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  1. I was wondering if we could have some Other paratroopers, like british and russian, that we could drop with British C47 or russian C47?
  2. When I saw the US paratroopers, I felt like flying a C-47.... I had a dream 😘
  3. Wip Spitfire Mk Vb 350 (belgian) Squadron
  4. The only Stuka unit present in the Kuban in the summer of 1943, Grupul 3 had three squadrons: Escadrilla 73, 81 and 85. Here is a pack of 9 skins (one without code), with the detail below: Ju-87D-3 coded "30" one of the first Stuka received by the unit. Damaged on August 9 and October 2, 1943, landed in emergency on October 6 and no longer mentioned since. Replaced apparently by 30a (first mention on 23 January 1944). Ju-87D-3 WNr. 110617 coded "2", destroyed October 7, 1943 Ju-87D-3 WNr. 100331 coded "21", named "Marga" after Capt Nicolae Stan's girlfriend, Escadril
  5. Nouveau projet. Avec la sortie de ce numéro Hors Série d'Avions n°52 consacré au Grupul 3, je remets au goût du jour les Stuka, ici roumains sur le front du Kouban en 1943 Ici un Ju-87D-3 codé "9" et baptisé "Hai Pusa", affecté à l'Escadrilla 73 (Grupul 3), piloté pat l'Adjudant Alfons AUNER et le caporal Viorel ALMASAN, abattu par la Flak le 2 septembre 1943 (équipage tué). En préparation, un pack de plusieurs skins afin de relancer une campagne sur le Kouban
  6. The sound of the relative wind in the cockpit is a bit loud, and there is no difference between open or closed canopy (tests on Yak-1 series 69 and Hurricane Mk II, multiplayer) The wheels do not touch the ground, and after the crash, the plane seems to "float" above the ground.
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