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    Old school sim guy. Started on board games in the '70's with the likes of AH's Luftwaffe, 1776, Squad Leader, Flight Leader, etc., etc. Still play some of them. Also have always enjoyed model building, both plastic and wood (boats and ships) and needless to say am a aviation sim fanatic. Enjoy aviation immensely. Worked as line supervisor for refueling ops. If anything has to do with flying, count me in.

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  1. BornToBattle

    Strange Pics my Bro sent me.

    Oh man, that USAF chart is hilarious!
  2. BornToBattle

    Im in love lol

    Agreed. What a change from the US planes where I feel I’m a part time baby sitter for all the engine functions, cooling, etc. Dora is a blast, and I thought the K-4 was the end all.
  3. BornToBattle

    Potentially dumb question: Weather

    Yeah, overcast will auto produce precipitation. During the winter months of course you’ll see snow. I’ve always liked charging through clouds and seeing the water condensing either on my cockpit during WW2 or goggles in the wood and canvas crates. Sit there and slide your canopy back and look up and yes, rain drops on your goggles as well. This dev team is tops in my book.
  4. BornToBattle

    Rift-S underwhelming

    Also glad they brought the FPS down from 90 to 80. Awesome. Totally awesome...cough...cough...
  5. Rift S... https://www.oculus.com/rift-s/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=crm&utm_campaign=2&utm_term=P2&utm_content=2147&utm_emailname=201903riftsannounce
  6. BornToBattle

    SP Career Appreciation

    Didn’t mean to turn the tide against Career mode as it exist with this post, nor hijack the OP’s thread, as this was not my intention. Will post elsewhere.
  7. OMG I’d be flying all over the place - as in uncontrollable. I’m so used to stationary rudder peddles. Reminds me of trying to use a twist stick. So far as turning around or whatever that’s where VR is soooo nice. You look, you go. Instantaneous.
  8. BornToBattle

    SP Career Appreciation

    +1 to the OP for starting this topic. I think back to my old days of flying the F-18 Hornet and Fly! on my Mac and wow. How far we have come. This thread has an interesting twist for me though, mentioning Pat Wilson’s Campaign Generator...hmm. I fly single player quick combat at times but most of my time is dedicated to career mode. It sounds as though PWCG provides more of a dynamic atmosphere than the standard career mode does, or no? I’ve never used PWCG at all but am just now thinking about perhaps installing it. My German career in the JU-52 is, of course given the nature of the plane, quite a “yawn fest” accept for those few relatively rare occasions when I can expected to be bounced coming back from a mission. Quite often I’ll see smoke off in the distance to remind me I’m flying during a war. I had started a career in the P-40 and was shockingly doing quite well with it once I learned her engine management not to mention flying in VR has opened up a whole new way of being immersed in such an environment aka “real feel”. Sorry OP, don’t mean to hijack your thread here! Was just wondering how much more dynamic and immersive is PWCG compared to the standard IL-2 career mode.
  9. BornToBattle

    1943: Berlin Blitz WW2 VR Experience

    I knew you all would like it. The fact that the VR experience was built around the actually recording at the time is truly a one of a kind experience. You look around inside and you can see the one BBC guy running the record to record it all too.
  10. BornToBattle

