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    Old school sim guy. Started on board games in the '70's with the likes of AH's Luftwaffe, 1776, Squad Leader, Flight Leader, etc., etc. Still play some of them. Also have always enjoyed model building, both plastic and wood (boats and ships) and needless to say am an aviation sim fanatic. First flight sim was for my 150MB HD on my Macintosh called Fly!. It had a rogue grayed out 737 that would sporadically land any which way it desired and defy the laws of physics...and that was it for other air traffic at the time! Later I graduated to a PC and played F/A-18 Hornet and thought that was the “cats meow”.

    Enjoy aviation immensely. Worked as line supervisor for refueling ops. If anything has to do with flying, count me in. Also worked for a while on restoring a C-47 that flew the D-Day invasion before the owner decided to sell it and it went back across the big pond.

    So to sum it up if anyone is in the Rochestet, MN and would like to share the common interest in aviation or better yet flies recreationally just send a message! I’d also like to hear from anyone who knows of any aviation volunteer work here in southeast MN too. Seems everything is based out of the Twin Cities in so far as aviation volunteering goes.

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  1. No FC2 news? Most likely everyone is concentrating on Normandy for now I suppose.
  2. I never realized the extent to which they were produced until I found this article with the V-1 map locations. I always just assumed that rockets launched by the Germans during the later years were relatively rare and few and far between, but visually I think their detective work into exact locations shows otherwise! Seems V-1’s in reality were more of a physiological weapon versus actual damage inflicted with what little reading I’ve done.
  3. What a life he had. A Typhoon legend let alone great film credits later in civilian life. No doubt if he had ever been captured by the Germans he would have been executed given his German roots. Amazing.
  4. Just as the OP stated...V-1 sorties, hands down. In VR and with the new G2 no less this will be phenomenal, let alone require massive amounts of concentration. Just visually finding one will be interesting in its implementation. I mean, did these things leave a visual signature and if so how long was it, if any? An interesting current day read here regarding the V-1 recoveries. The map is from the same article. Amazing how many made it across the channel showing just how many actually were produced. https://www.airspacemag.com/history-of-flight/big-dig-buzz-bomb-180973972/
  5. Perhaps in FC3 as they are going to bring into FC planes that were in RoF.
  6. This has happened twice now. Launch IL2 and am in VR with the G2. Finally I get my mouse to be recognized (this problem occurs constantly with the G2) and begin flying a Quick Combat mission. If I pause the sim and come back later everything has shut down! I mean the game, WMR, everything. It’s right back to my desktop. On both occasions I was away for perhaps 10-20 minutes each time.I’ve looked, but to no avail. Is there a setting in WMR somewheres where it has an automatic shutdown feature or something after a certain amount of time? Very annoying. Never had any of these problems with the Rift S since I was using OpenComposite. But now with all these background programs running (Steam VR, WMR) I’m running into all kinds of weird stuff. Rift S out of the box was far superior in software functions than this thing. I have made sure Windows is up to date too.
  7. I’m having this same problem. Mouse is not recognized when entering IL2 in VR. Didn’t have this problem with RiftS so is this saying it’s a WMR or Steam VR software issue? I miss not being able to run OpenComposite now with the G2. Sure somebody comes up with a proper fix for this as the Rift S now has me spoiled.
  8. Now THAT also looks like a very interesting and cool museum to visit! What a neat display. The ones in the background look intriguing as well.
  9. Welcome to the addiction of VR in theses battle series! I’ve got the Rift S and LOVE the inside out tracking. It’s so much more natural to look around with rather than using your thumb on a hat switch. That all being said as your are more than likely to be aware of don’t forget (at least in the P-38) that the mirror has to be at its highest setting (“complex” if I recall correctly) in order to also use you nacelle “mirror” (more of a highly polished surface) to verify if your gear is down. I had mine set to one notch below on the mirror setting and was never able to verify its nose gear position from the cockpit until someone clued me in as to what the mirror setting had to be in order to use it as such.
  10. Interestingly enough, I don’t think I’ve ever played another position other than pilot in ANY of the products, RoF, FC, GB series! I dunno, never crossed my mind to I guess. For those that have how do you rate it as compared to pilot duties? Can one actually have a career but be the entire time in a gunner position? I have read that hitting an aircraft that’s moving along with your own plane that is moving is pretty tricky especially depending on the angle of the attacking plane (lots of lead in some cases).
  11. CFS3...what memories - and a whopping disappointment after modding out and playing countless hours in CFS2. Ah yes, but I’m here to say man oh man, to experience this stuff in VR - wow. VR is a big pull for me now, most likely even more so with the G2 on its way in January (for me, anyways...I held off until the reviews started coming in) as we are always looking towards the latest and greatest tech-wise. Never played WoFF but just like RoF I can see a definitely see nostalgia in stuff despite high tech. It holds its own. I don’t know the magic the dev teams put into VR here, but it is above all the rest in terms of immersion factor. Can’t quite put my finger on it. It just works.
  12. “Lands fine”? Geeeeez...I don’t know if I ever succeeded in getting that big monster off the ground, let alone land it! Now you’ve got me thinking, so I’m gonna go fire up ROF this afternoon. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. Almost feel guilty really.
  13. I think the two biggest things for me to look forward to is... One of course, the decision to continue with the series and the other as posted earlier in this thread which I originally missed...
  14. I’ve got a water cooled i75930K with a 1080ti though yeah, this coming year I’m going to build a new rig. This one I’m using is definitely holding her own but CPU is showing her age some as I built it 6 years ago. How times flies, pun intended.
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