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  1. Kampfgruppe formations were a dime a dozen near the end of the war as almost every unit was a Kampfgruppe as things fell apart. KG König was formed by the remnants of the Neuruppin, Lueneburger Heide, and what was left of the Panzertruppenschule 2 elements consolidated in Boeblingen, most of which were teens and young boys. KG König was a small unit commanded by Hanno König, an Oberschutze and EF combat veteran, twice wounded, twice awarded for valor, and assigned to the school following his disability. He was placed in command of the existing Gunnery School units in late-45 as Nazi Party officials and senior officers fled west. König continued to consolidate forces as they evaced Putlos and other schools, formed into a KG, and struck-out against a vastly superior Soviet force.
  2. Thanks for the well wishes and thoughts. The reason you're seeing this is because the SU-152 was added post release of this mod and is therefore conflicting up the existing cfg files. So, config entries were made by the developers as they've added vehicles and has thus jacked up the existing file structure of the mod because of it, as was expected. As much as I'd like to update it for this sole purpose I see no point, not at least until the final vehicle (Ferdinand) is added and not until the last substantial update is delivered. My intention was to provide patches and updates as I go but this just isn't feasible which means it'll necessitate a re-download. Why? The muddy, dirty, gross, nasty tracks have been updated. The Tiger and Panther AFV's will include an optional (WIP) Zimmerit normal map. The Panzer Wraps have all been overhauled and I've added an additional two to the mix. All of the Heer, Waffen SS, and incoming RKKA vehicle textures have been updated, tweaked, improved and or added. An optional download with camo schemes (octopus pattern) and uniforms will be included to depict Kampfgruppe König, an element made up of young boys and men rallied, motivated, and forced into service by the Wehrmacht near the end of the war using the schools old Tiger H1's and Panther G's. Screens:
  3. I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates. My dad died as a result of a car crash back home near the end of May and given the pandemic and flight restrictions in place it proved difficult trying to fly out. Commercial travel was a no-go but I was lucky enough to be able to hop an AMC flight back home to NZ, even though it took me all around the Pacific in the process lasting near a week but I eventually made it. I did get to see Kwajalein however, so at least there was that aspect in an otherwise bleak trip. The Ferdinand will receive an upgrade post release. What exactly are the problems/issues?
  4. References. Provide them. Granted, I've been critical of certain releases, but you make me out to be some sort of agitator that pisses on everything that comes the IL-2 way. This just isn't the case as my post-history provides and only furthers the evidence that individuals like yourself will utilize ad-homs and falsehoods in an attempt further your own points. No, I posted a thread asking why a we don't have a DL section while niche products within the XP and P3D realms have theirs, products that are niche upon niche and garner sales well below anything within the IL-2 mainstay by-the-way. There is no excuse that a singular addon for an FS title like FSL that sells two products and yet has it's own community download center while while we do not. To attempt to argue against such an aspect is asinine. Good God, what an a** you are. Oh me oh my, I'm not in the military anymore. Geeze, thanks for clarifying that. I don''t think I'd have been able to face facts and or discern reality from fiction without your input. The fact that you can't clarify or address the rampant issues associated with Tank Crew and instead resort to "spreading" speaks volumes. You're really good at diversionary tactics, I'll give you that. Really good. Here for your edification. You were quick to jump on the bandwagon in stating that TC is perfectly fine.
  5. I should add to my initial post that I don't think TC is a bad game. It isn't. It just isn't a very good one either. Mediocre is a term I'd use. But as a tank simulation and as advertised, at least given the initial announcement, marketing and other facets its sorely lacking. It isn't a tank simulation, not by a long shot. What's rather hilarious, at least from my opinion, is that most of us on the IL-2 Discord placed a bet that a community shill would pop-up and blame aspects of the product and its hardships on the people that purchased it while at the same time attempting to detract from what was initially advertised. My money was on @[Pb]Cybermat47 as he's been consistently a defender of all IL-2 products, regardless of any and all issues associated with recent releases. I obviously lost. Bummer. The bet was $1300. @Danziger has been associated with the developers given previous posts, actions, and commentary. Sorry mate, but your constant positive blurbs, complete lack of any differing opinions, fixes, motivations, assets, development commentary, paints a rather one-sided picture of yourself.
