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  1. And a small template with only rivets and structure lines ?😇
  2. Oui mais uniquement dans un Ă©tat semi prosperyque sinon on parle de sous catarxisme paradoxal
  3. Si il n a pas de code c est un blank
  4. You can find them here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/6wlm99optfk4bxt/Pack_Skins_Me110E2_CCG.7z?dl=0
  5. Pierre Clostermann has piloted several Tempest in several squadrons The last photo shows the JF°E - NV754 delivered to 3 Squadron on July 8, 1945, photo taken on August 27, 1945, the day Pierre left the RAF. The first photo was taken at the end of June 1945 on the Danish field of Kastrup, it is the JF°E NV994. This aircraft had been damaged by an Fw190 and Flak on April 20, 1945. He did not wear a victory cross or a badge of 3 Squadron on the drift at that time. It should be noted that this aircraft arrived in unit on April 14, 1945. Pierre flew different Tempest aircraft, such as the US°W - EJ536 on 56 Squadron, early April 1945; the 7S°F NV918, in February 1945; or the JF°S - SN222 on which he claimed a dozen aircraft destroyed on the ground. And so on... Source : https://www.avions-bateaux.com/produit/avions/3622 https://www.avions-bateaux.com/uploads/attachment/produit//produit_3622_a10be1457f3cf380a59db2df5807c050.pdf
  6. One night withe the CCG on a finish server
  7. CCG Skins Pack - inspired by the Squadron 329 Free French GC 1/2 Cicogne - semi historical skins Template by ICDP (thanks a lot for that!!) ------ This pack contains 35 skins distributed as follows: - 2 skins RAF blank (without code) but with markings type 1944 and markings type 1945 - 11 different aircrafts (coded) each with three different finishes, namely: - A 1944 version with invasion bands: 1944BI - An autumn 1944 version with erased invasion bands: 1944 - A version with the new RAF markings in use since January 2, 1945 ----- ----- The link https://www.dropbox.com/s/plcpuk4a45y1vg7/Pack_Spifire9E_CCG.7z?dl=0
  8. Pack de skins CCG – inspirĂ©es par le Squadron 329 Free French GC 1/2 Cicogne, donc semi historique Template de ICDP (thanks pal) ------ Ce pack comporte 35 skins rĂ©parties comme suit : - 2 skins RAF blank (sans code) mais avec marque type 1944 et marques type 1945 - 11 avions diffĂ©rents (codĂ©s) avec pour chacun trois finitions diffĂ©rentes, Ă  savoir : - Une version 1944 avec bandes d’invasion : 1944BI - Une version automne 1944 avec bandes d’invasion effacĂ©es : 1944 - Une version avec les nouvelles marques de la RAF en vigueur depuis le 2 janvier 1945 ------ ------ Le lien https://www.dropbox.com/s/plcpuk4a45y1vg7/Pack_Spifire9E_CCG.7z?dl=0 Bons vols
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