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  1. Oh it’s there alright. However, it’s unfortunately that very tiny dot at the very far end of the visible spectrum...
  2. Lol...how true, unfortunately. VR tends to really spoil a person. The only time I go into Great Battles now in 2D with the 4K graphics is to take screen shots for my desktop - and I was a diehard 2D 4K fan. Can’t imagine what’s in store with better FOV and improved resolution for the future! Flying those WW1 crates in VR you really get a feel for how tiny they were - but what great fun. I’m only hoping FC V2 comes out and then it isn’t the end of the series as FC has really picked up the ball and ran with it where RoF stopped. As stated before though, sales will determine its faltering fate - or further rise to a glory in reliving that flying era. I’m hoping for the latter. Don’t get me wrong - I’m ALL IN when it comes to flying WW2 iron, it’s just that WW1 aircraft and WW2 aircraft is like comparing apples to oranges. I think they each deserve a place on my hard drive as each is so totally unique in its own right.
  3. OMG...Freud would have had a ball reading into that one! Being a cocaine addict one can see his preoccupation with sex I suppose. Kinda like this...
  4. ...and so you performed the first four steps as suggested by tech support? I see the response from tech but how was your original ticket addressing the problem submitted (issue)? You state “Career mode issue persists.” What exactly is happening with it? Are you referring to a hardware issue or software issue (these can be sometimes hard to decipher though). Sounds like tech support was originally addressing a software issue with having you do numerous uninstalls but then drifts into peripheral (hardware) devices as well so perhaps it’s just me, but I’m a little confused here as to what the specific problem is with Career Mode (unless I missed it in your post).
  5. Anybody even heard of it? Old school board gaming (what I grew up with before the age of computers) which takes Avalon Hill’s B-17 Queen of The Skies “to the next level”. I just ran across it on Amazon as a suggestion. Pilot either B-17 or B-24 of various models... https://theplayersaid.com/2017/06/15/interview-with-steve-dixon-bob-best-designers-of-target-for-today-from-legion-wargames/
  6. Time to show, this Tante some love. How many still flying? Amazing how fresh water preserves history.
  7. Looks like they were discussing damage modeling on the P-47.
  8. Or grovel. Hell, it’s not beneath me to grovel for a ‘24. Ever. I’d even settle for a ‘17...cough...cough...if it meant the ‘24 would come soon (very soon) after. I just wanna pilot the thing. Make the other stations AI, I don’t care. Beats the old days of flying Avalon Hill’s B-17 Queen of the Skies, yes, the old “cardboard war” times, especially in VR! I know they say it can’t be done, but real time career kill and mission markings eye candy would be the icing on the cake. Seeing how the kills are Japanese I’m well aware that this is an example of doubled wishful thinking! Ah, but once again, “a man can dream” - or grovel. Did I already mention groveling Jason?
  9. Exactly. With this being done to the ‘25 I can easily see one day down the line those becoming flyable too, especially the C-47 as there’s nothing else to fly for the allies that is like the JU-52 and the modeling for the devs would be easier. Boring? I guess it’s in the eyes of the beholder. I’ve done plenty of career time in the Junkers. I really can’t wait to see how the B-25 is to pilot. I love the A-20 BTW. For what it is handles like a dream and very predictable - at least for me it is. One of the most stable of aircrafts to land.
  10. I still love RoF due to the one plane that FC doesn’t have which is particularly cool when attempting to land... ”...engine putter, putter...blip...blip...engine putter, putter, putter...blip...putter...blip...” 😁 Fokker III
  11. What Jade said. If you have everything on Expert then uncheck something like limit head movement in cockpit for flying VR it automatically defaults to “Custom”. Oh yeah, FC V2 preorder would be a nice announcement.
