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  1. Having shot down me you redo a pass to kill my pilot. You are a pilot without honor.
  2. dommage que des "pilotes" bleu (sturmovnik pl) restent au dessus des bases comme des assoiffés enfin plutôt comme un beau blaireau de base
  3. When i use the chat, the screen congeals and the server ejects me of the party, just on this server a soulution ?
  4. 3 supply in game for 1 aicraft furthermore ! There is a problem ....
  5. Why DED players and 72th players have 999 lifes in game ? http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/08/1456332776-capture.png
  6. Why maps winter in the evening? The server loses more and more stability! What is your strategy?
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