again Jizzo! I should have checked with my squad mates first - naturally they had it already.
  3. Tip (or anyone else), would you kindly p.m. the briefing to me. Cleaned out my PMs yesterday so should not have a problem receiving them anymore. Thanks!
  4. Tip, I was surprised to learn that TWO fellow =FI= gents are interested in this Friday. Please put =FI=Genosse & =FI=Bluebell in those 2 Yaks. I will be there on "reserve" status, and will fill any seat if we have a no-show. Otherwise, I'll ask permission to fly as a gunner. Thanks! Edit: To clarify, I'll definitely be attending, and I'd like to be "in line" for any seats given up between now & Friday, or else I'll hope to grab one last minute if it comes to that.
  5. Thanks for the heads up on that, Tip. However, fortunately Jizzo was somehow able to PM the briefing to me, so I should be all set. This replacement pilot is now boarding the troop train to the front! 😉
  6. I think i'm going to be able to escape work early after all, and slide into an allied fighter, although perhaps a few minutes late. Tip, if you (or anyone else on the allied side) would forward the PM with the briefing & any links, I'd be most grateful! Hope to talk to you guys soon...
  7. You must be mostly settled in now. Glad you're back Tip, hope you're finding time now to start truly enjoying the new locale! Finally seeing light at the end of my tunnel too - work's about to finally lighten up a bit after the busiest couple of years I can recall. Looking forward to more flying time in my future (virtual for sure, and hopefully RL again also, before long). Put me down as 'reserve' for a Peshka, but I'm not at all picky & will take whatever's left if I'm able to join in.
  8. Very cool. Stories like his are gold. You're lucky to have the chance to hear them in person. When you guys finish up for the day, you ought to ask if you can record a story of 2 while you guys are relaxing with some cold ice tea, if he hasn't already done something like that. Several museums would love to have that video or audio. Either way, enjoy your time with him, and tell him thanks for what he went through, from another grateful citizen.
  9. I'm willing. Sign me up if you like, and feel free to use others instead, if they sound better. Originally from west Texas but I 'shaved down' my drawl during my years in the service (got tired of hearing "what?" every time I said something). I can bring it back a little to add some 'flavor' to this, if requested.
  10. Tip, I'm likely to be a late arrival this week, due to a charity golf tournament starting at 7 am, but should not be late by much. Please put me down for a Yak since those are short. However, if NN squad shows up with numbers & need my Yak to fly together, kindly give it to them & put me in whatever else is left (always happy to fly with 1.JaVA or the IL-2's). Thanks!
  11. I should be able to make it, Tip. Please throw me in a P-47 for this one. Welcome back! Hope all is excellent for you & yours these days, and thanks for drumming up another mission for us. Looking forward to it. I almost forgot: now that you made it out that way, say hi to Marshall Givens over in Harlan for me. 😉
  12. Kindly reserve 3 of those FW A8's for =FI= squad. 1 for Genosse, 1 for me & 1 for a potential 3rd guy. Genosse & 3rd person should be "reserve" for now. I will follow up if they confirm.
  13. Actually if you're into adding more realism to your sim flying, less comm is better. Min comm or full radio silence was often the rule especially over enemy territory. True then and still true today. Other intraflight visual signals were and are used instead, but staying situationally aware and keeping your eyes & brain moving will substitute for most nav-related radio calls. We just have to be 'big boy' wingmen & make sure we stick with lead & maintain proper tactical formation as Gambit suggests. I'm 4 missions in so far, and your campaign is outstanding so far, Gambit. Thanks so much for all the painstaking effort. Some great touches so far, down to small details like the way the flotilla of boats was moving. This shows just what can be done when someone is truly dedicated to excellence, and has some fine helpers to boot! Well done sir.
  14. Glad you know that about 1946, cardboard_killer, but I wasn't sure the OP was aware & thought it best to clarify for him (and any others reading this) before he starts spending his $$. I have CLOD also, and yes you should try it out - BUT it is extremely important to (a) make sure you update it to the latest version ("Blitz"), and (b) I highly recommend asking someone well versed in the game to help you get started, via teamspeak conversation or something like that, if not in person which is always best. CLOD's interface is very different from Great Battles, and I would have struggled with it a long time if I hadn't let some friends already familiar with it talk me through the setup process. As for your next purchase, it's a personal choice of course. It sounds like you're jonesin' for the western front, and while the map may be 4-6 months away for all I know, most of the planes are already out so you can start to scratch that itch now if you go with BOBP, and you'll have access to each new plane as it's released. But I would ask yourself which aspects of this series you're going to spend the most time with, because there won't be any campaigns (offline or online), any offline careers, or many [if any] dedicated western front online servers to enjoy until BOBP is officially released. So if your focus is going to be on any of those, Kuban gives best bang for the buck for now. Don't think you can go wrong either way.
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