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    Old school sim guy. Started on board games in the '70's with the likes of AH's Luftwaffe, 1776, Squad Leader, Flight Leader, etc., etc. Still play some of them. Also have always enjoyed model building, both plastic and wood (boats and ships) and needless to say am an aviation sim fanatic. First flight sim was for my 150MB HD on my Macintosh called Fly!. It had a rogue grayed out 737 that would sporadically land any which way it desired and defy the laws of physics...and that was it for other air traffic at the time! Later I graduated to a PC and played F/A-18 Hornet and thought that was the “cats meow”.

    Enjoy aviation immensely. Worked as line supervisor for refueling ops. If anything has to do with flying, count me in. Also worked for a while on restoring a C-47 that flew the D-Day invasion before the owner decided to sell it and it went back across the big pond.

    So to sum it up if anyone is in the Rochestet, MN and would like to share the common interest in aviation or better yet flies recreationally just send a message! I’d also like to hear from anyone who knows of any aviation volunteer work here in southeast MN too. Seems everything is based out of the Twin Cities in so far as aviation volunteering goes.

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  1. Personally, there’s nothing quite like grabbing a whole fist full of throttles and pushing them all to the firewall.
  2. Lol...what memories! I had just gotten done refueling one of Continental’s 737”s. The jetway was clear and the tug was moments away from pushback. I was outside pulling out the truck chocks when they initiated the startup on the number two engine. She must have had some excessive fuel cause there was a loud bang followed by a thick trail of smoke going over the right wing and looping away under the fuselage. The look of the people’s faces sitting next to the fuselage windows - priceless.
  3. The P-40 with its glass engine - once you get all the nanny sitting parameters down, it can give back a lot of satisfaction for a job well done. Nothing like the sun in low on the horizon and after 30 minutes or so listening to that big Allison purr in a solo quick combat...mmm! Do the same but get engaged in a furball and you’ll immediately wish you had set yourself in one of those nifty late war automated German machines! Nah, it’s a classic nonetheless. Nothing like a challenge.
  4. Welcome back to the world of flight sims! You'll find this forum very friendly to newcomers and veterans alike and always willing to share insight as to aircraft operations, tactics, game features and a multitude of other facets as well. Any questions that you can’t find on your own, come straight to here. Of course every forum has its “flame wars” now and then but that’s the nature of the beast. My experience here has been overwhelmingly positive. I can only speak for myself when I say that Jason (aka Head Honcho) runs a pretty tight ship when it comes to what he expects from his products. And the development teams - second to none. Seriously. They actually do watch and respond to things posted here in the forums, let alone tickets for things such as suspected bugs, etc. and act on them in accordance. The dev teams he has onboard are tops. I only wish other developers were as concerned and conscience about the end product. Even better, once a plane or map set is released they always strive to make improvements to it as well such as reconfigured flight parameters, improved graphics, etc.and it’s all done with your original investment in the product. You’re rediscovering of the flight sim world is coming in at an exciting time, with VR support and another infamous civilian flight sim to be released which is supposed to be pretty awesome. Also the summer sale is going on now here so take advantage of some very steep discounts!
  5. Ahem - anyways keep up the good work devs! Always nice to see prior releases getting further enhancements and tweaks as time goes on. Awesome skins too!
  6. So without going off topic here essentially then just to reassert, this is the main thrust of why the Japanese planes won’t be forthcoming. Most would be based off of conjecture, not OFFICIAL hard data sources/manuals. Damn. Frustrating to the team and player base - but yet understandable. Really a good rule to stick by. Somewhere I picture a bunch of blueprints and manufacturer data by the reams all sitting dusty and untouched for decades in a bunch of file cabinets in a dark corner of some long forgotten room somewheres in Asia. “Yeah, right.” I hear everyone saying. “Good luck with that one.” But yes, I’ll be interesting to see the intricatecies between the two models. Interesting about the wind airflow between the two models and the canopy itself. Mmm...exhaust smoke...too bad there isn’t Smell-O-Vision... We know return you to your regularly scheduled post...
  7. Huh. Thanks for clarifying the OP’s statement. Very interesting indeed! Hmm...
  8. I fly VR practically exclusively now and never noticed this. Interesting, but upon pulling BACK hard on the stick wouldn’t that induce positive g forces thus having the line of sight in relationship to the cockpit appear to move up instead of down? I would think pushing the stick hard towards the firewall would have this effect the OP described.
  9. I heard it once from inside the ‘47 while doing a very low run on a factory during career. Two 500 pounders - was close enough to hear it muffled from inside the cockpit if only for a second. The fuses were set to impact - thus not only allowing me to hear the blasts but subsequently feeling the blasts as it sent my tail pitching end over at an acute angle which resulted in me kissing terra firma with no chance of ejection. Its all modeled beautifully. Notice “once” is in bold.
  10. Buying direct through the IL2 website more-so supports the company as 100% of the profits go directly to them, rather than Steam cutting a cut. Just saying. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-stalingrad/
  11. Wow...the proof is in the details! Gonna try this today in VR. If I may, was this video recording done with the TrackIR or in VR being used? You can PM, it’s fine.
  12. Hmm...those “very official gentlemen” you speak of...they weren’t dressed in black and donned dark sunglasses just before taking your “picture” with a very bright flash did they?
  13. They were the best, especially being in 1/32 scale which is my go-to for models even though they hog up quite a bit of display real estate. I have an early Fokker E III kit from them I started but have yet to finish. Got the kit out of playing RoF and using that very cool blip switch. I’m gonna have to dust off that copy and get back into it as I doubt many of those birds will ever make it over to FC which is a shame as I like the WWI birds as much as the WW2 ones. Such distinct personalities. Anyways, I digressed...looked on eBay and those that are aware of their demise are really jacking up the prices now (naturally). Supply and demand. I remember growing up seemed like there were hobby shops in every town just about. In Tucson before we moved, I recall three of them at one time. All are closed now. I can’t think of one hobby shop I used to visit that is open now. Seems like everything has shifted to online which in a way is a shame, but it’s been happening all over to the brick and mortars, and not just the hobby industry either.
  14. Nice gesture, dude! If only more people in the world thought this way.
  15. Ah yes. Explains while forgetfully flying in VR, I cracked my noggin good on the edge of my desk. Wife asked me later that evening while sitting on the couch what happened to my forehead.
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