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  1. Yes. Create a startup or desktop link to Il2.exe that lives in the \bin\game folder. You will then need from time to time to start using the regular link to keep up to date
  2. Time for some research. Lets find out which aircraft had a genuine "Jettison" or "Clear Aircraft" ability ... and if they had it Link it to this key bind.
  3. I have tried to Jettison bombs using the default Keybinding LSHF+D. I expected to see bombs drop in safe mode. Nothing happens. Is this a bug or a feature that is not yet activated ?
  4. Nice vid. How did you extract the excess Power values (Ps=0) to draw the sustained G on the Fan plots ?
  5. If the Vertical convergence is fixed ... what range does it use ?
  6. Thanks for the reply Ciribob ... I see the balance controls for radio 1 and radio 2 ... still looking for Vol controls for radio 1 and radio 2
  7. Ok thanks. the scenario I had was with Radio 1 selected no matter what channel I selected (confirmed by Text to Speech) I could still hear the other guys talking. So to me it sounds like transmission on all channels. Though thinking through it, maybe it was just that they were on a Radio 2 Channel that I was hearing ? I presume if you are on Radio 1 you can switch to radio 2 select say Channel 3 then return back to Radio 1 Channel 1 .... so then you are hearing Radio 1 Channel 1 and radio 2 Channel 3 ? A nice feature would be the ability to have individual volume contro
  8. In the Profile settings is an option "Wrap next radio" What does this do ? Also it would seen that there people Transmitting simultaneously on all Channels ? .... kind of defeats the purpose , I have no idea of how they do it though.
  9. here is the 3 Ship video I referred to in my previous post. A really good representation of Engine versus Air Flow at various speeds as heard in the cockpit.
  10. Engine sound versus airflow noise inside the cockpit with changes in IAS. There is a better video out there on the net somewhere with a 3 Ship.
  11. IRL Its type an to a certain extent date dependent. The Imperial selection means MPH or Knots depending on the type. (Other than IJN that flew a hybrid system of Metric altitude with IAS in knots)
  12. Its interpretation and mechanization is a mess imo ..... as is the DG (in all types). Look at the "other two" Sims to see how it should be modeled. Same goes for the PATIN compass on the German types. IRL RAF Compass the T needle ALWAYS points to Mag North the pilot turns the Bezel to align the lines and the N with the T needle .... he then reads his current heading of the Lubber line at the 12 O'clock position. He then sets this heading on the DG. So allow the pilot to Rotate the Bezel as described above and then to set the DG. Or if as like fuel gauges which auto switch introduce
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