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  1. This. All of this. I got it off Amazon for 50 bones, in English, and brand new. I could do a sub-mod for WitW that has it attached to a specific squadron. Though reinforcements could be an issue gameplay wise.
  2. As @sevenless can attest, the G6 remained in service as a training aircraft for FS candidates all the way to the end of the war. Many of these aircraft were tossed into active combat elements along with their highly inexperienced pilots all the time. Fuel might have been near nonexistent towards the end, but what was equally limited were the birds themselves, be they G-10's, G-14's, K-4's, and of course all of the necessary parts associated with them. They took what they could get and cannibalized where they could at the cyclic rate. The problem with your query is one of numbers. D
  3. This guys track record is abysmal. It's one quagmire after another with him. Am I the only one that remembers what Roberts did to Freelancer and how MS had to come in and rescue it?
  4. I won't be uploading anything until an EULA and content creator IP disclaimer is present. I've already been contacted by @haluter and @BlackHellHound1 via PM and have advised them of the dangers in not having these clauses present in their software upon user launch and have pointed them in the appropriate direction. They're in the process of implementing it and as soon as they do, I'll start uploading.
  5. JG 53 is next. I like late-war weird, and these certainly qualify as late-war weird. Most of them feature a tri or quad color/camo pattern where one RLM was painted topside, another mid just below the top, and a tertiary below that. It's odd and something you don't see very often. It's almost like the Uberarschfikkeren in these units were either colorblind, drunk, or simply had no other paint options...probably a combination of all three. Still, sometimes you get colors and patterns where it's obvious the ground crews dedicated a lot of their free time camouflaging them by hand, as
  6. I actually redid the roundels and markings from scratch. There was nothing wrong with them, I just felt they were too bright for my tastes. I can do a personal pack for you w/o the Op. Rutter markings. Just make sure to not delete anything and overwrite when prompted as the associated files are needed for the gun pods.
  7. Any chance you could change the paratroopers from the 100-and-worst to the 82nd? 😄 Seriously though, they look great and spot on.
  8. @imanuthep Did you want the Operation Rutter nose stripes applied?
  9. Minor updates here from WitW. Added KG(J) 27' Fw 190 A8's to the DL section. JG 26' D9's updated to their historical counterparts. KG(J) 27' D9's updated to their historical counterparts. Added two additional aircraft to the 646th to round it out to ten in total. 8U-I Cocksure and 8U-J Moral Dilemma.
  10. I work in the game development industry and can state as a matter of urgency that you need an EULA that includes a specific HHA (Hold Harmless Agreement) title/clause, specific disclaimer or disclaimers, and a notification upon launch that must be agreed to prior to use of your distro platform. Failing to do so places you and anyone else involved in this project as liable for damages, IP infringement, theft, E-Crime via potential security issues, etc etc. Caused, potential, or otherwise. Failing to do so means that you are obligated and responsible for any aforementioned issues. Y
  11. WitW will receive one final update via @Raptorattacker for the P-38, a request from @602EAF_Puff featuring a requested RAF squadron, and various fixes and QoL updates. After that however, development will cease. My intention was to add new squadrons and their subsequent airframes from BoN but there simply isn't enough interest in the project to motivate me to keep working on it and is thusly, essentially dead. 10K+ downloads or not.
  12. This is hilarious! It's akin to posting a statement that Lincoln was a Republican and freed the slaves via the Emancipation Proclamation, only to be refereed to a historical document that states that Lincoln was a Republican and issued the Emancipation Proclamation. Nothing in said documents refutes my original post. Boi? Jesus, what next, twatified dank meme's.... Exactly, and well posted.
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