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  1. Thanks for the effort, BUT; 1) Check spellings, especially “headings” such as “Performance” rather than “Preformance”. 2) I know it might feel like the SE has a 150 hp engine but actually it supposedly has a 200 hp Viper W4a fitted. 3) I thought the Cooper bombs were 20lb, not 25lb.
  2. If the developers don’t engage with the players and the player experience (gameplay between online and offline does differ) then it really is the only form of protest that might make them sit up and pay attention., if only they would cast a glance in this direction. It hurts everybody, mainly the players, whether they suspend their playing of the game, or not. i really miss teaming up with Oliver88, Zatch and the others for an evenings fun, and yes I probably hurt myself more than the developers but I fail to see what else I can do to try and get the message over to the producers. Don’t worry though, I’ll get over my sulk, eventually, and come back tail between my legs, not that the developers, or anybody else, for that matter, will notice. My one hope, at the moment, is that MSFS 2020 has enough wiggle room to allow for CFS style add-on’s and the developers of OFF take up the torch with an updated engine and VR.
  3. I confess, when I ordered it, I wasn’t aware that there was a discount, I just thought that was the price. I know it’s not a huge amount more, but I would definitely have had to have given it a lot more thought if it had been £639 straight off, rather than the £525.
  4. Glad I pre ordered when I did. I assume they’ve run out of pre-order allocated stock. Interestingly, I only got the confirmation, from “SystemActive” this afternoon, despite ordering in the first couple of days.
  5. I’ve always liked the idea of MS flight sim’s, it’s just that after an initial buzz of the new I tend to fairly quickly forget about them, the fun of flying just isn’t compelling enough. It’ll be interesting to see if the latest incarnation, with high res VR, and with a far greater feeling of “presence”, really offers a much more captivating game that has far less to do with function and procedure.
  6. Icing on the cake for a G2 pre-order although I fail to see, if it works with Reverb, why it wouldn’t work, out of the gate, across all, or most, headsets.
  7. How important is the CPU when it comes to higher resolutions ? I’m planning on moving from a Rift CV1 to the HP Reverb G2,. At the moment I can reasonable comfortably run my Rift at, or close to, the desired 90 FPS, even with extra SS thrown in. My GPU is a 2070 super which is within the recommended drivers for the G2, I am however much less certain about how my CPU will perform (i5-6500k overclocked to 4.4). What aspects of Il2 would affect the CPU capacity, or system memory for that matter (16Gb) if the only thing that changes is the increased resolution ? I can obviously see a correlation between resolution and GPU but I.m far less certain how higher resolutions affect the CPU in a game such as Il2.
  8. Why don’t you test the SE5a ? Surely it has the most obvious, or most likely seen, horizontal adjustment, and if it does, is the convergence set, in the game, by adjusting the trajectory of both guns or just one (Lewis?).
  9. I suspect, one way or another, he doesn’t really care overly much, or at least is past caring. Black humour is a perfectly acceptable part of human nature, or at least, being human nature, should be. If some members “ape” the black humour of service life, possibly having been, or are, in the services, it shouldn’t be overly surprising when you consider the games we are partaking in, you might say “It goes with the territory”. Don’t fain indignation on the part of people you have possibly never met or been on friendly terms with.
  10. If we ignore, the overly flexible response curves of RoF, would a simpler, possibly more authentic “helper” be just to be able to move the pitch centre point forwards, or backwards, from it’s present initial centre when in the aircraft setup page (mods, convergence, fuel) ? A pre-flight, per-aircraft, adjustable stabiliser, but only adjustable in the hanger, It shouldn’t be able to fundamentally change the flight characteristics, such as a tendency to pitch down, if normally the aircraft pitched up, but never the less it might help take out some of the strain, for those people who always need to hold their stick firmly forward etc. It might need a little player, trial and error, getting the exact back or forwards centre point adjustment, depending on fuel quantity or aircraft speed at which the player wants the best possible trim, although it might be possible to have an automatic adjustment for initial aircraft fuel quantity when the aircraft is fuelled up in the hanger
  11. What utter ballcocks. You’d struggle to find 50 anybody’s flying around in a server these days, let alone 50 SE pilots. At least we now know who’s been advising the Developers on flight modelling, game play and balance issues 🙃.
  12. I don’t think it does. I had thought it might have been a solution to the SE5a’s guns shooting at the wrong angle, setting an ultra long convergence in order to lift the line of fire to the correct one, but regardless of convergence setting, within the limits available, it didn’t seem to change very much, if at all, so no I don’t think FC has any change in the vertical . The only perceptable difference, to horizontal convergence, might be with the Dolphin wing guns, but trying to stay alive long enough, in a Dolphin, to see the effect makes it all a bit theoretical at best.
  13. It would be even less fun, if the tracks came off all the time, when you tried to turn, after taking a few rounds of mg fire, cannon fire or shell splinters to the hull. There are some advantages, in a tank, though. At least you can still point the gun and if worst come s to worst send the poor old driver (it’s his bloody vehicle after all) and the hull gunner outside to repair the track.
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