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  1. It was really quite good, until they decided to make it better. The biggest problem with FC is that the Dev’s don’t play it (online), unfortunately..
  2. Afraid that article is utter garbage, I’m not even sure, whoever wrote it, knows the first thing about the G2.
  3. Given everything that was being said about the screens and lenses, in the previews, it does beg the question, what are they doing to improve the lenses ? Maybe when they arrived from the supplier they weren’t up to spec.
  4. If eye tracking was included in the G2 by default, would it be acceptable for HP to then sell it as a software enabled add-on and if so how much would you be willing to stump up for the percieved (😊) benefit ? I would seriously consider it if it was anywhere around the £100 mark, and if it's benefit was truely revolutionary and developer supported then probably even double that, it would be a hell of a lot cheaper than a new graphics card.
  5. It mostly just whines, at the moment, but you might find that's actually just the pilots venting their frustration as they try and get the engine to actually reach it's rated speed. 😁
  6. I’m curious as to what the white dots are around the lenses in the picture above. They just remind me of the eye tracking arrays seen in other headsets, or headset mods. Maybe the G2’s killer feature still has to be revealed, wouldn’t that be a nice surprise for FS 2020 and maybe why it was suggested that the G2 was going to be the first VR headset to be compatible ?
  7. Sorry to her that, even if I think very much the same. Thankyou, I’m sure I speak for many when I say I really appreciated your efforts during Bloody April, earlier this year, herding cats is probably an easier task.
  8. Yes, I have an agenda. I’m certainly not proud of the fact, indeed, I’m a little ashamed. I met some really nice people playing FC and I wouldn’t want to do anything to take away from their fun. FC multiplayer SHOULD be doing far better than it is, it is a great fit for combat flight sims and VR with it’s close in combat and limited number of controls. If somebody wants to get into FC, mainly for the multiplayer aspect then they should be aware of the reasons why, of late, it has stalled. I know there will be some here who are desperate to attract new blood, even if it means glossing over some of the “limitations” of the game in it’s present form, but in reality it isn’t a win, or helpful, if new players, unless they fly certain select aircraft, find the game less than captivating, or indeed frustrating, People might well claim it’s realistic, but if aspects of the game actively encourage the avoidance of combat, unless under ideal circumstances, in a game primarily focused on combat, then new players just aren’t going to hang about, regardless of what is written in the forums. I know some are desperately hoping that, given enough sales, FC2 might happen, so anything negative should be brushed under the carpet, to not rock the boat, but if new players, who bought the game, end up leaving after an hour or two’s play, then it’s all a bit self defeating. New players, for multiplayer, should know that, FC can be GREAT fun, and there are a great bunch of guy’s (and gals ?) who regularly play, it’s just that it comes with a side order of self imposed frustration.
  9. As mentioned above, it is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. The more people who populate a server the more people it will attract. FC should however be doing far better than it currently is. It is unfortunate that the developers, I’m sure, with the best of intentions, have introduced changes, in recent patches, that have made the multiplayer space far less enjoyable (unbalanced) driving some regular players away altogether, reducing the amount of time other dedicate to playing FC and generally fracturing the community. It isn’t all doom and gloom and it’s certainly possible to find times when the couple of FC servers are reasonable well populated, it is however not what it should be, especially given sales and the new blood that they should draw in. It would seem, the developers, are either unwilling, or unable, to look into or address the concerns that some players have raised, that were it to happen in other parts of BoX, might have received more serious attention. Below is an example of one of the issues that has divided the community, the video is an extreme example, but not untypical or unusual, (It should be noted that not all aircraft are affected to this extent, but it still frustrating when some other aircraft appear to be built like tanks in comparison). Unfortunately this has the perverse outcome of encouraging players to AVOID combat, in a combat flight sim, unless conditions are perfect or heavily in their favour.
  10. The first rule of (FC) Fight Club is: You do not talk about (FC) Fight Club. The second rule of (FC) Fight Club is: You do not talk about (FC) Fight Club. Third rule of (FC) Fight Club: Someone yells "Stop!", goes limp, taps out, the fight is over. Fourth rule: Only two guys to a fight.
  11. Yes, Celluloid. It was even suggested to make a whole aircraft (skin) out of it, to make it invisible, didn’t catch on though, can’t imagine why ! Distortion of the view, I think, was the main argument against, the SE5 “greenhouse” being an obvious example. If you search for adverts for celluloid, from the period, you will come across the connection with aviation.
