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  1. If its done well that would be great. Things like High Boost low RPM limitations etc coupled with a move away from the current timers.
  2. This discussion of detonation modelling where did the devs say this was something they are working on ?
  3. Yes the Americans confused things a little using the term "Auto". It really means Constant Speed, Manual means direct setting of pitch angle .... and in the case of the P40 its done electrically rather than using oil to do it hydraulically .
  4. Yes Fair enough FTH +25Lbs around 4400m where +25 is about 38Kmh faster than +18. +18FTH around 6000m
  5. No ! 44" is around +6.9 Lbs Boost. Rule of thumb Take Lbs Boost add 14 to it then double it to get inches. So for example +7Lbs boost 7 + 14 = 21 x 2 =42" But see below for accurate table:
  6. Its a reverse one so technically not one
  7. Easily fixed by accurate C of G implementation, true Fuel Feed sequencing and of course accurate fuel flows ...... all of which imo are debatable in the current FM's and EM's
  8. The current description of the Jumo 213 engine modes in the in game specification is imo confusing: After reading all the posts and doing some research I believe this is what we should be see in in terms of D9 engine operation: Given the Regulation (as detailed by JTD) is Constant Air Mass regulation we set power using RPM as the sole reference and observe the resultant ata that is commanded by the Bediengerat. So as air density varies ata will vary for each selected rpm. The RPM selected determines required power output and the Bediengerat delivers that by use of variable ata SC etc. We basically see that already in game and is well done. I would expect similar speeds for all seasons since RPM selects a specific desired power and ata will vary to achieve that demanded/selected power. ENGINE MODES The cockpit has the Bediengerat Emergency pull handle and MW50 modeled. My research indicates that Bediengerat emergency mode was only installed on earlier D9's and was eventually removed. (The initial temporary Field Mod was a cock placed on the fwd panel. Subsequently the Pull handle was installed) However since it is there in the Sim and referred to then its implementation should be correct. Its my understanding that Emergency mode was designed to give around an extra 0.2ata (on top of what the Bediengerat gave at 3250rpm) and was for limited use. 3 min being quoted in an FW190D9 pilots notes I have seen. Typically Emergency mode was used on take off. For Emergency mode to be used The SIM needs a separate keybinding to engage Emergency mode. We then have the two combat ratings one with MW50 and one with out MW50 and Continuous, the specs should then imo read: Engine Modes Emergency Power (3minutes) 3250 RPM 1.7 ata Take off Nominal (unlimited): 3000RPM (variable ata 1.42 typical) Combat Power (30minutes) : 3250 RPM (Variable ata 1.7 ata typical) Combat+MW50 (10 minutes) 3250 (variable ata 1.8 ata typical) This comes from a translated D9 manual no ata refrence is given since RPM is the sole reference to power output.
  9. " (I fly a CJ6 Nanchang for real, which is very similar) " ....... but markedly superior
  10. Ok thanks JTD that makes sense. Also explains perhaps why we don't see the usual increase in speed on winter maps given its generally constant power variable ATA versus Air density. Though in game I would have expected equivalent IAS for the same RPM.
  11. Yes I understand basic Aerody ... Stall speed only increases in the turn because you use backstick (i.e. AOA) to maintain altitude. Its the AOA that will get you NOT the bank. You stall at a specific AOA not bank angle. ? Whats the first action in stall recovery ? ..... err reduce AOA
  12. Bank doesn't affect stall speed ! AOA does. You can only use the bank argument wrt stall speed IF you state you are increasing pitch (AOA) to hold the flight path constant.
  13. JTD in your comment on Jumo 213 regulation being fixed Mass flow rather than fixed boost does it follow that RPM determines Power output and the MBG will therefore vary Boost as a function of air density to achieve the selected/commanded power output ? So for instance at -30C at 3250 RPM ata 1.38 the power output at +30C at 3250 rpm at 1.56ata is the same ?
  14. These are the Numbers I see D9 Stalingrad Map from QMB On the deck 50% Internal fuel, Clean aircraft, Straight canopy, Rads Auto Stalingrad Summer Full throttle no MW50 1.52ata/3250rpm 543Kmh IAS Full throttle MW50 1.75ata/3250rpm 590Kmh IAS Stalingrad Winter Full throttle no MW50 1.32ata/3250rpm 555Kmh IAS Full throttle MW50 1.35ata/3250rpm 580Kmh IAS Stalingrad Autumn Full throttle no MW50 1.50ata/3250rpm 560Kmh IAS Full throttle MW50 1.78ata/3250rpm 605Kmh IAS In terms of IAS the D9 is slower on the winter map, fastest on the Autumn map and in the middle on the summer map.
  15. How do you select "Emergency power" ?
  16. saw that JTD and asked a question on the other thread to
  17. The MW50 switch is on the port console. You Arm MW50 but first selecting it on, then MW50 will start to flow (as seen on the gauge) passing a certain ata/throttle position. Not turning MW50 on means no MW50. The large red "pull" lever on the main panel labelled "NOTLUG FUR BEDIEN GETR " is meant to be the Emergency mode lever.
  18. And what of this Emergency mode ? Its implementation seems confused to my eye. Keybinding wise Eng Boost only turns on MW50. I think there needs to be a separate binding available for "Emergency mode" that is to activate the red lever on the front panel labelled NOTLUG FUR BEDIEN GETR. As I understand this is similar to Erhote Nostilung in the BMW801 allowing increased fuel into the supercharger eye and therby getting more power ... independent of MW50. it had a 3min limit. A couple of bursts on the Jumo 213 from a luminary from the the IL2 Classic days.... whose name escapes me: JTD , so what is the difference in Power output ? i.e.is the power output at -30/1.38ata the same as at +30/1.56ata ?
  19. A number of people have observed that the D9 is slower on winter maps than summer maps.... which it shouldn't be. Doing some quick tests reveals a strange ATA anomaly associated with winter maps. Fw190 D9 On the deck MW50 on On Winter maps you only get 1.38 ATA at 3250 RPM. On all other season maps you get 1.8ATA at 3250RPM
  20. On Winter Maps on the Deck D9 MW50 on you only get 1.38 ATA at 3250 RPM. On any other season maps you get 1.8ATA at 3250 RPM Explains why its slower on the Winter maps. But Why do you only get 1.38ATA on the winter maps ???
  21. Gravity drop correction (and a mean value for Trajectory shift/velocity jump) in these early sights (and even some later generation sights like the CSF97K) is only applied in the shooters plane of motion and not actual earth vertical.This correction therefore applied via the elevation circuit. Its accepted that other than in wings level flight some gravity drop error is always going to be present.
  22. Yes I am aware of the significant fundamental differences in the EZ42 mechanization. However to say any Gyro gunsight doesn't compensate for gravity drop is (respectfully) inconceivable imo. Its a computing gunsight designed to allow more accurate shooting for the pilot. Gravity Drop is a known value as a function of Muzzle velocity and round ballistics. If you know the target range and bullet true Muzzle velocity then gravity drop is also known. I put it to you that it is a constant input by the sight mechanism as a function or range. in the EZ42 weapon and aircraft specific ballistic data corrected for altitude (i.e. to set Bullet True Muzzle velocity) is input to the sight via the adjustment box that has 2 pilot adjustable thumb wheels. So the sight knows The ballistic value for the round and aircraft installation, it knows the True muzzle velocity, it knows the range that pilot inputs by stadimetric ranging ... Gravity drop is then a simple extrapolation. Again I don't know of Any Computing gunsight that does not allow for gravity drop as a function of range. Talk to Viks as I have sent him some detailed Ez42 info
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