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  1. My God, he hasn’t even seen a Trabie (Trabant), get the Kleenex ready, he’s gonna need them when he sees the gorgeous curves of that baby ( if he can see them through the exhaust smoke that is).
  2. It all makes the assumption that what we have now, because it “might” be more complex is therefore “more” realistic. Interestingly The Dolphin, one of the most fragile aircraft in the game, in the guise of the Dolphin 2, with a 300hp engine, was slated as the successor to the SE5a and Spad XIII In the British, French and American airforces. I can’t imagine for one moment that that would have been the case if it was considered a death trap and not up to the rigours of combat, therefore we all have the right to question the “realism” that we are being presented with, whatever the ultimate cause of the problem. Nobody seemed overly concerned with a lack of realism prior to the DM overhaul
  3. Oh ! The irony. Everybody, more, or less, was, actually, quite happy with the DM at the first go. It was only when they tried to improve it, off the back of the other modules that things became “less fun”.
  4. Either turn on your landing lights or fly around in circles firing bursts of tracer. The action will come to you, rather than you having to go and find it.
  5. Why would you think there is more than one damage model ?
  6. Didn’t download it. It looked a bit dodgy to me (poor English etc)
  7. Possibly !!! Just because it's a feature, it doesn't necessarily make it a good feature or, in the overall balance of things, correct or absolute historical truth. Plenty of players are "bugged " by the DM, so don't play, essentially it ends up being exactly the same thing.
  8. FC and it's slower pace and tighter combat suited the low resolution that most VR headsets used. Newer headsets, such as the Reverb G2, will hopefully make, faster paced, WW II (online) combat more competitive for VR players.
  9. If HP are really smart, I hope that, they have considered and at some point next year, it will be possible to retrofit the original G2 with an eye tracking module. Hopefully the vanilla and Omnicept share enough commonality of parts that it will be possible to carry out a simple upgrade. I’d be prepared to pay for that, in much the same way that if I was getting a Q2 I’d need to get the Elite strap and then headphones, later on. A cheaper base model, to make it affordable and desirable, followed by gold plating upgrades. Now, that would really put the Q2 in the shade.
  10. It was really quite good, until they decided to make it better. The biggest problem with FC is that the Dev’s don’t play it (online), unfortunately..
  11. Afraid that article is utter garbage, I’m not even sure, whoever wrote it, knows the first thing about the G2.
  12. Given everything that was being said about the screens and lenses, in the previews, it does beg the question, what are they doing to improve the lenses ? Maybe when they arrived from the supplier they weren’t up to spec.
  13. If eye tracking was included in the G2 by default, would it be acceptable for HP to then sell it as a software enabled add-on and if so how much would you be willing to stump up for the percieved (😊) benefit ? I would seriously consider it if it was anywhere around the £100 mark, and if it's benefit was truely revolutionary and developer supported then probably even double that, it would be a hell of a lot cheaper than a new graphics card.
  14. It mostly just whines, at the moment, but you might find that's actually just the pilots venting their frustration as they try and get the engine to actually reach it's rated speed. 😁
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