  6. Good luck... Developer/Community interaction is essentially nonexistent. TC needs a lot of work and the devs don't seem to care either way. It's just a press on with their initial roadmap kinda thing. They seem uninterested in fixing the myriad of issues associated with it or even improving the product. Off the top of my head regarding observations and in no particular order... Terrain: It's ugly. It might be fine to utilize the same assets for the FS side of the house when flying at 800m above the battlefield in a LaGG-3 at 250kph, but its absolutely unacceptable to reuse them in a game in which all of the action takes place on the ground. The grass sprites, trees and foliage in general are all low-res and highly detract from the gameplay and immersion facets. If it was me, the first thing I'd do was populate to map with new, dense, and high resolution grass sprites that hide the low-res terrain. That'd at least be a start. Slopes, hills, canyon features and the like can still render awful looking edges via poorly rendered terrain. Looking out at a hill in front of you and seeing right angles jutting in all directions is not only head-scratching but atrocious in appearance. 3D Modeling: The crew character models are great. So there's that. It's actually quite good upon initial viewing. That impression quickly dissipates however when opening up any texture template and seeing what looks like someone vomited poly's and vert's all over the texture map. I've never seen such haphazard modeling in all my life outside of third-party user mods for Fallout 3, OFP, IL-2 1946 and or something downloaded from Google SketchUp. Gameplay: The AI still sees through forests, dense tree packs, and foliage in general. Still... The AI can detect and will engage your position even after falling back behind a terrain feature. They got that magical eyesight. It's boring. There is no sense of immediacy or the need for violence of action, maneuverability, or tactics. Everything plays out on a cookie cutter sheet given the AI's inability to do much of anything. Damage Modeling: For me personally, this has been suspect since day one. RKKA and German AFV's alike seem to adsorb and deflect damage at seemingly direct levels. Some of us have repeatedly asked for a KTC of their (devs) ballistic modeling simulation, something that should be easily demonstrable if you actually have one. They've never responded, ever. The damage modeling is abstract. Now, if you've played an actual tank simulation game with sim'd ballistics and the associated round kinetics like Steel Beasts, Kharkov '42, F4R, and even the likes of the civ-mil VBS2/3's simulation of armored combat, then its something that's obviously achievable. But they just don't care. I no longer trust the developers or the engine they're intent on working with. I voiced these concerns over a year ago. No one seemed to care. Nope, it's a standalone title. Sorry mate, I love ya and all, but this just isn't correct. They easily could've implemented and or remedied the user aforementioned issues and concerns. EDIT - I will continue working on my Achtung Panzer mod because I said I would.
  7. No, it didn't effect the story. It was a scripted set-piece. You might wanna re-read my initial post for your edification. Whether you participated in the mass murder of civilians or not had zero impact upon the story, the result was the same. They could've implemented the entire concept via a cutscene or substantive AAR prior to a mission, but instead chose to design an entire level solely as a marketing tool.
  8. I've been following the title since Wargamer picked up on it back in October of last year. I'm excited. What are your plans with regards to DLC? You have a base game and tech to build off of, so will you deliver scenarios/campaigns, assets, aircraft, ships and the like covering the war in the Pacific in its entirety, or will you instead piecemeal it out into individual releases?
  9. I remember it well. That said, the mission always felt tacked on in an attempt to garner attention and generate controversy more than anything else. It didn't move the story along nor did your action or inaction have an effect either way. History would beg to differ. It isn't crafted to destroy human nature it's a depiction of human nature, at our very core. Just take a look at what we've been doing to each other since the earliest recorded histories. Whether it is modern media via film, television, and video games or Epipaleolithic cave paintings depicting mass murder it matters not. It's who and what we are.
  10. If it is one thing the we need most it's a download section, especially given how much community content there is and at this point there's kinda no excuse for not having one. IL-2 might be niche but it's up there with DCS (own DL site) and Aerosoft (own DL site) with regards to content and popularity. There is no valid reason why we don't have an official DL section while the niche, niche, niche devs like Quality Wings, PMDG, FSLabs, JF, AR, and the like all host their own community content via their websites. So lets make this happen 1C/777, my GDrive account is filling up... Example:
  11. Outstanding work, Tomi! If I might make a suggestion though? You should add the zimmerit via the normal map and avoid painting it on the tex-map as it just doesn't look right. Also, remove the zim from the none AFV core components like the skids, track hubs/covers, turret and track shielding, etc as they stopped this process not long after implementing zimmerit. They eventually figured out that adding zim to a shield or track cover doesn't matter as it's protecting something that isn't integral to the vehicle itself. Love the Ms tracking shielding on the IV. EDIT - WIP examples using the normal map:
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