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  1. Well, look who crawled out of bed the wrong side this morning. Thank you for that constructive criticism. For someone, so full of positive energy it seems a pity that that energy doesn’t extend far enough to actually support the sim financially, putting, quite literally, your money where your mouth is. If you have a beef with me, then take it up on “PM”, otherwise enter into the spirit of the GAME and take that stick out of your arse, maybe even, horror of horror, spend some money and buy a module or two. Like I said in an earlier post, if you don’t like what I have to say then don’t feel compelled to read it. No one is forcing you, or anyone els, to read, or react, to my drivel.
  2. I think it was the Shuttleworth pilot, talking about the Sopwith Tripehound, that said it could easily fly faster than they would dare, or be brave enough, to take it, with the wings flapping about in a very dramatic and unnerving way as speed built up. Unfortunately we don’t have peripheral sounds to impart a sense of nervous dread, the engine screaming, the wind roaring, airframe creaking, the wires singing........... I digress !
  3. Given that DR1’s tend to fly nose high anyway (constant stick forward pressure) and the weight discrepancy, between original and yours, is all up front (engine and guns) what will you do to balance out the trim, if needed ? Does the loaded weight include you ?
  4. Playing dead is dead isn’t really an answer, or even realistic, because you are playing against other players who aren't constrained by the same rules and will behave accordingly, usually suicidaly. WE might also be constrained by. or at a disadvantage, that is entirely out with the actual game or the aircraft of choice. I won’t argue with you about dispersion, I don’t know what it is or know what is realistic although, given your statement, you seem quite certain, so I will bow to your superior knowledge (I’m not being sarcastic). What I would say though, is that dispersion discussions in RoF weren’t ever really about dispersion, as I’m sure you know, they were about a crude fix to short comings in other aspects of the game that led to ahistorical outcomes, suffice it to say, in a historically based combat flight sim, if the weapons element isn’t as rigorously researched and defined then it makes discussions about FM’s rather pointless as they then play second fiddle to simply having guns on target. It’s one reason I like MY solution to potentially overlong engagement ranges and disengaging opponents, I freely admit it was nothing more than a notion that occurred as I composed my OP, so isn’t particularly considered, although I’d be more than interested to hear constructive arguments against, or for, the suggestion
  5. Not to shout about it but I do rather like my suggestion of vanishing bullets (diminishing returns). It would be imperceptible from a visual standpoint by the players, although playing styles would change due to risk reward perception, it wouldn’t require lots of research and development and a simple test with a considered, but random, number being trialed and if it had a beneficial effect, then a more considered implementation could be included. It would create the illusion of dispersion over range without the potential downsides of dispersion and it wouldn’t mean having to tinker with other unrelated aspects of the game just to adjust something else. I just can’t bring myself to fly without VR, plus I donated my TrackIR to another member of these forums when I got my Rift.
  6. 😀 I just can’t get myself enthused enough to re-install it.
  7. All this talk of tracers, one would ever wonder why they ever felt the need to use gunsights after tracers were first used. Anyone who thinks that real marksmanship is part of the game should remember that when the DR1 first came out it had no gunsight at all ! Whatever, if anything, is ever done, it should ideally be imperceptible to the player. Playing with tracer drop would soon just become another learned adjustment and quickly be defunct. While I like the carpet beater effect, I could see it being less prominent with increasing range so that distance shooting is less rewarding or obvious. I can’t remember to much about RoF’s dispersion, apart from the ultra long sniping in the early days, but given the more robust airframe damage model, maybe more sophisticated overall, in FC, dispersion might be a radically different experience to RoF.
