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  1. Wip Spitfire Mk Vb 350 (belgian) Squadron
  2. The only Stuka unit present in the Kuban in the summer of 1943, Grupul 3 had three squadrons: Escadrilla 73, 81 and 85. Here is a pack of 9 skins (one without code), with the detail below: Ju-87D-3 coded "30" one of the first Stuka received by the unit. Damaged on August 9 and October 2, 1943, landed in emergency on October 6 and no longer mentioned since. Replaced apparently by 30a (first mention on 23 January 1944). Ju-87D-3 WNr. 110617 coded "2", destroyed October 7, 1943 Ju-87D-3 WNr. 100331 coded "21", named "Marga" after Capt Nicolae Stan's girlfriend, Escadrilla 81. Scuttled due to an engine fire on September 25, 1943. Ju-87D-3 coded "26", destroyed on 30 September 1943, Escadrilla 81. Possibly ex n° 16, destroyed on 30 September 1943. Ju-87D-3 coded "9", baptized "Hai Pusa", Escadrilla 73 piloted by WO2 A Auner and Corporal V Almasan, shot down by Flak on 2 September 1943, crew killed Ju-87D-3 coded "10" named "Viorica", Escadrilla 73, aircraft of S/Lt O Cercel, from the province of Oltenia, the aircraft displays the peasant's insignia with two baskets of vegetables under the arms Ju-87D-3 WNr. 110986 coded "6" called "Hai acasa", plane destroyed on December 8, 1943 Ju-87D-3 coded "5a", Escadrilla 73, the "a" means that this is the second plane to carry this code. Returned to the Germans in April 1944 -------- Link to get the pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l84fvbvtjjnyxq2/Ju87D3_Grupul3.7z?dl=0 Source: https://www.avions-bateaux.com/produit/avions/4445 https://www.avions-bateaux.com/uploads/attachment/produit//produit_4445_0d1e071827ad42d6a19eb5e4fe1a9686.pdf
  3. Nouveau projet. Avec la sortie de ce numéro Hors Série d'Avions n°52 consacré au Grupul 3, je remets au goût du jour les Stuka, ici roumains sur le front du Kouban en 1943 Ici un Ju-87D-3 codé "9" et baptisé "Hai Pusa", affecté à l'Escadrilla 73 (Grupul 3), piloté pat l'Adjudant Alfons AUNER et le caporal Viorel ALMASAN, abattu par la Flak le 2 septembre 1943 (équipage tué). En préparation, un pack de plusieurs skins afin de relancer une campagne sur le Kouban
  4. The sound of the relative wind in the cockpit is a bit loud, and there is no difference between open or closed canopy (tests on Yak-1 series 69 and Hurricane Mk II, multiplayer) The wheels do not touch the ground, and after the crash, the plane seems to "float" above the ground.
  5. The Vazduhoplovstvo Vojske Kraljevine Jugloslavvije (VVKJ) (Military Aviation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia) had a dozen Me 108 training and liaison aircraft, a hundred Me 109E3a fighters and a single Mec 110C. The 109E3a are characterized by non-German armament, namely 7.9mm Borsig machine guns and 20mm Oerlikon guns. The order is for 100 units, and it is known that at least 75 will be directly attributed to the VVKJ, 25 of which are included in the initial order for delivery to other countries (such as Switzerland, Romania etc...). The total of 109 deliveries is between 75 and 100. The first aircrafts were delivered in October 1939. Source: Avions Hors série No. 26 Les Messerschmitt yougoslaves This pack contains 14 skins, including 4 blanks, i.e. without code. Have a good flight ---- https://www.dropbox.com/s/ufeqwyhnamscur6/Bf109E3A_RYAF.7z?dl=0
  6. Oui. Il y a de l opération Marita dans l air chez nous
  7. In career mode, I just did a dogfight in Hurri against 3 Bf109F2 The new representation of the pilot's tiredness is absolutely great, fatigue, disturbed view, black and red sails, shortness of breath, 10 minutes of very hard fight, but much more impressive than before, bravo the devs!
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