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  1. I came across a profile and liked it so much that I produced a version for personal use and eventually posted to Hoggit following an MP match. I guess it was popular enough to render requests, at least a dozen or so via PM around here, so here ya go. So please, stop PMing me about it as I will no longer respond. As for the livery itself it was late-war, it was strange (as most are for that time), has an odd color pairing, and it was completely and utterly weird. But I like late-war weird. Because you get some absolutely crazy colors, markings, camo-types, patterns, DMK's, etcetera. Backstory: So W5 was "captured" (abandoned) by advancing British forces during the Münster LuftRB airfield assault in 1945. The K4 in question was in a state of complete disrepair when captured and it's entirely likely it never actually flew in any combat missions, even prior to the refit. In fact, the most likely outcome of events is that the airframe was ferried to the airfield in question and simply never flown. Who knows. You'll find the DL in the Götterdämmerung section.
  2. Some observations. 1) The enlisted American troops all have a modern and generic US Army patches on their shoulders. By generic I mean a patch that was never issued and is the kind typically seen on some Vietnam Vet's biker jacket. Would probably be better to have the units remain nondescript as opposed to have this on there. 2) The officer riding shotgun in the TC seat is decked out in his Class A Uniform like he just got a week of R&R in Paris instead of being clad in his service combat uniform. Not bugs, just like...odd...design decisions.
  3. An OPFOR player escorts my damaged bird to friendly lines. Never, ever, expected this. One of those weird and completely rare moments in MP gaming. https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/d82mqe/and_they_say_chivalry_is_dead/
  4. We take a lot of time out of our schedule to create these textures for the community, so a simple thanks is always welcome and highly appreciated. Thank you for the thanks. Speaking of user liveries, if you haven't checked out Tom's stuff then I'd highly suggest it. The custom weathering alone is nothing short of amazing as is his attention to detail.
  5. Nope, not reported. Fell free to run a few missions and post your results.
  6. I was gonna say if you find any issues let me know but I already found a few concerning the liveries. One of the A8's is incorrectly numbered and a G14 has a minor texture issue below the starboard beam/bar cross. If anyone comes across anything else let me know. Important Caveat: This is a non-mod related issue when using the Fw 190 D9's with time compression on. The AI has trouble flying them during certain mission types, specifically bomber and ground attack escort missions. The AI can and will lose control of the aircraft that results in unrecoverable spins and pancaking into the deck. I depleted my entire D9 stock not due to enemy action but because of the AI. Again, this is when using time compression. Either let the AI simulate those missions or fly them yourself in real-time the whole way.
  7. Links are fixed and updated. Sorry, again. Everything should be good to go now. Let me know if you come across any issues.
  8. Or perhaps Battle of Kubanplatte, I don't know, pick one.😁 Backstory: This started off as a personal project similar to the one I did here back in January, but I've decided to share if anyone wants to mess around with it. The crux of the project was for me to see the modding aspects with regards to file structure, components, liveries, units, etc. I did this because I'm working on a modification for Bodenplatte (Bodenplatte Realism Project) that will provide all of the units/squadrons with their actual liveries, accurate retextures of ground forces (infantry, armor, vehicles), various customization aspects, as well as custom squadron creation, which I've already implemented in an early-test version of the mod using Kuban as a basis. The Mod: The mod itself replaces the existing Kuban Luftwaffe squadron TO&E equipment with that of the Bodenplatte lineup. So, G4's are replaced by G14's, the G6's by K-4's and D9's, 190A5's by A8's and of course the 262 is tossed in for poops and giggles. I tried to keep the squadron aspects as close as possible to reality with regards to airframe usage, deployment theaters, and the JG's in question but units were spread all over the place towards the end that it proved rather difficult. Though I have to say that anything late-war wise with regards to Luftwaffe history is really sporadic. Units were often reinforced with aircraft the pilots had never flown, the symbology seemed to change on the fly and aircraft were often shifted from one AO to another at a whim. Absolute chaos. What's included: Historical/semi-historical squadrons. Dynamic Campaign compatible modification. Latency and deliverability facets that effect redeployment. 30+ custom and historical liveries for the squadrons in question. Screenshots: Liveries: DOWNLOAD
  9. I actually forgot again. 🤪 Managed to get everything into the correct folders and sub-folders but failed/forgot to provide the updated links. I'll get it done tomorrow. Apologies.
