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  1. This is a flawed implementation of the DG There are numerous reports of this . The explanation is that it is simulating Gyro precession etc. Though a DG just doesn't behave in the manner its modeled in the game. in fact the whole purpose of a DG is to remove this type of Turning and acceleration error you typically see in a straight Mag compass. In the Sim none of these errors are seen on the magnetic compass ... so effectively the Mag compass in the Sim is a much more stable heading reference to the DG .... the exact opposite of what happens IRL !


    see here:


  2. Gyro system needs to be re worked. In the Allied types for example the compass exhibits little to no turning errors whist the DG is all over the place. A simple reversal of these 2 effects would be more representative..... the whole purpose of the DG was to provide a stable heading source free of turning and acceleration errors ! Though a rework to simulate DG hdg drift would be even better.


    It would be nice to have the ability to cage those instruments that had that ability.

    It would be nice to be able to set the Course on the verge ring of the German Patin compass

    It would be nice to set the Course on the British compass as well.

    It would be nice to set the double arrow as a reference course on the US compass too :)

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  3. " Sure the P-38 was turning great but for a twin-engined fighter only and it should not be able to outurn a late 109 for very long time because it is more twice more heavier, simple as that. "


    Turn performance is not just based on weight , Specific excess power is the true determinant of sustained turn performance.... and with a little bit of tweaking determines linear acceleration ... guess what US late war aeroplane had the best linear acceleration .... Clue "Americas 100,000 Page 604 ... the answer might surprise you. :)

  4. Nerd alert ...Ok you knew the charts were coming :)


    Err lets be careful with terminology here. Corner Speed is Min speed for Structural G limit. Unless you prefix it with Sustained corner speed. Yes Jets are different to props in most cases the Ps=0 line in a jet is a totally different shape to that in a WWII piston aeroplane ... but the basics remain the same. Fan/Dog house plots are available for some WWII fighters (Spitfire and BF109E,Buffalo) for example. The interesting thing with WWII types is the Ps=0 line intersects the lift limit line at a fairly steep angle.... not generally the case in most jet types.


    The Fan plot below for a Spit MKI. As can be seen by the Ps=0 line intersects the lift limit at 160mph TAS sustaining 2.6G with a turn time of around 19sec (18.9 deg sec rate).

    The max sustained G occurs at around 210MPH TAS with 3G sustained for a turn time of 23secs (15.6 deg sec) ... so if you want Max rate pull to the lift limit at 160MPH if you want Max sustained G then pull to 3G (without a G meter :) at 220 mph.


    Now assuming a 6G limit then Corner speed is at the intersection of the lift limit and the 6G curve ... at around 250MPH TAS getting a turn time of around 12secs or a rate of 30deg sec ... though bleeding energy like a stuck pig.



    So horses for courses Depends wether you want Max Sustained rate or Max sustained G ... or simply Max rate regardless of energy loss.... either way there is a best speed for all.


    Now if you look at Jet Fan/Dog house plots you will see a very different relationship and shape between the lift limit line and the Ps-=0 contour... see the F5E/N Fan/dog house plot below


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  5. No not being sarcastic at all. So the US pilots get G suits by default  ? or is their a means to select G suits ?


    Yes I am aware that only the US really fielded G suits operationally in WWII ... Recalling that not only a G suit is required but an airframe modification is also required to supply the air through a G valve to pump the suit up.

  6. On 10/9/2019 at 8:32 AM, Gambit21 said:


    A barrel roll can be a 1G maneuvere..thus Faucon and others doing their best to point out certain things to you..:to no avail.

    Err no it cant :) If there is any pitch rate involved (and there always is in a barrel roll) there will be a G increment :) ... yes I know Iam being a pedant here ....

    On 10/9/2019 at 9:05 AM, II./JG77_motoadve said:

    Thiis video shows a roll and has a G meter.

    Go to minute 4:33 you see the plane rolling and the G meter indicating one G, pulling nose up its 3 G to start the roll, but the actual roll is 1 G.

    The G meter shows that , its the instrument on the right side, to the left side of the fuel gauge ( looks like the fuel gauge in the Mig 3.)


    Yep but that is not a barrel roll :)


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  7. On 10/6/2019 at 5:59 AM, Oyster_KAI said:

    In 3.201 Clouds is the performance killer!!
    My test result: weather on cloudy/average/heavy = fps 50~70 
    clear & overcast = fps 90~120
    I just went into a server with clear sky, I got 90~100 fps
    In the other servers 50~60 fps. 

    i5 4660/ddr3 16gb/gtx1060 6g

    Exactly the same for me Clouds = 50% FPS hit. I have tried Jason's suggestions, ref FPS limiters VSYNCH etc. No change.

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