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  1. Jimmy Giro ... now there's a name from the past ... great Sim pilot indeed.
  2. Some interesting snippets from the Performance sight. Dive Comparisons http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-47/p-47c-afdu.html Stick Forces http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-47/p-47c-8thaf-tactical.html
  3. If its not a Bug then what is it ? If its meant to be a design feature then its implementation is bugged
  4. Another indication of what the V1710-39 was good for 56" for 5 min. As tabled by Allison in Sep 1942. From the book Vee's for Victory The story of the Allison V-1710 engine. So further evidence that even the -39 was not quite as soft/delicate as it would appear in the Sim. Though Fuel is 100/130
  5. Some Time lines for the P40C and P40E in VVS service: From Here: http://lend-lease.airforce.ru/english/articles/romanenko/p-40/index.htm The 126th IAP was re-equipped with the P-40E in May 1942. Located in the deep rear after the Germans' retreat, it combined its training on the Kittyhawk with its air defense mission of Moscow and environs in the quiet situation until the end of August. At the end of August it was also tasked to provide escort to government aircraft flying along the route from Moscow to Arzamas to Kuybyshev AMERICAS HUNDRED THOUSAND Pg 239: Oct 41 The first Tomahawks in Russia into action SOVIET AIR POWER IN WORLD WAR II Yeffim Gordon Pg 438: The first P40Es (Model H-87A-3, aka Kittyhawk MK IA) with completely redesigned fuselage and uprated V-1710-39 reached the USSR in late 1941. By May 1942 the number rose to 118 aircraft.
  6. See attached jpg. I get these at certain zoom levels. As you zoom in the eventually disappear. Happens on most aircraft. 1920 x 1200 (native) HDR on, Sharpen on, 4k Textures on, AA 4, Gamma 0.9 NVIDIA
  7. Surprised the "famous" Allison memo/letter has not been brought up. I post here without comment:
  8. Tested the IAS achieved at 52"/2700RPM at 15K as suggested in the above video to see if the power loss associated with Linked Boost and throttles is in the Sim. I did the test twice once with manual boost, pushing it up to achieve 50" (all I could get) and achieved 265Mph IAS. Then repeated the test with Linked Boost and Throttle got exactly the same 265Mph IAS. RPM set to 2700 . So in the Sim at least it would seem there is no HP penalty associated with linking Boost and throttle
  9. " Therefore when it appears that a Pe-2 can pull those amazing tight elevator turns on the deck with those loadings, how high are the forces and did the Pe-2 have PFCUs or are the Pe-2 pilots currently all butch guys? " Agree seems stick forces are way to light and G limits not applicable to most of the bombers in the game. Its kind of ludicrous when you see an A20 easily start "BFMing" against fighter attacks... with gunners immune to the manoeuvers as well.
  10. DB engines don't have Kommandgerat. In the DB engines the ATA/RPM AUTO relationship is controlled pretty simply as a function of throttle position.... no magic analog KG type device. With Prop pitch manual you drive the blade angle directly via the thumb switch. There is no Constant speed function in manual, RPM will vary as a function of TAS for any given ATA. If TAS is constant RPM will be constant.
  11. Some P47s were fielded with G meter's
  12. Great Work Thank you. D9 you refer to Cylinder head temp as 55-100c Max 110C .... think it should be coolant temp
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