  8. That’s not what Seawolf (DR1) and Slizzor (“f”) thought as they chased me all the way across the mud 😀, and why wouldn’t they, the server was pretty empty so there was little risk in being disturbed. It was never going to end well for the third pilot in the equation, pulling away from the DR1 wasn’t such a problem as I had a good head start and an initial speed and height advantage but the Fokker started taking shots as he joined the fray, forcing me to manoeuvre thus allowing both aircraft to get close enough to take me apart, with no mercy shown, even after my engine quit. While turbulence is a possible help, I don’t think it is used very much because it’s tiring, especially if a players frame rate is low, and awkward because there is no physical sensation on the controls to adjust for it, I just think most people don’t find it very much fun. As to low accuracy of players, I think it actually speaks volumes, it suggests that there is an awful lot of low probability, hope to hit shooting, as Slizzor knows to his cost, when I landed some lucky hits while he was engaged with two SE’s. It suggests that there is a perceived advantage to firing at almost any and every opportunity (maybe that’s just me, I wasn’t always like that but realised that I was being far to conservative and while my percentages now might not be great, my overall success is much improved, even if someone else finally gets the kill)
  9. I THINK (capitalised because it is an OPINION rather than a TRUTH or statement of FACT) !!! Being able to disengage, once committed to combat, is unduly difficult, and I THINK has a negative impact on the game. It’s difficult because the range at which the retreating pilot is vulnerable is rather long. I THINK this skews the game in favour of any aircraft that has a relatively good turn rate, compared to their opponent. Once any advantage is lost, even if beginning the engagement on advantageous terms, it then becomes a one way ticket to a fight to the death. If memory serves, Albatri, when engaged with Camels and at a disadvantage, would roll to the left and dive for home, using their acceleration in a dive to quickly distance themselves. VR, which I use, exaggerates this committing to battle, because often times, by the time your identify a bogie you are committed whether you like it or not. While, I THINK, FC is an improvement on RoF, in that peripheral damage is just that, I THINK more could still be done to address this, what I perceive, as an anomaly with historical account and might allow for a more even fight for some of the less stellar aircraft. Tinkering with FM’s are obviously out, as being to involved and complex and one aircraft changed has a knock on effect with all, but it might be possible to play around with some other aspects, even if not strictly perfect, when looking at the mechanics under the hood, they might never the less have the effect of having a more honest, true to the period effect on combat. Dispersion was one method of eliminating the long range sniper tried in RoF (it’s so long ago I can’t remember how it was received) which given the more robust aircraft in FC might help, another possibility, that might or might not work, I only thought of it as I composed this post, is to have diminishing numbers of bullets reaching a target, dependant on range, 0 -100 yds = 100% of bullets reaching the target, 101 - 200 yds = 50%, 201 - 300 yds = 33% etc etc (example only, not suggested numbers). As bullets are fired, depending on distance, an increasing percentage of the bullets are vanished. Damage can still be done but with ever diminishing possibilities of success. I THINK it is important to remember when thinking about this, that we have to consider that we have many advantages over the original combatants when it comes to shooting and this skews the historical aspect of the sim making many of the arguments about the finer points of the FM’s a little bit moot. One of the advantages of the dispersion method, that was maybe void, in RoF, because of response curves and because of the aircraft fragility, is that it can be adjusted on an aircraft specific basis, even down to axis by axis adjustment so aircraft that are more stable have less dispersion and squirrels can have more dispersion, even the Albatros’s rudder flutter at high speed could be taken into account with increased lateral dispersion. What do you think ? Just to add. I’m not suggesting there is any long range sniping like there was originally in RoF, but the fact remains that it is very difficult to disengage once committed. Doing a runner the chaser has all the advantage in that he can keep his manoeuvres to a minimum, thus retaining his speed, relative to the chased, while the victim is plugged away at, unless they manoeuvre, in which case they slow down and are reeled in by any aircraft of comparable speed.
  10. I thought, because it’s really FC specific, the arm, and because a few people here certainly use VR that this might be as good a place to ask as any, but yes the VR forum is an alternative.
  11. Anyone using it successfully ? All I get is a miniture arm, that I can't really see properly, that after I enable it, it won't go away, although I can fire flares, to add insult to injury it then prevents me firing my main guns. In single player it's not such an issue because I can press F2, I can then fire my main guns and they then work again when back in the cockpit. I obviously can't do that in online games with no external view.
  12. I know it's been said before, only like a million times, but I still think the problem, at least in part, is the shooting accuracy over longer ranges. I don't mean dispersion neccesarily as employed in RoF, but aircraft stability and control system efficiency. Once engaged it is very dificult to disengage, even if you are in an aircraft, like the Alb, that should be able to dive and accelerate away from rotaries like the Camel. It means that once engaged it's pretty much a fight to the death and everything, apart from the "f" on the Central side only has a very limited set of options or time frame to take out their adversary. I don't think it was possible to resolve in RoF, apart from through dispersion, because players had response curves, so they could pretty much undo anything that the Dev's might have tried to do to fix it through aerodynamics.
  13. My Internet connection isn’t fantastic, but then it isn’t bad either. The latest BoX update only took about 30 - 40 minutes. The problem is the pitiful torrent speeds, that DCS uses for it’s distribution, while IL 2 might download at 6 -800 Kbs DCS tops out at about 50 and even those heady speeds are fleeting.
  14. The D-day landings might be a bit "Dunkirk'y" (thankyou Mr Nolan) or to put it another way, a little anemic. The vast invasion fleet might be represented by half a dozen boats. I wonder if the same technology that is used for the towns and cities, on the present maps, could be used to populate the sea with a more impressive sense of scale and awesomeness, a floating city, made with boats and ships (and mulberries) instead of houses ?
  15. I haven't played DCS for a couple of years, since the Normandy map came out, because my GPU just couldn't hack it any longer. I've just upgraded my GPU and thought I'd fire it up and see what it looked like ( always loved the Mig 15), but the update process is really, really painful. First off, the day and a half to update the main game, only to find I then have to re-install all my extras, which looks like it could take another whole night of leaving my PC on. Good grief, I don't know why I bother sometimes. BoX updates, on the other hand, are utterly wonderful, a joy even !
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