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  1. Did a re-install of the game. Wow. Never should have done that! Anyways, now upon re-installation my inputs for the engine controls are totally in disarray. I'm using a CH Products Throttle Quadrant and there seems (somewhere) to be some serious conflicts going on. I have it so the two left levers are used for throttle inputs, the next two for mixtures inputs and the last two are for the prop, with each being engine 1 then engine 2 respectively. Before doing a re-install, everything worked perfect. I did copy two files before deleting everything in IL-2 - one is the "joys.ffp" file and the other is the "joysffmap" file. I overwrote these files upon reinstallation with the ones I saved from the previous game, thinking it would save me from having to remap all my commands again once the game was re-installed. I've continuously tried mapping throttle for engine 1 to the CH Products Quadrant to the throttle input lever on the Quadrant, mixture lever to engine 1, then prop rpm engine 1 to the lever, then go ahead and designate the next set of levers to engine 2, same procedure. What happens is upon testing with the A-20 parked is that when I think everything is correctly mapped out, upon moving the lever for the throttle of engine 1, both the throttle for engine 1 moves along with the prop rpm for engine 1! The same goes for the throttling up for engine 2 lever - the prop moves along with the throttle, as if interconnected. Upon testing the mixture levers for engine 1 and 2, neither have any inputs. When checking the levers for engines 1 and 2 for the prop rpm's, again, no input whatsoever. Pressing the keys to disengage the throttle and prop interconnect (I think it's something like LShift+I) has no effect as well. Also when trying to designate simple things like the inlet cowls and outlet cowls as I had mapped before with the CH Quadrant's switches, I also get no input whatsoever. Seeing how I can indeed map these things via the Quadrant and it recognizes the inputs tells me (along with being able to move both throttles back and forth) that the game and Windows is recognizing it, but there has to be something else going on here. There's more than meets the eye and I'm going bonkers trying to find out what I'm doing wrong. Should I delete files somewhere and let IL-2 do a self repair or something? A complete reinstall once again of the entire game? "Oh dear God please no, not again...". Summary: 1.CH Quadrant, CH Stick and Yoke 2. Mapping keys via Quadrant is recognized by the sim as inputs 3. Only the throttle levers mapped have any input whatsoever. The mixture levers, the prop rpms levers and all the switches below the levers have no function within the sim itself, although they all show to be mapped out okay in the menu 4. Wrote over the two files upon reinstalling the sim those files being joys.ffp and joysffmap from the files saved from previous game 5. Trying the throttle and prop key command for the interconnect on and off has no effect 6. Restoring all key commands to default has no effect on making things work 7. Unplugging and re-plugging in the Throttle Quadrant via the USB port has no effect 8. Throttle Quadrant and all inputs worked perfectly BEFORE the reinstall 9. Double checked to make sure there aren't any duplicate commands listed for one input If anybody has any experience with the CH Products Throttle Quadrant I'd relay appreciate it!!! This has been dragging on now for weeks. Thanks in advance...again!
  2. Did you save config file with joystick settings before update? If not, everything will have to be redone.
  3. Hmm....nobody but me then. I’ll hold court with myself and wonder if this spinner/propeller anomaly is beginning to have a connection to the way my graphics card is presenting things. Any plane I’ve noticed that has a striped black and white prop spinner such as the FW-190 D-9 represents itself as static after starting to spin at the very beginning. With the Bristol F.II version in question, it’s a propeller issue itself in that the graphic shows the prop staying in a semi-static state, usually at the 1 and 7 o’clock while the rest of the graphic is blurred as in turning. Oh well.
  4. ....anybody else have this while flying in VR (or seeing it in 2D play as well for that matter)? It’s only with the F.II version, the F.III version is fine! Something ain’t right here. Wondering if my file got corrupted during update.
  5. Hmmm...I deleted the “Updates” folder, then IL2 upon initiating the launcher did a verification check (took a few minutes), then the launcher downloaded and installed the update, no problem (except graphics tweaks needed to be done and luckily saved my joystick config. also). Di you manage to get a hold of the .dll as listed above in this thread? I didn't have any luck with that route myself though.
  6. Yup....delete “Updates” folder per earlier posting.
  7. Supposedly in the email concerning the update it’s is noted as being a problem on some systems. However, the .dll file that is supposed to be downloaded within the email I cannot locate as well! So I’m trying this route out instead.
  8. I’ve experienced this as well, same location.
  9. Just fired off a ticket via support. We’ll see what happens. Thanks again for your support too! I thought it was just me.
  10. Music The common thread we all seem to have regardless of nationality, race, gender, age, geo-location, etc. Just browsing this thread is incredible with the variations. Nothing “new” or “groundbreaking” in thought mind you, just saying. Human creativity never ceases to amaze me at times. I mean, heavy metal and the Red Baron? Who would have connected the dots on THAT one?! It’s also nice seeing everyone express their own individual likes in this thread and not bashing others for what they listen to.