    VR view sinking

    Is the one you are unchecking located within Camera Settings? Unchecking it will then provide you with unlimited VR movement. Definately sounds like it’s still checked by your description.
  11. Most likely everyone here already knows about it, but just incase you might have overlooked it or especially if you are new to VR... 1943: Berlin Blitz is not only a free VR done experience using the actual recordings from two BBC reporters who flew in a Lancaster bomber that one night on September 3, 1943, but has been now recreated in VR for a truly unique experience AND HAS BEEN REALLY DONE WELL. Even though the wife has little interest in WW2 and flying, she sat there within her VR world and was quite taken aback at how it must have been for those kids having to go through what they did back then (she also thought “...that one guy was cute too.”) Anyways, it’s available in the Oculus Store and again it’s even free. The whole experience takes you from the field in Nottinghamshire, over the target area and back, all the while coinciding the actual recording made at that time with the new technology of VR. Highly recommended, especially seeing how we here all hold a common interest. Two thumbs up! Way up. I’d like to see them come out with a whole series of these experiences as they did a very good job with this. I would have paid a few bucks even just to have it. There’s a 2D trailer for it in this linked review... https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/10/05/1943-berlin-blitz-is-a-15-minute-vr-experience-that-left-me-with-tears And another... https://vrscout.com/news/1943-berlin-blitz-vr-now-available/ Just thought I’d share. Enjoy! MODERATORS: Realized now this should be posted in the other section of the forums, namely free subject as this doesn’t directly pertain to VR and IL-2, though it is about VR. Sorry.
  12. BornToBattle

    Oculus Quest Developer Notes

    I agree Don, just squirrelly a little over this, as I get conflicting news from the same story from Oculus; https://techcrunch.com/2018/10/22/oculus-co-founder-is-leaving-facebook-after-cancellation-of-rift-2-headset/ I too am looking forward to the wireless headset, middle tier Quest if you will. True, the Rift is used 90% of the time for flying VR here at the house, but sometimes I just fell like taking a break and cutting loose with something else. Like the other night... ...it’s a free VR experience you can find through the Oculus store called Face Your Fears. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite a while watching the wife go through each of the four experiences. Very well done too! And for free? And yes, I’ve got her on video screaming as well.
  13. BornToBattle

    Oculus Quest Developer Notes

    She’d get lost. The whole reason the top dev at Oculus left is because he didn’t like the way Facebook was roadmapping their headset away from the PC. Time will tell of course, but with PC gamers being a minority to the console generation I would suspect Facebook is going to go where the money is. I hope I’m wrong. Perhaps they I’ll throw us hardcore PC guys a bone with a next generation Rift. VR sales are flat lining and I think the reason is as stated in this video. This Quest, not the Rift, would help bolster the segment of the market to increase sales. It’s all about market share and profits.
  14. BornToBattle

    VR view sinking

    I have a left mouse click designated as a re-center view “key” command. It’s super handy and use it quite often, most of the time when just jumping into the cockpit at the mission start to get the VR view perfect. Takes only a fraction of a second and can be done anytime while flying without even pausing the sim. All you need to do is once you have your command to recenter the view in VR tied to whatever mouse click/controller input or keyboard command you want, simply place your head exactly where you want your head to be while still flying within the sim in VR, click the designated key and viola! The trick is sometimes to slightly stretch yourself while sitting upwards or downwards in real time and then hold and click to get the view just right. Sometimes I find myself disoriented to the keyboard/joystick slightly (I’m forward facing when I look with the Rift headset off my head), but the view of the cockpit is skewed. Simply position yourself exactly where you want to be while flying, then hold that position and click! Done! I wanted an input that I didn’t have to think about and try to remember, so left mouse clicking for me to recenter my VR view was the simplest route and very easy to remember. While I was at it I tied the right mouse click to pause the sim. Having this command tied to an input for is also great when you have the box checked within IL-2 to limit your view in VR while in the cockpit (this realistically sets boundaries within the viewing area of the cockpit). If I look at my seat beneath me in VR, if I judge myself to be too far forward or aft, I simply adjust seating position in my chair slightly, click the recenter view assignment (in my case left mouse click) and boom. Done. Same for height. Click...done! Sorry this his reply was overkill to your question.
  15. BornToBattle

    Oculus Quest Developer Notes

    Interesting. I cringed when he mentioned “Quest” and “PC”. The last thing I need is my other half hogging up the PC killing zombies when I could be killing bogies. Sexual innuendoes aside, she needs to be untethered and out in the living room thrashing about, not in “my” den.