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    Old school sim guy. Started on board games in the '70's with the likes of AH's Luftwaffe, 1776, Squad Leader, Flight Leader, etc., etc. Still play some of them. Also have always enjoyed model building, both plastic and wood (boats and ships) and needless to say am a aviation sim fanatic. Enjoy aviation immensely. Worked as line supervisor for refueling ops. If anything has to do with flying, count me in.

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  1. Rofl...awesome sense of humor cuz it’s so true. Great reply!
  2. Hmm...I dunno. Looking at pretty ladies versus aircraft stats... ...oh what the hell. Yeah, that’s a great idea (especially at my age now...sigh).
  3. Um yeah...I banked hard right and accidentally ran into an AI who had bailed out of a B-25. Ended up chute slicing him and watched him in “absolute horror” as the whole chute realistically collapsed and he free fell all the way down to his pixelated death.
  4. I know I’m in for a beating here by saying this but in response to the OP’s last statement on the Pacific the hangup seems to be with acquiring the data needed for the Japanese rides, otherwise from a dev standpoint it would be the next “logical” step. You’ve got the B-25 just waiting to be player controlled, the P-51 and ‘38 have been rolled out along with the existing ‘39 so add a few Dauntless and Corsairs and perhaps tweak the existing models for the PTO and...and... Oh forget it. Other than an existing appointment this morning I don’t know why I’m even awake yet, let alone posting such a loosing statement (or perhaps not). On the other hand the devs seem to be pretty top notch at discovering new and innovative ways of coding things (like their recent discovery concerning cloud graphics) so I’m sure in time they could figure out something concerning all the coding involved with multiple ships, carrier landing physics, etc. i do agree with the OP for the record though on the Western aircraft, though purely from a personal standpoint as I lack the knowledge he does from viewing it from the server side. German aircraft run a very, very close second with me. Now throw some Zeros into the mix and you’ve suddenly got things that make you say “hmm” plus all the new western aircraft to boot that would further enhance the lineup. i do know this for 100% sure - whatever project they undertake next we will be welcomed on my PC any day. What an incredible team and their quest for realism over arcade play is nothing short of astounding.
  5. Yeah, I notice for some odd reason while flying in VR now when I turn my head inside the cockpit in either direction it’s as if I can then hear the wind rushing past the outside of the cockpit.
  6. Though I know this is a very late posting but I wanted to toss my hat in the ring in saying “thanks” also. Now with the release I always find it astounding the work that has gone into each individual aircraft and can actually be compared to the real life instruction manuals they are indeed that close to reality. Wow.
  7. Did a re-install of the game. Wow. Never should have done that! Anyways, now upon re-installation my inputs for the engine controls are totally in disarray. I'm using a CH Products Throttle Quadrant and there seems (somewhere) to be some serious conflicts going on. I have it so the two left levers are used for throttle inputs, the next two for mixtures inputs and the last two are for the prop, with each being engine 1 then engine 2 respectively. Before doing a re-install, everything worked perfect. I did copy two files before deleting everything in IL-2 - one is the "joys.ffp" file and the other is the "joysffmap" file. I overwrote these files upon reinstallation with the ones I saved from the previous game, thinking it would save me from having to remap all my commands again once the game was re-installed. I've continuously tried mapping throttle for engine 1 to the CH Products Quadrant to the throttle input lever on the Quadrant, mixture lever to engine 1, then prop rpm engine 1 to the lever, then go ahead and designate the next set of levers to engine 2, same procedure. What happens is upon testing with the A-20 parked is that when I think everything is correctly mapped out, upon moving the lever for the throttle of engine 1, both the throttle for engine 1 moves along with the prop rpm for engine 1! The same goes for the throttling up for engine 2 lever - the prop moves along with the throttle, as if interconnected. Upon testing the mixture levers for engine 1 and 2, neither have any inputs. When checking the levers for engines 1 and 2 for the prop rpm's, again, no input whatsoever. Pressing the keys to disengage the throttle and prop interconnect (I think it's something like LShift+I) has no effect as well. Also when trying to designate simple things like the inlet cowls and outlet cowls as I had mapped before with the CH Quadrant's switches, I also get no input whatsoever. Seeing how I can indeed map these things via the Quadrant and it recognizes the inputs tells me (along with being able to move both throttles back and forth) that the game and Windows is recognizing it, but there has to be something else going on here. There's more than meets the eye and I'm going bonkers trying to find out what I'm doing wrong. Should I delete files somewhere and let IL-2 do a self repair or something? A complete reinstall once again of the entire game? "Oh dear God please no, not again...". Summary: 1.CH Quadrant, CH Stick and Yoke 2. Mapping keys via Quadrant is recognized by the sim as inputs 3. Only the throttle levers mapped have any input whatsoever. The mixture levers, the prop rpms levers and all the switches below the levers have no function within the sim itself, although they all show to be mapped out okay in the menu 4. Wrote over the two files upon reinstalling the sim those files being joys.ffp and joysffmap from the files saved from previous game 5. Trying the throttle and prop key command for the interconnect on and off has no effect 6. Restoring all key commands to default has no effect on making things work 7. Unplugging and re-plugging in the Throttle Quadrant via the USB port has no effect 8. Throttle Quadrant and all inputs worked perfectly BEFORE the reinstall 9. Double checked to make sure there aren't any duplicate commands listed for one input If anybody has any experience with the CH Products Throttle Quadrant I'd relay appreciate it!!! This has been dragging on now for weeks. Thanks in advance...again!
  8. Did you save config file with joystick settings before update? If not, everything will have to be redone.
  9. Hmm....nobody but me then. I’ll hold court with myself and wonder if this spinner/propeller anomaly is beginning to have a connection to the way my graphics card is presenting things. Any plane I’ve noticed that has a striped black and white prop spinner such as the FW-190 D-9 represents itself as static after starting to spin at the very beginning. With the Bristol F.II version in question, it’s a propeller issue itself in that the graphic shows the prop staying in a semi-static state, usually at the 1 and 7 o’clock while the rest of the graphic is blurred as in turning. Oh well.
  10. ....anybody else have this while flying in VR (or seeing it in 2D play as well for that matter)? It’s only with the F.II version, the F.III version is fine! Something ain’t right here. Wondering if my file got corrupted during update.
  11. Hmmm...I deleted the “Updates” folder, then IL2 upon initiating the launcher did a verification check (took a few minutes), then the launcher downloaded and installed the update, no problem (except graphics tweaks needed to be done and luckily saved my joystick config. also). Di you manage to get a hold of the .dll as listed above in this thread? I didn't have any luck with that route myself though.
  12. Yup....delete “Updates” folder per earlier posting.
  13. Supposedly in the email concerning the update it’s is noted as being a problem on some systems. However, the .dll file that is supposed to be downloaded within the email I cannot locate as well! So I’m trying this route out instead.
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