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  1. This is hilarious! It's akin to posting a statement that Lincoln was a Republican and freed the slaves via the Emancipation Proclamation, only to be refereed to a historical document that states that Lincoln was a Republican and issued the Emancipation Proclamation. Nothing in said documents refutes my original post. Boi? Jesus, what next, twatified dank meme's.... Exactly, and well posted.
  2. How exactly would these work within the current BoX offerings? Again, these types of aircraft served very specific functions, and as you're are known for telling people what does and does not work in this series, how exactly would said airframes function within the current environment when said naval aspects aren't present and the game itself lacks dedicated naval warfare components and dynamics? As you are very fond of pointing out, the developers have better things to do than to indulge whims here and there. Beyond that however, the devs are anything if not pragmatic, and they're
  3. They served primarily in a reconnaissance role and given that naval surface warfare isn't really fleshed out in the series I'm not sure how they'd fit in. Maybe a Battle of the North Sea would be an option down the road as a minor expansion that could include something like that. Then again, it might not even possible as a land-able surface with regards to the current version of the game engine. Love to see them though!
  4. @jamesirjames PWCG is on a bit of another level, IMHO. It's not necessarily better than the default dynamic campaign, just different. Though personally, I think PWCG offers more diversity, but that's just me and is possibly a placebo effect. The only drawback to it is that you're constantly shuffling back and forth between your game and the desktop whilst making changes in the PWCG app and then launching the IL-2. If you own Bodenplatte and for my own personal plug, you could give my WIP mod here a go. But if I were you, I'd stick with the provided campaign
  5. I know. I loose it every time I see his face...
  6. @CUJO_1970 It's Adam King and the geniuses over at Viva La Dirt League from their FPS Logic series. I just Photoshoped his head onto an IL-2 dynamic career avatar, the one that pops up when creating your character.
  7. TC still has a long way to go until it's a true tank sim, IMHO. That said, if they were to do another TC game then it should remain EF focused as that's where all of the truly epic tank battles took place, even all the way up and to the end of the war. If they do indeed decide to do another Tank Crew game, and that's a big if as we have no idea as to how well it sold, then Operation Bagration would be the most obvious choice for a theater and timeline.
  8. The wallpaper folder just contains desktop wallpapers. It's not part of the mod. The install instructions are pretty clear cut. Install Instructions: Navigate to MODS>War in the West>Data and copy the folders graphics, scg, and swf into the Data directory. Overwrite when prompted. Is it one of the new squadrons added by this mod?
  9. I started on your request. It's gonna take some time with regards to the nose stripes due to the way the texture mapping on the forward fuselage. So, quite a bit of trial and error.
  10. The trailer is awful IMHO, and like a great many PlayWay titles, it's probably yet another terrible commissioned project. Still, who knows... https://store.steampowered.com/app/1502460/B17_Squadron/
  11. Oh @[Pb]Cybermat47, what a complete disappointment that game was. It was billed as a tycoon game but lacks any sort of tycoon aspects. On the bright side however, there is this. The demo has since been removed, but it was a blast to play and demonstrated the depth the game is capable of. Keep an eye on it.
  12. So, if the mod is disabled right now and you launch BoX the WitW title screen still appears, minus any of the other content like liveries, custom squadrons, loading screens, etc?
  13. Hmm, no idea. Are you using JSGME or another mod enabler?
  14. That's probably it. Just noticed your avatar, BTW. FLMAO!
  15. Gru Force Why? Why not. And because it looks like a minion...
  16. Do you have a specific example?
  17. Bump texture? If it's not done via a separate blank alpha map, or say an injected image format, or one of the other ways. Genuinely curious how this works via the bump map. Also, will the AI be assigned random aircraft codes and numbers as well, or is this something that's player side only?
  18. Opel Blitz Normandy. Opel Blitz Normandy. Opel Blitz Normandy. Opel Blitz Normandy. To say that every Opel had a camo'd tarp just isn't correct. It may have been part of the TO&E, but if the existing tarp was in good working order then that vehicle maintained that piece of equipment until a replacement was needed.
  19. Complete rework from the ground up. See new screenshots. @[Pb]Cybermat47 notification.
  20. DetCord12B

    Next Up...

    You can take the existing aircraft, say the Yak-9s1 that's currently available, change it to the U version (in title only) and alter it's config and performance data to what it comparably would've been for that variant. This goes for all of the aircraft as well. You can alter their performance data and add new stores or features like engine upgrades etc. Example wise, I did this with the Hurricane by adding a belly recon camera using the default/generic bomb sight and added a WIP version of the 109 K6 by altering it's armament, based upon what it would've had.
  21. DetCord12B

    Next Up...

    IL-2 as a platform isn't engaging in alternate history via a potential title while this free modification however potentially would be. So that's an entirely moot point right there. Honestly, I don't think the developers would care either way seeing as they're focused on producing titles that make money, not freeware based upon existing content.
  22. DetCord12B

    Next Up...

    Anyone interested in a project like this?
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