  12. I started watching the video and figured I’d never make it to the end and give up watching, but not so! Thanks so much for posting it irregardless of whether you think the P-47 is modeled correctly for damage or not. I think the guy who produced it went to a lot of work researching the ‘47 and damage and is pretty well on the mark. Interesting side notes as well. Gonna see if I can check out the other videos he made as well. I must confess though, I haven’t flown the P-47 much at all and have always thought of the big fat Jug as one of my WW2 faves, if not THE favorite of that era. For some bizarre reason I’ve probably logged many more hours in the P-40 I guess perhaps cuz of all the babysitting it takes to keep it running smoothly thus keeping me a bit busier? Things in my private life have overruled me getting on the PC at all, ever since final release of Bodenplatte even...cringe...I know...smack me with a wet noodle. I just need to put real life on hold and jump back in that VR cockpit. Anyways, interesting note on the tail warning alarm. First time I’ve heard of it. I guess the only thing I do know is that after watching that video I don’t envy the devs at all on damage modeling. With all the mathematical hypothesis available and thousands of different scenarios based on projectile type, angle of penetration, velocities, deflection capabilities, aircraft material types, etc., etc. let alone the constant groans coming from the forum if I were a dev sorting through it all I’d probably be divorced and an alcoholic by now. No. Seriously.
  13. Last week watched a video posted to YouTube with the same idea with still photo from today and interjected film from WW1 into the pic. Very interesting!
  14. Reminds me of the old CFS2 days style with the comic book kinda motif in storytelling. As a side note, I could never get into CFS3, too buggy. I had that CFS2 modded to the hilt though and enjoyed countless hours flying in the Pacific.
  15. I’m an eye candy man. I’ll push the envelope towards graphics rather than fretting over FPS. If it seems smooth to my eye then I’m happy. With my current situation the last piece to be placed in my rig in 2017 was the 1080ti. To spend that kind of money on the newer series for only slight improvement to me doesn’t warrant the expenditure. Now, my 5930K is beginning to show its age. Dollar for dollar I’d be better upgrading the CPU chip, which also means unfortunately a new MOBO due to the socket. And for whatever reason seems like high end MOBO’s have gone through the roof with their pricing.
  16. The behind the scenes in the making of the WoW video was just as interesting. Just amazing what can be accomplished nowadays. Also amazing is the kind of parents it takes to get together to produce someone who can look like that in a pair of short shorts while strutting casually by. Good God almighty. I’m not gonna touch your line above “Were gonna need more seamen!” though...too easy.
  17. This photo and knowing it was his literally last moment with his trusty stead must have really, really, well...sucked, to say the least. The same with many others pilots I imagine too. Even his pose on the plane is kinda solemn. Such is life.
  18. I’m in the group for nothing at all. Keep it blank. Gives skinners a clean slate to work with in order to mark them as historically correct.
  19. ...and not just the ‘51 either. I’ve noticed this inside the cockpit when leaning off to the side in VR with others as well. Used to not be that way until fairly recently though.
  20. Ah, okay! Thanks so much! Appreciate it! Okay, then I’ve been doing it right since I fly career quite a bit. Need online for that. So when we are saying no significant CPU hits on offline with added immersion then I take it we are discussing single player missions and multiplayer missions and not career then since career needs to be online (unless single player missions need to be online too - have yet to play one). ”We now return you to your regularly scheduled program...”
  21. Okay....this has opened up a Pandora’s box somewhat for me which got me to thinking... 1. I never (or have yet anyways) to play multiplayer online. Out of habit, I always have been playing “online” though when starting up the game. 2. Since I play on online mode but don’t use multiplayer would it actually benefit me to be playing offline instead based on the above information in this thread (CPU usage as Gambit stated)? So in essence unless one decides to play multiplayer there is never a need to go “online” then? Geez this sounds so stupid though after playing for over two years now with this series but I think I’ve just automatically have played online instead of offline since RoF days and never have it really any thought based on CPU usage. I mean your stats and career mode all stay the same anyways, correct? So no need to online mode if one plays strictly single player careers and quick combat then and save a little CPU usage as well from what I’m understanding. Sorry OP, didn’t mean to hijack your thread and YES I totally agree with atmosphere and this goes for FC as well!
  22. Lol...love the keybinding title for that...”Exorcist Snap View”
  23. Hmmm...strange. Click on name, profile, then edit profile in the block a little ways down on right, bingo. Must be something on your end unless the forum has some kind of lock on it for some reason. I thought maybe you needed so many posts before you could do that but I see you have 74 so that can’t be it.
  24. Did I actually notice the increase with the Rift S in so far as FOV? No. I did however notice a difference in the much reduced “screen door” effect though. My IPD is very narrow by the way. 58 I believe it is. Which is why I have better than 20/20 vision I guess lol! Hope this helps you a little. To quote so you’ll have it all... “The field of view is 115º, compared to 110º on the Rift CV1.”
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