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  1. I'd noticed ! .........but then it doesn't have a lot else going for it. If height conveyed a bigger advantage then that might be different.
  2. I've had a bit of an epifananity, a revamalation,. Stalls need to be more of an event !!! At the moment aircraft tend to just sort of mush out, the most vicious stall appears to be that of the Camel in a tight turn, with full tanks. If stalls are, for the majority a non event, a bit of mushiness, no particular loss of height, then pilots will exploit the fact that being on the bottom in a fight is no real disadvantage and spend energy stall fighting, the Pflaz D III was an obvious example, particularly in RoF. If stalls were more of an issue, take off and landing would be more fraught, dropping a wing, amplified by an ill judged burst of throttle sending many a novice into the deck. Being top dog would make more sense if stall fighting resulted in a dropped wing, encouraged by the fact that the aircraft is probably flying at full throttle and pulling angles at the time, and the resultant loss of several hundred feet of altitude. Stall fighting would become a desperate error or last gamble rather than a bona fide tactic, which is we're it should really belong. Aircraft like the DR 1 and vanilla Fokker VII would also become more useful because, with their wing profile, they would have an advantage of mushiness rather than buttock clenching stalls. The advantage of being top dog would undoubtedly force the fight up, were it historically belongs
  3. Fairly simple really. Just make aircraft less stable/controllable at low speed. When an aircraft is in a low energy situation and the wings aren't supporting the aircraft, maybe the engine and propeller should have more influence on stability than the control surfaces (?), either that or have them loose energy faster when pulling tight turns with a gain in altitude. It may be considered a fudge, to nerf aspects of the FM, but if it brings about more accurately representive tactics then it might be an "Improved" outcome ? A more vicious stall at low speed, where appropriate might also be useful, I can't really think of stalls being much of a concern in the game, apart from the Camel in a tight turn, particularly with full fuel. Emphasizing the advantage of altitude would undoubtably force the fight UP, if height conveys no apparant advantage, then fights will always remain low.
  4. I hadn't realized that Jasta 5 flugpark collated stats and rankings, it was interesting to see though, when I found out about them last night. I wonder, if I'd known about them, whether i would have played differently. I flew up beside Fokker VII's a couple of times, last night, that had been in fights (the second with me) and were looking to escape home, the first occasion his engine quit (or he stopped it) so I flew along side him for a few seconds before heading off. The second damaged Fokker made the mistake of heading in the wrong direction (West) after I'd left him so I re-engaged and shot him down, if he'd carried on East and home I'd have let him be. I was also shot down a couple of times (way more serious than the above, in my book) while trying to defend other players, attacking their attackers, even though I knew that I was about to be, or vulnerable to being engaged by another. In fact that's not strictly true the second time I did rush to the rescue of another player but was set upon by a pair of DR1's, who duffed me up well and proper, aided by my joystick power cable coming adrift half way throught the fight, not that it really made much difference to the eventual outcome. I might have thought twice about the odds if I had been considering "Pilot stats". It seems dog fights might be a bit of a dog eat dog world when stats are involved ! Out of curiosity, does yanking the cord have any bearing on stats ? I had a dirty little Fokker, who knew what he was about (he flew his aircraft to it's strengths) but when the tables turned, as much by luck rather than judgement, he started to head for home, before pulling the plug and vanishing. Dashed unsporting, if deliberate, I don't mind not getting a kill, it's more the attitude of the other player ( I stress, if deliberate).
  5. I always find it quite strange, how little emphesis is dedicated to clouds, it is after all the enviroment in which we play, rather than just the thing we fly over. It's not a criticism of BoX in particular, but combat flight sims in general. If 777 want to dedicate resources to new tech then my vote is 100% hiding somewhere behind the cloud.
  6. I wonder if, given the open cockpits and no oxygen, that fatigue goes up and therefore "G" tolerance goes down with altitude and flight time at altitude.
  7. Implimentation, based on historical precedent, is problematic. All sorts of factors can come into play when deciding if kit is issued to troops. The Germans, in 45, were desperate and chucked everything, including the kitchen sink, at the enemy. The Allies, on the other hand, had a massive and overwhelming military machine at their disposal and could thus be far more choosy about the risks and rewards of exposing "new" kit to the enemy.
  8. Not really true. My wife has always struggled with gravity, but then she is errrrrrr, quiet big on top, if you follow my drift. 😁 I expect "Pilot physiology" will be tweaked as time goes on, but they are real life limitations and most importantly they apply to everyone, in the game, equally.
  9. RIP Going West - Poem by Robert Laurence Binyon Just as I came Into the empty, westward--facing room, A sudden gust blew wide The tall window; at once A shock of sudden light, vibrating like a flame, Entered, as if it were the wind's bright spirit Stealing to me upon some secret quest. The wonder of the West Burst open: under dark and rushing cloud That rained illumined drops, it glorified Each corner where so dazzlingly it struck: The shadows cowered, the brilliance overflowed. As suddenly, all faded. Wet, wild air blew in At the idly--swinging door Stormily crumpled fallen shreds of leaves, Dried scarlet and burnt yellow and ashy brown: They fluttered in like fears and blew across the floor And I, to the heart invaded, Felt as that wild light palpitated through me And died in a moment down, Exalted by a visionary fear That from the light more than the shadow fell; A divination of splendid spirits near, Of glorious parting and of great farewell. Robert Laurence Binyon
  10. Do different levels of A.I pilot have different "G" tolerance levels, Ace has high tolerance and novice has limited tolerance ?
  11. Is consciousness affected by head position/angle ? If you're quickly moving head left to right etc, or looking back over your shoulder, rather than being in a "good" "G" resistant posture is your tolerance reduced ? From what I understand the game does include a fatigue factor in "G" resistance capacity
  12. I would do, but I'm having a hell of a time trying to follow a road, or several, in. Evidentally it's a strategicially significant communications hub, or so I was lead to believe. 😁
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