  10. DCS as a platform launched in late 2008-09, that's a decade.. plus. The same observations made then are being made now time and again, over and over and over, and little if anything has been done about addressing them. Continue to avoid my observations several posts back, points relayed and backed up by facts. They are facts after all while yours are just hearsay and personal opine. Continue to shove fallacies and your own opinions into any and all responses of yours in an attempt to avoid addressing them. It is what you're doing after-all, as blatantly evident to everyone. The above is by far my favorite, veiled, ad-hom, diversionary tactic. You say I've bought multiple modules and consider myself a victim. However, you have no knowledge as to my DCS purchases yet state them as fact. Typical avoidance tactic of an intellectually bankrupt nit (see, I can do ad-homs as well). But for your edification, the last DCS addon I bought was the Huey, a module launched back in 2013. I decided then and there not to float anymore money to ED until they fixed the glaring and haphazard issues associated with the platform. That was six years ago... Now, if you're ready to address the concerns of the vast majority of the community they're on the previous page (taken from Hoggit and ED posts), though something tells me you won't. You'll just tow the party line or engage in another diversionary tactic. Honestly, I have to admit, you're really good at it and its almost like you work for ED. Wait...do you?
  11. I don't assume anything. That's you're own bias seeing and associating biases. Yeah, a series of complaints or observations by a userbase clamoring for reform made almost a decade ago. Let that sink in for a moment, a friggin' decade, in which almost nothing has been done to address the rampant and glaring issues associated with the engine and to bring parity up to modern standards, let alone optimization. No you/we don't. This is what I don't understand. This nonchalant, uhh whatever, suck it up mentality when people talk about DCS. It's just so grossly negligent, abysmally lazy and is nothing but a free pass to ED to continue their time honored tradition of never, ever, addressing anything. Stop enabling them. No its not. New features are great and all, but introducing new features without fixing decade long issues is not only haphazard but moronical. All that tells me is that they're comfortable with the status-quo and will only add engine parity and optimization when enough people complain and or it becomes financially beneficial to do so. How long until that dead horse actually renders a result? Perhaps, maybe, another ten years? Ugh, sounds like an IGN or the myriad of other lackadaisical paid-for apology letters around the industry. You wouldn't post a positive review of a mediocre game from the likes of Ubisoft, EA, or Activision with regards to awful optimization, system use or anything else, so why does ED get a pass? They get said pass because they're the only game (Modern Combat FS) in town. ED has no incentive to fix anything because no-one can challenge them, period. Yeah, that's you placing yourself into a jetwash situation. Combat pilots specifically avoid those encounters when approaching a formation, APD'd, taking off, ect. My point stands.
  12. I just use the normal brushes and PS tools. The exception being for distressing markings and paint. No special brushes here. If you're looking for distressing brush sets then look here. Just make sure to use specific keywords (rust, grunge etc.) and you'll find what you need. DeviantArt has has a good selection.
  13. A singular visualized and physics based system? Yeah mate, it's cool and all but completely superfluous. How often are you as a player actually going to experience this unless you're intentionally going nose to ass on another bird or specifically placing yourself into a hazardous situation? Almost never. Love the ad-hom 'expert quip'. This isn't an improvement, its a completely new feature. New features are great and all, but if ED continues their time honored tradition of avoiding issues associated with their platform they'll just keep on keepin' on. It's kinda what they do. Shove things under the rug and, they're known for this. The mainstay with regards to ED/DCS is they have no competition. Therefore they have minimal motivation to fix or improve the innumerable issues regarding the engine, of which people have been pointing out for years and years and years. Hell, they just launched dedicated servers, an aspect the user-base has been clamoring for since day one. It only took a decade to get that going... I love DCS. But I'm sure as hell not going to lay down and suckle at the ED teat just because I love it. DCS has a lot of issues with regards to the platform, few of which have ever been addressed or tackled, and without pointing them out or addressing them the developers will continue to do the bare-minimum when it comes to investing in engine optimization and feature parity now seen with the likes of indie titles.
  14. Ugh... another interesting but completely unwarranted feature in the grand-scheme of things that need updating. "Eventually", the DCS mantra. Eventually you'll get multi-crew for the Huey (6 years later...). Eventually you'll get a decent weather engine. Eventually they'll fix the awful damage modeling across the board. Eventually they'll update the engine and move away from its current, awful, horrendous single thread use. Eventually they'll fix the netcode, scaling, atrocious spotting, dumb AI, the list goes on.
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