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  1. Does adjusting the convergence on the SE5a make any difference ? I tried both extremes, 100m and 1000m but noticed no particular difference. I appreciate the Vickers and Lewis arn't very far apart, maybe 3 ft, but if I set 100 m convergence, should I not be able to see some divergence by the time the bullet stream reaches 800 m ( trace limit ?) ?
  2. Surely to God they didn't give women the vote, did they ? No wonder their ciilization ended in tears. 😄😃😁 With regard to trying to sneak up on a player, without neccessarily intending to shoot them down "Counting Coup", it's not about taunting, or making fun, of other players, or not playing the game properly, it is more about the tactics of achieving the kill rather than the kill itself. It's about flying tactically, using whatever is at hand to disguise your approach. Any twit can get themselves into a fight, it's much more fun. and satisfying, once you've got over the thrill of endless furballs, to stalk your victim. Shooting them down at the end is purely a matter of process, it's much more fun to make them jump when they eventually see you. It's also kinder, less harsh, to Noobs but also a real broad smile moment when you manage to sneak up on a good player, who should be more aware. You don't even need to let them know of your presence, you can still get a self satisfied buzz.
  3. I'm begining to wonder if range makes any difference in Box ? If the only variable is the distance at which bullet streams converge, and dispertion effect, and that the trajectory is otherwise very flat out to long range. I know it's possible to set the WW2 aircraft sights for range and target size, but if the bullets follow a straight line, rather than a curving trajectory, then all the sight settings are no more than flim flam and fancy dressing, you are essentially shooting in 2 plains rather than three ?
  4. I don't think there are any, perfect, solutions, I hate icons, especially as implimented in BoX, they destroy the tactical part of the game. The only reason I mentioned my original point was that, playing FC, one of the first things that I could definetly, and consistently use to tell friend from foe, when set against the backdrop of the earth was the white part of the roundels on the Allied aircraft. If the white part was emphized on middle distance renders it might partially alleviate the dificulty of telling friend from foe without massively distracting from the overall game.
  5. SP1969 Could have done with a bit of a hand taking on those j2 fellas, although bizzarly I appear to have shot 2 of them down, I think they must have bumped into each other after I'd put some rounds in their tail feathers, they definetly got the better of the affair from my standpoint. Despite crashing into the ground, several times, it appears I'm invulnerable, I didn't die once, most gratifying. 😀 I'll try the SE the next time I see you about. 🤘
  6. Good grief, no !!!!!!! Reading "The Earth is Weeping" about the indian wars. It's increadible how much the world has changed in such a reletively short period. The world really did turn on it's axis, there was the time before WW1 and then after WW1 and never the twain shall meet.
  7. I wonder if it is possible to help out VR players by providing (optional) an extra obvious roundal for Allied aircraft so that identifying friend from foe in online play is a little more straight forward ? At medium distances if the white on the roundal was more obvious, a bit like Far East command roundals, then it might help VR players with their tactical game without having to resort to the crutch of playing with icons.
  8. SP1969 For someone who claims to be a bit rubbish i thought you did rather well to get a couple of victories flying the SE5a in that furball enviroment, I appreciate you died several times, but it was hardly the most conducive enviroment for the SE.
  9. TBH, I'm not really interested in bullet drop, as you say, over typical shooting distances, it makes little difference, I was just trying to think outside the box to see if it was possible to engineer the trajectory of the weapons on the SE5a to better match their correct true life angle of fire by setting absurd convergance ranges. I wonder if the game "cheats" a bit and doesn't really apply a true balistic curve, more a laser line, until a certain point, way beyond useful engagement ranges, before applying a gravity effect. It might well explain why distance shooting is maybe more effective in the game than real life accounts might suggest.
  10. Gravity might be built in but the question is, if I set my convergance to, for example 600 yds, does the game adjust the trajectory so that at 300 yds or so the bullet is 4 feet above my aim point (going by the above graph, more or less) so that by the time it arrives at the 600 yd point it is back to level with my sighting pip ? I have to confess that the trajectory, going by the tracers, looks to be pretty flat, until gravity takes it's course, regardless of convergance (I'm experimenting with 1000 yds). Given how close the weapon groups are in WW1 aircraft convergance is a bit of a waste of consideration unless it also takes into account bullet drop between leaving the end of the barrel and reaching it's supposed destination ? Going by the drawing above, if I set my convergance/sights to 1000 yds, it looks, extrapolating the trajectory back, as if the bullets should be climbing something like 10 feet above the direct point of aim, in order to arrive at the same level 1000 yds away ? If my thinking is right, and it often isn't, if I fire a steady stream of tracer, set to arrive at a point in space 1000 yds away, on the level (without being pedantic about bullet weight compared to non tracer) then that stream of bullets should, according to my limited understanding, arc up above the point I'm aiming at before arcing down to hit that point in space, lined up with my sight, 1000 yds away. If it doesn't appear, to me, to do that in the game then what am I missing (apart from everything 😀) ? Obviously the arcs in the diagram above are exagerated (fore shortened), the number are correct but the height and distance are different scales.
  11. When setting convergance does the program also allow for bullet drop or do they just cross the bullet streams at that point with no regard for gravity ?
  12. Quite right. Obviously it's also possible to use the ring and bead sight to estimate range. The advantage of the Aldis, in real life, was that the "sight picture" didn't need to be perfect aligned, to get a perfectly aimed shot (very important when shooting properly) which can be challenging when it's not possible to clamp your head to the weapon. Traditional viewing techniques, or even head tracking devices, such as TrackIR, tend to remove any error and put the head in the perfect position (unless you use 6 DOF and remove all dead zones) VR is slightly different in that your head is where your head is, fortunatly not subject to being moved by flight forces, and realistic sighting errors can creep in. Before VR I enjoyed using the Aldis as much as the next person It's just that until I played in VR that I appreciated the reason for the need for it.
  13. The Aldiis really ONLY makes sense in VR. Your head moves around far more freely, just as it does in real life, If you don’t fly using VR then you’re just as well sticking to the iron sights, they obstruct the view less.
  14. Try upping your convergence, forget the numbers, just set it to coincide with the point in space that you normally shoot at a target, if the convergence range setting is 600yds, so be it, even if you think it should only be 150-200yds. I’m experimenting with maximum convergence range at the moment to try and bring the line of fire closer to that of the real aircraft, I don’t know if the sights adjust accordingly (I use VR so I make particular use of the Aldis). P.S ref piloting skill, then that at least makes two of us 😁
  15. Back in the day, the Indian (Red, as opposed to Indian) warriors took great pride in what they called “Counting Coup” (I stand to be corrected) which essentially boiled down to being able to lay hands on an enemy warrior but not physically harm them, a way of saying “I could have killed you, but didn’t”. I quite like that notion, sneaking up on someone and flying formation or firing a flare from alongside. Depending on my mood, I’m much more relaxed now and quite happy to have fun and games rather than personal prestige, even if others then claim jump on my target.
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