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  1. Having shot down me you redo a pass to kill my pilot. You are a pilot without honor.
  2. dommage que des "pilotes" bleu (sturmovnik pl) restent au dessus des bases comme des assoiffés enfin plutôt comme un beau blaireau de base
  3. me too side red , attak blue target and ban ????
  4. When i use the chat, the screen congeals and the server ejects me of the party, just on this server a soulution ?
  5. 3 supply in game for 1 aicraft furthermore ! There is a problem ....
  6. Why DED players and 72th players have 999 lifes in game ? http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/08/1456332776-capture.png
  7. Why maps winter in the evening? The server loses more and more stability! What is your strategy?
  8. A return one day to 84 players? tks for the job !
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