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  1. But Intercooler doors use the same Keybinding and that is a bug ! https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/60590-p38-intercooler-keybinding/
  2. I can get 2 layers of cloud randomly from QMB (no mods) seems to be dependent on time of day and cloud height plus a random factor its not consistent. some times its there other times its not.
  3. What WX and Altitude settings due you need to actually get multi layered clouds ? I have tried heavy but only get a single layer. Running cloud quality high. (tried Extreme as well ).
  4. Brief description: P38 Intercooler doors use standard Water Rad Open and Rad Close key bindings. They should use same Intercooler door key bindings as P47. Confusion exists since Coolant Radiator doors in manual use the same Keybinding as well. If Manual Coolant Rad mode is used things get very confusing. Water rad doors work fine but Intercooler doors then become frozen. Detailed Description: As above. Suggest change internal coding so P38 Intercooler doors use same Key binding as P47 Intercooler doors. Screenshot:
  5. When the P47 first came out Interlinking the throttle and prop resulted in the Prop lever moving with the throttle both Forward and back. Now the Prop Throttle link only works in the increasing RPM direction. So if Prop interlink selected say with Throttle back and RPM at middle as you advance the the throttle the throttle will "catch' the prop lever then they both increase together. If you then bring the throttle back the Prop lever stays where it was. I think this is actually the way it was intended to prevent Excessive Boost with Low RPM. ? When did this change or I am I missing something.
  6. This is a flawed implementation of the DG There are numerous reports of this . The explanation is that it is simulating Gyro precession etc. Though a DG just doesn't behave in the manner its modeled in the game. in fact the whole purpose of a DG is to remove this type of Turning and acceleration error you typically see in a straight Mag compass. In the Sim none of these errors are seen on the magnetic compass ... so effectively the Mag compass in the Sim is a much more stable heading reference to the DG .... the exact opposite of what happens IRL ! see here:
  7. Can we spend a little more Reichmark on equipping the D9's with a complete set of Ammo counters
  8. Clouds don't make you invisible IRL. Close formation in all but the most dense clouds is possible and a regular part of Fighter flying. TACFORM in 1 nm spread is possible in some cloud.
  9. Gyro system needs to be re worked. In the Allied types for example the compass exhibits little to no turning errors whist the DG is all over the place. A simple reversal of these 2 effects would be more representative..... the whole purpose of the DG was to provide a stable heading source free of turning and acceleration errors ! Though a rework to simulate DG hdg drift would be even better. It would be nice to have the ability to cage those instruments that had that ability. It would be nice to be able to set the Course on the verge ring of the German Patin compass It would be nice to set the Course on the British compass as well. It would be nice to set the double arrow as a reference course on the US compass too
  10. " t happens with any plane that has manual engine controls. Even with automatic mixture control, if you lower your rpm but increase throttle the engine should be damaged. " Its a little more complex than that. That certainly isnt always the case.
  11. Manual edit of Startup config to set the line: max_clouds_quality = 2 Then Extreme is selectable in the Clouds quality drop down list.
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