  11. Prop animation works fine...it’s the prop SPINNER that’s not working correctly...
  12. Your quote here struck a cord with me most of all. Little did I know how much my gamer name would come to mean in real life. Without going into much detail I was very abruptly diagnosed with Stage 3 multi myeloma cancer in 2014 with 80% bone infection from head to toe and because of my protein levels skyrocketing due to the cancer, little to no kidney function as well (GFR had dropped to 14 - 40 is failing). Upon further investigation the cancer only accounted for 1% of all cancers and yet caused 2% of all mortalities. The average life expectancy at the time was 5 years post chemo. Talk about ready to die. I felt as though I was tied down to train tracks shackled with chains and no escape. Hopeless. Futile. Within 3 days in the hospital my kidneys miraculously started heading back up on their own without the need for dialysis. Five months later my final bone biopsy saw only 2-3% plasma cell cancer. Fast forward to today and with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester 12 minutes from our new home now (we moved here just for that) they couldn’t detect a cancer cell using their latest technology down to 1/10,000 of 1%. My prognosis for the next 5 years of coming out of remission is now slim to none. Am I “cured”? No, of course not. Overwhelming odds (98% in fact) that at some point I will indeed come back out of remission. I’ll use your line here - “Because as long as you’re alive, there’s a chance of things getting better”. Bingo. You nailed it. Hope. I congratulate you on stepping forward in getting the help you needed, in coming forward and being able to openly discuss this with us and powering forward though the darkest of times when all hope seemed lost. Perhaps with the time we have been gifted new paths will be forged and new discoveries made. To use that old line, “You’ve come a long way, baby!” Keep the faith and thanks for sharing.
  13. I too noticed a performance hit after the last Steam VR update. That did it for me so now using OpenComposite.
  14. Yeah. Looks great. And it’s being developed to run on the XBone One and the PC so ya can kiss the FM goodbye. Thread needs to be merged.
  15. Maker’s Mark is pretty good but the hell if I’d waste a drop of it on a VR headset.
  16. All I know is one time while I was just about to come to a dead stop in my 109 after taxiing to parking a zombie ground crew member continued to walk into my starboard leading edge and promptly face-planted himself beneath my right wing. That was some funny shit.
  17. Yeah, no doubt moderator will move this thread to the model thread as noted above under the Free Subject forum so these works of art can been seen and get the credit they deserve (well, I mean not like they aren’t here but you know). Good stuff.
  18. Yup. This is what I’m getting also. Funny thing is on the planes with no spinner animation if you go outside view and set levers where they belong, hit the keyboard command to start and watch the animation for a brief second or two - the spinner animation seems to want to work - but only for a brief second or so before going static. First noticed this days ago after latest update but now how many days into the update it was I’m unsure of. Was flying an FW190 D-9 in quick combat and want to the outside view to see what damage was caused out of a recent pass and went into the “things that make you say hmmm” mode when I saw the black spinner with the white swirl not in motion! Whoa. Dis ain’t right! Then like above post began finding it on numerous aircraft, but not all for some bizarre reason as we yet to find out why. The prop animation works fine through all of this, it’s just the stupid spinners that seemed to have gotten some coding whacked - or whatever! The kick in the teeth came when I did a complete uninstall thinking I had files corrupted and upon re-install the problem still persisted! Argh! Like opening a Christmas present on Christmas morning and expecting it to be that 1/32 scale model kit you were eyeballing and dropping hints over for months only to discover it’s a used Amazon shipping box with two sets of Haynes sweat socks in it. ...sigh...
  19. Wow. Thanks EVERYONE! I’ll just sort it all out and don’t think I’ll go the route as originally planned either. Good stuff to digest! Thanks so much again!
  20. So to make sure...Tomcat do you fly in VR and experiencing no spinner animation with the FW190 (as just one example)? Some planes do, some planes now don’t. If this is indeed the case I wonder why more aren’t on here griping? As if I’m the only one I guess. I just downloaded the whole sim again and it STILL PERSIST. Exact same problem even after a reinstall. And thanks! I appreciate you taking the time for your feedback!
  21. I don’t mean to hijack the OP’s thread, buuutttt...no, not the ASW thing and the funky graphics (namely the gunsight) when looking through towards the prop. That’s cleared up. This funkiness that just occurred last night is the fact that the prop SPINNER itself does not animate and rotate anymore. Go figure. And it’s only on certain aircraft boot! All my 109’s, the FW line, they all refuse to animate the spinner. The P-40, Stuka are fine. The others I didn’t test as this is aggravating enough for me as it is suddenly. This is the part part that refuses to animate anymore...
  22. Two thumbs up from me on just abolishing the artifacts left from what we all know it is anyways. Jason stated in his post he hates it just as much as we do so I guess this was their compromise, but I’d rather see nothing on the tail rather than four circular hash marks. Now this would be great and still conform to the laws at hand on which the devs are tied to!
  23. Thanks once again sir. Funny, I’ve noticed some peculiarities just recently with my graphics in VR I think I can pin on performance issues as you have noted also.Only software updates have occurred (Steam VR and of course I2) and all settings as they have been, nothing’s changed. I’ve noticed now where with my current settings (as I’ve always used) when in quick combat where I would get solid graphics of a plane going by in the external flyby mode I now get what I would describe as “a dual overlay” of the aircraft as the plane comes closer into view, then back to normal as it flies off. Kind of a ghosting effect. Didn’t do that before and like I said nothing new here except updates. I have OC and don’t know the reason I backed out of it but I’m going to do some experimenting today and knock Steam VR out of the picture and see what happens. Using OC along with OTT may solve both of my graphics woes right now. Fingers crossed, though I’m doubtful on the prop spinner animations being screwed up now as I suspect IL2 in its bowels somewhere has been corrupted for whatever reason. You know how it is - instead of a line of code reading 00010001101 it now reads 00010001100 and pukes. Also debating upgrading from a 5930K to a 9960X. Yeah, I’d be going the YOLO route I guess you could say which in my circumstances might not be a bad idea - unfortunately. * whoa...love you’re setup Don! Running that 9900K @ 5.1? Geeeeez...I don’t mess with overclocking. Don’t know enough.
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