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  1. Aren't you using the Migoto mod yet ? I really struggled identifying contacts, I installed the mod, set up the zooms, bound them to some joystick buttons. Hey Presto, no problems any more. It really is a must, if you're using VR, it makes all the difference, going from Zero to Hero.
  2. Oh !!!!! The ironic innuendo, it really is just too much.
  3. I don’t now if there should be any difference. The track length is the track length regardless of which direction its going in. When moving the track will bounce, or flap about, between the return roller, or if fast enough, float. The real difference is speed, slow they sag, fast they float. There isn’t any play under the wheels so any lack of tension is always going to show along the top whether going forwards or back. I think the only time that it’s different is when a tank is turning, the track can sometimes be gathered, or bowed, slightly, in between the drive sprocket and the first road wheel. Good advice for tank crew,; Always, but always check your track tension, never go near puddles, especially deep ones with mud in them and never, ever, and I mean ever, try to be clever and do something fancy, like trying to make a turn in one. There’s Gremlins in them that like nothing more than making a tankers life miserable.
  4. Thank you forum moderator, for putting this thread back, it's very much appreciated.
  5. Does the FC sale price ($40) set the bar for any additional plane sets ? Lots of new faces have appeared with the sale, this might suggest this is the price point at which people, with a casual interest, might be prepared to splash the cash.
  6. I have a recorded incident, from last month. The player said he was just flying a vanilla D VII and not an “f”
  7. Probably whistling in the wind, but.......... Please play nice ! Lot’s of new players to FC and the J5 server, please don’t take advantage. Clobbering them as they take off or get some altitude, having just done so, is not great introduction for new pilots. Despite the object of the game being to shoot down and kill each other, it’s a bit of a short term thrill if new players end up being mobbed and leave frustrated. Long term, or experienced pilots should call out bad behaviour, manners, we should try to be as helpful and encouraging of fresh blood as we possible can be n drive new players every opportunity to succeed and enjoy the game rather than seeing it as an opportunity to pad our stats.
  8. If your trying it out in QMB, I agree, trucks seem to be impervious to MG. I just took it as a bug.
  9. Admitedly it's mostly airquake, but if given an opportunity, I'd much rather escort 1PL-Husar-1Esk with his Bristols (I do like a nice pair of Bristols, even if I do say so myself), even if there's no action, I like to think it was a good, successful escort. It would help if formations became a bit less raggardy though, it can become a bit of a bother trying to keep tabs on everything that's happening, and watch out for Fokkers, but generally it's great to see a formation of aircraft with a purpose.
  10. I really am trying to avoid any innuendo, but it really is very hard 😁
  11. Don”t do it, he doesn’t like it. He certainly doesn't like to be rammed from behind, but likes it even less, being rammed in the face, but worse still, is when two friendly players come together when chasing someones rear, all he does is moan and moan and moan, you'd almost think he enjoyed it. I was wondering if, you’re a good pilot, you might be more susceptible to being rammed, although it has to be pointed out, it takes two to tango. If a fight is hard, then a player is more likely to push for any and every chance, if on the other hand a fight is perceived to be easier then a more relaxed attitude, less risky, will prevail. To sum up, it’s your own fault for being too good.
  12. I noticed that. In the video I have of you appearing on me, from a few weeks ago, you were firing far longer, and off target than seemed sensible.
  13. If you fly the Camel with anything but the rudder, you're doing it wrong. Lead with the rudder, follow with everything else. ...........anyway, let's not pretend any of the aircraft in FC, or RoF before that, are real. They are are an approxamation of, but they aren't, sure they're amazing, and really good fun to fly but WW 1 aircraft were nothing if not quirky and it's probably beyond what can be reasonably expected in this day and age. The only thing that we can try and achieve is to iron out exploits or unedifying behaviour. The article I linked to "Mastering the Dreidecker" is probably as good as any article, that might explain the quirks of flying the Dr1, but just as likely the Camel, details might differ, but the general tone is, I would think, very similar. Anyway, I'm still plumping for a 1hr fuel load, minimum ( if a fuel limit is considered, to stop some players gaming the game, but not to artificially balance out aircraft). It's easy to work out, from the store figures (Combat power), it doesn't advantage any aircraft and it doesn't disadvantage any aircraft, while preventing any trying to gain undue advantage by taking Kamikaze fuel loads. It's also a realistic fuel load, after all several of the real aircraft, that are in FC, max out at 70 minutes endurance at combat power, if that was adequate for them, and the rational behind those capacities is similar to how we play FC then it should be good enough for us.
  14. I’d have been delighted to avoid you, on Tuesday evening 😁, Unfortunately a D.VIIf chased me down, so the rest of the mob, including yourself, in a DR1 could put me through the mill. I’d seen 4 DR1’s in the distance, thought “No way hosay” and did the sensible thing and tried to run away, all for nought, as it turned out.
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