  12. Which begs the question, why haven't they done, or prioritized, a Korean War expansion ?
  13. Many a true word spoken in jest. Rightly, or wrongly, I had been thinking exactly that.
  14. I rather wondered about that. I am led to believe that when stalled, or on the verge of a stall, such as at touch down, the middle wing blanks, to a certain extent, the rear control surfaces, so prop hanging, while possible was maybe not the be all and end all. So what's the aircraft like to dive ? Maybe it didn't go fast enough in a dive to overpower, what was left of the elevator downward travel ? I suspect this is true of all the aircraft. Something not really demonstrated in either RoF or FC. I imagine the cut off between either, best climb and too much climb and best turn and too much turn is far more dramatic, or a cliff edge, than the game makes out.
  15. Actually, I couldn't agree more. Oliver88's tactics were spot on, with the exception that he should have targeted an Abatross rather than the VII, a bigger target with a larger possibility of self disassembly. The problem is more that the type of combat shown isn't a whole bunch of fun, for either side, resulting in comments such as "Dork" being levelled at otherwise sensible, tactically aware pilots, who try and choose a time and place that might offer them their only chance or just fly away, possibly to try and team up, preferably with players on voice comm's I have a lot of time for Oliver88, he's a good, fun, relaxed, TEAM PLAYER.
  16. Well, that seems to about sum up FC !!!! Players, being “Dorkish” for not engaging, when flying “most” aircraft, unless they have surprise or large tactical advantage, (usually, vastly, thwarted by voice comm’s and “Owl” neck), only to have the fight end, before it’s really even started, YIPPEEEEE ! What fun. It’s why, presumably, even with an ever increasing group of potential players the game struggles to attract increasing numbers of players on the multiplayer servers, despite the best efforts, of J5 Flugpark and mission creators. I rather wonder what your thoughts would have been if you had been the SE pilot instead and found that the game was over before it had even really started, and it wasn’t necessarily an exclusive, one off, experience.
  17. Thanks for the effort, BUT; 1) Check spellings, especially “headings” such as “Performance” rather than “Preformance”. 2) I know it might feel like the SE has a 150 hp engine but actually it supposedly has a 200 hp Viper W4a fitted. 3) I thought the Cooper bombs were 20lb, not 25lb.
  18. If the developers don’t engage with the players and the player experience (gameplay between online and offline does differ) then it really is the only form of protest that might make them sit up and pay attention., if only they would cast a glance in this direction. It hurts everybody, mainly the players, whether they suspend their playing of the game, or not. i really miss teaming up with Oliver88, Zatch and the others for an evenings fun, and yes I probably hurt myself more than the developers but I fail to see what else I can do to try and get the message over to the producers. Don’t worry though, I’ll get over my sulk, eventually, and come back tail between my legs, not that the developers, or anybody else, for that matter, will notice. My one hope, at the moment, is that MSFS 2020 has enough wiggle room to allow for CFS style add-on’s and the developers of OFF take up the torch with an updated engine and VR.
  19. I confess, when I ordered it, I wasn’t aware that there was a discount, I just thought that was the price. I know it’s not a huge amount more, but I would definitely have had to have given it a lot more thought if it had been £639 straight off, rather than the £525.
  20. Glad I pre ordered when I did. I assume they’ve run out of pre-order allocated stock. Interestingly, I only got the confirmation, from “SystemActive” this afternoon, despite ordering in the first couple of days.
  21. I’ve always liked the idea of MS flight sim’s, it’s just that after an initial buzz of the new I tend to fairly quickly forget about them, the fun of flying just isn’t compelling enough. It’ll be interesting to see if the latest incarnation, with high res VR, and with a far greater feeling of “presence”, really offers a much more captivating game that has far less to do with function and procedure.
  22. Icing on the cake for a G2 pre-order although I fail to see, if it works with Reverb, why it wouldn’t work, out of the gate, across all, or most, headsets.
  23. How important is the CPU when it comes to higher resolutions ? I’m planning on moving from a Rift CV1 to the HP Reverb G2,. At the moment I can reasonable comfortably run my Rift at, or close to, the desired 90 FPS, even with extra SS thrown in. My GPU is a 2070 super which is within the recommended drivers for the G2, I am however much less certain about how my CPU will perform (i5-6500k overclocked to 4.4). What aspects of Il2 would affect the CPU capacity, or system memory for that matter (16Gb) if the only thing that changes is the increased resolution ? I can obviously see a correlation between resolution and GPU but I.m far less certain how higher resolutions affect the CPU in a game such as Il2.
  24. Why don’t you test the SE5a ? Surely it has the most obvious, or most likely seen, horizontal adjustment, and if it does, is the convergence set, in the game, by adjusting the trajectory of both guns or just one (Lewis?).
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