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  1. From RoF, flying in a Nieuport 11 to Boxx in a very impressive Me 262, thanks Devs & Jason for that
  2. Le flingue perso dans bos n'est pas une priorité
  3. My skins coming Il2 1946
  4. Non, certains peuvent avoir le lance fusée dans le cockpit comme le 109, mais d'autre il faut ouvrir la verrière pour cela, comme le Yak-1😉 En revanche dans FC, les deux, armes et lance-fusée sont accessibles (les cockpits ne sont pas fermés). En revanche pour l'arme, il faut la sélectionner dans le panneau de config au même titre que le niveau de carbu, les bombes etc..
  5. Et sur FC, tu as un vrai flingue à choisir, un Colt 45, un Mauser 1896 etc...
  6. Sur le A20, cockpit ouvert tu as le lance-fusée en main
  7. Yes, and you can have more informations about them here : http://www.pompiersparis.fr/fr/
  8. Thanks guys We had lost Reims cathedral (French kings church) during WW1 and Rouen cathedral during WW2, both were rebuilt, so I guess we could rebuild Notre Dame soon, it will take time and money. Very sad indeed
  9. Yes they had, but very few quickly replaced by some "old" Hurricane Mk I Some examples - Glen Martin 167 - D520 in North Africa and in Syria (Vichy air force) - MS406 in Syria - Potez 63.11 in Syria And so on MS 406 was in use in Finland (under finish colors of course), in Indochine (Viet Nam) under french colors, in Switzerland D520 was in use in Italy (italian colors), Bulgaria, in France after 1944 and so on... I am not sure that a "french campaign" could be a succes (we were in war from septembre 3rd 1939 to june 25th 1940). It could be fun to have some french planes, but also some brits ones, belgian, and dutch too, but again, I don't believe it could be a smart opus, because 777 must make money --- During the battle of France around 600 german planes were destroyed according frech clamings Concerning Le Régiment Normandie Niemen, Staline himself had given brand new Yak -3 to France, they landed at Le Bourget (near Paris, airfield that Lindberg had reached in 1927) in june 1945 Only one plane is still in Le Bourget, in the "Musée de l'air et l'espace" We should concentrate on some "realistic" projects, like Pacific or MTO (I am sad telling this!) If you want some french planes, you've get the Flying Circus....😋
  10. Super jolies!! Really stunning!! Merci
  11. Deux packs de skins dispo, 14 camo et 15 métal, dédiées au squadron CCG, je vous les partage ici : Les deux packs de skins sont dispo sous ces liens: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8ch0yutmih31q0/P47_Camo.7z?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/sol6kxtqkxbbvym/P47_Alu.7z?dl=0 -------
  12. Hi to all Here come 2 packs (14 skins - camo and 15 skins - bare metal) The links https://www.dropbox.com/s/w8ch0yutmih31q0/P47_Camo.7z?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/sol6kxtqkxbbvym/P47_Alu.7z?dl=0 Those packs are made for my CCG Squadron, they are not "historical" but "look like" I hope you will appreciate them, thanks to ICDP for his wonderfull template. First to all, some screens :
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