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  1. Indeed but this only gives perhaps 0.3G to maybe 0.5G increase in tolerance. As it is I have been testing with MC202 and YAK1...... still cant ever get Grey/Blackout ...... something is broken.
  2. Well something imo is wrong. In specific max perf turn testing I cannot achieve black out. In all cases I always reach the lift limit no black/grey out ever occurring. My Standard test method (same used in IL2 classic/DCS/CLOD) is start at high altitude roll in to a descending turn and smoothly pull to the lift limit lowering the nose as required (via bank control to control attitude) whilst riding the lift limit with increasing IAS. even at speeds as high as 600Kmh on the lift limit (i.e at high G).... grey/blackout never occurs. To me it would seem the Grey/Blackout threshold and or duration is too high. To all practical purposes in BOS you can ignore Grey/blackout .... imo that is unrealistic.
  3. Yet to see Black out or red out ..... Devs is this modelled ? if so roughly what criteria are you using ?
  4. My take on the MC202 Engine limits/operation based on loosely translating MC202 manual then testing in game.
  5. YAK52's ????? .... anyway for the record YAK52 Flap limiting speed is 170Kmh/92 kts .... it has a limit for a reason.
  6. Sorted CSU 2200 normally and 2400 with WEP +100 selected
  7. Seeing some major stutters now with terrain extended view X 4 especially close to the ground. Backing it off to X 2 improved it but not completely. Never saw these stutters until updating to 1.02. Macchi Prop CSU. In some discussion before release it was mentioned the MC202 only had two RPM settings that are governed. In this discussion it was stated they were 2200RPM and 2400RPM. With the Prop switch in position "A" (auto I presume) the CSU governs to 2400RPM. So is there a way to reset it to also govern to 2200RPM ?
  8. Brief description: MC202 Tracer visible through Nose Detailed description, conditions: In cockpit view when firing the guns of the MC202 a single tracer line is visible through the fuselage. Shouldn't be able to see through the cockpit structure, and no gun armament is carried on the centreline either so what this tracer line represents is a mystery. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Couldnt get decent screenshot. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software):Win 7 64bit NVDIA GTX570
  9. "Another aspect where IMO IL2 BoS is far ahead of any competitors is in the way control forces have been modeled." Though few if any of the aeroplanes Rates of Roll are really affected that much by increasing IAS.
  10. What is the best method of moving BOM/BOS to a new PC ? Can you copy it across (is it registry dependent ) or are there any issues with activation etc. or is the best method a complete re download of all content then reactivate ??
  11. Current Version of IL2 classic in "Full Real" allows external views for taxing. As soon as you are airborne External taxi view is disabled. this works well.
  12. External (Drop) tanks. Are we going to see these ? Used extensively on the German fighter types. Tip streamers at High AOA would be nice as well
  13. When will the most numerous Lend Lease aeroplane the P39 grace the BOS/BOM skies ?
  14. is it just me or Gunnery a little to easy at expert level, either that or BOS Hit boxes are pretty large. Gunnery in BOS seems very different to iL2 Classic or CLOD
  15. How do you know if Beacons for RPK10 and or AFN2 are placed on the mission map ? Secondly how do you tune to a specific beacon?
  16. I have just done the 4 Tutorial missions in the first campaign. Realism settings were very basic with all the auto limiters,navicons etc operating. How do I set the Realism settings to max for the rest of the campaign. I have tried setting General settings to expert and Expert on the Campaign screen but as soon as I jump in to a campaign mission Icons are on and all the tutorial help functions are on.
  17. Those that remember VEF ... now that was pretty special time in IL2 Classic.
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