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  1. Gimmicky to the core. They run with the late-war Bodenplatte aircraft lineup which are amazing and a massive but highly lacking in-detail (entire cities and industry are missing) map where things aren't (Ruhr Valley, etc) present but should be. A map covered in low resolution textures and normal maps, horribly placed urban components, and 3D models that pop in place like some sort of FS2000 fan made auto-gen template. There are entire community regional maps, airports, and cities for FSX with a 5 meter terrain resolution that includes HD foliage that puts what these guys do to complete and utter shame, and that game is well over a decade old. The aircraft lineup for BoN are a massive step back from the late-war Bodenplatte lineup, and it feels rightly cheap. The marketing team on the other hand have done a great job of advertising the likes of the Ar-234, Mosquito, and Me-410, of which you can't get unless you preorder the Collectors Edition. Honestly, they should have gone this route to begin with and then transitioned in the BoBp expansion. For me, personally speaking, it feels like a giant gimmick to buy three vaunted planes and what will be a badly rendered map.
  2. I thought it might be interesting to play a wargame using third-party input where the posters here (that's you) provide the overall strategy, force usage, unit composition, political aspects, and overall decision making process with regards to Operation Barbarossa as played from the German perspective using Hearts of Iron 3 and the latest version of the BlackIce modification on Very Hard. The intention of this endeavor is to see what strategies you, the community, might come up with to counter Soviet offensive and defensive measures and then myself using your advice and commentary to enact said tactical and strategic actions. So plan accordingly. Could Barbarossa have succeeded? You tell me. Current State of the Reich: I more or less followed the historical outcomes. Others not so much. Utilizing political pressure and coups I managed to incorporate Finland and then Spain into the Axis powers. Yes, both of these aspects are fiction, but they work. The invasion of Yugoslavia as it was with regards to historical terms was mitigated via semi-autonomy.
  3. Odd, no issues whatsoever on my end. Guess I'm one of the lucky one's.
  4. That sounds absolutely awful.
  5. The only issue I've had is a crash after playing for six hours straight.
  6. The thumbnail looks like its some sort of spoof or comedy.
  7. Like who thought this was a good idea? The new UI is bulky, inefficient, bandwidth and CPU consuming and ultimately creates a more cluttered view. Pointless nonsense like "friends playing game X" Opening a popular game? Loads as much as a web browser, full of gifs, mods, news, ads, images, etc. And here's one thing web browsers are: inefficient and bloated compared to a purpose designed program. It's one thing if it's the steam store page, that doesn't need to be optimized much because you're there to browse potential purchases. When I want to a play a game, why do I need to be shown the most popular news stories about game XYZ? It's just another way to create more forced user engagements for product promotion, for people to buy and spend more at the cost of efficiency and logical UI design. Put simply, it's a net loss just like the friends/chat UI. Which now forces notifications to remain on screen and you can't click them away, can't be relocated to pop up in different areas, mic/audio/chat settings are fucked into a COMPLETELY SEPARATE SETTINGS MENU (Just like windows 10, which for even the modestly experienced user is an absolute clusterfuck of an inefficient bloated OS). Absolute garbage. It's much akin to the majority of mobile designs. Significantly less efficiently displayed information, and somehow straight up less efficient and consumes more resources in an attempt to prettify, causing more inefficiencies.
  8. I came across a profile and liked it so much that I produced a version for personal use and eventually posted to Hoggit following an MP match. I guess it was popular enough to render requests, at least a dozen or so via PM around here, so here ya go. So please, stop PMing me about it as I will no longer respond. As for the livery itself it was late-war, it was strange (as most are for that time), has an odd color pairing, and it was completely and utterly weird. But I like late-war weird. Because you get some absolutely crazy colors, markings, camo-types, patterns, DMK's, etcetera. Backstory: So W5 was "captured" (abandoned) by advancing British forces during the Münster LuftRB airfield assault in 1945. The K4 in question was in a state of complete disrepair when captured and it's entirely likely it never actually flew in any combat missions, even prior to the refit. In fact, the most likely outcome of events is that the airframe was ferried to the airfield in question and simply never flown. Who knows. You'll find the DL in the Götterdämmerung section.
  9. Some observations. 1) The enlisted American troops all have a modern and generic US Army patches on their shoulders. By generic I mean a patch that was never issued and is the kind typically seen on some Vietnam Vet's biker jacket. Would probably be better to have the units remain nondescript as opposed to have this on there. 2) The officer riding shotgun in the TC seat is decked out in his Class A Uniform like he just got a week of R&R in Paris instead of being clad in his service combat uniform. Not bugs, just like...odd...design decisions.
  10. An OPFOR player escorts my damaged bird to friendly lines. Never, ever, expected this. One of those weird and completely rare moments in MP gaming. https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/d82mqe/and_they_say_chivalry_is_dead/
  11. We take a lot of time out of our schedule to create these textures for the community, so a simple thanks is always welcome and highly appreciated. Thank you for the thanks. Speaking of user liveries, if you haven't checked out Tom's stuff then I'd highly suggest it. The custom weathering alone is nothing short of amazing as is his attention to detail.
  12. Nope, not reported. Fell free to run a few missions and post your results.
  13. I was gonna say if you find any issues let me know but I already found a few concerning the liveries. One of the A8's is incorrectly numbered and a G14 has a minor texture issue below the starboard beam/bar cross. If anyone comes across anything else let me know. Important Caveat: This is a non-mod related issue when using the Fw 190 D9's with time compression on. The AI has trouble flying them during certain mission types, specifically bomber and ground attack escort missions. The AI can and will lose control of the aircraft that results in unrecoverable spins and pancaking into the deck. I depleted my entire D9 stock not due to enemy action but because of the AI. Again, this is when using time compression. Either let the AI simulate those missions or fly them yourself in real-time the whole way.
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