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  1. There is a black swan event right around the corner that'll kick off a global credit default, mass unemployment (already occurring), a global currency zeroing, and we're already seeing the beginnings of hyperinflation. Granted, the virus is killing people, a lot of people. The concerns are that the economic repercussions of it will kill 13x as many people if the global economy poops the bed. That said, I'm glad to hear you're stable. I have too many friends that have lost their jobs and are on the verge of loosing their homes because of it. I hear the renter/apartment debacle in NYC could put 1-3 million out on the streets. Talk about a crisis.
  2. I didn't realize TC had its own mod sub forum.
  3. So you're not seeing this screen after enabling the mod?
  4. I feel ya. I do contract work in the game industry and graphic design in advertising, typically for the airline industry (<-- implosion) so nothing is happening on that end. I'm hoping you have enough liquidity and or took steps to ensure it. I saw this coming over a month ago and prepped for it. A lot of my friends however, they'll likely loose their homes along with their jobs, and its only going to get worse. Do you have a website? I might know some people that could put some cash in your pockets.
  5. @ Everyone Like I previously stated, if you come across any errors let me know. You can pull the AFV textures out and use those by dropping them into the correct skins folder. However, you might have to rename them (eg. pzvd_322&1#1 to pzvd_test&1#1 etc). As for everything else, no. Anything that replaces an existing... thing... requires mods to be on as its overwriting/replacing the existing files and or file structure. EDIT - If you want, and if anyone else wants, I could make the camo schemes available as a separate download should you not want to use the mod?
  6. This mod aims to bring a bit of historical realism and some immersion aspects to Tank Crew by adding alternate field camouflage patterns, unit descriptions, historical uniforms, dirty AFV's, grimy/muddy tracks, and some minor additions to the Tiger and Panther internals. It should be noted that the mod is still a WIP and missing the RKKA (Soviet) uniforms, vehicle textures and their associated assets as well as some normal and alpha maps that haven't been updated. These will be added down the line. I simply thought it best to release it as is following so many delays. CURRENT FEATURES Depicting Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev or the Belgorod-Kharkov Offensive. New Uniforms: Heer - Großdeutschland Panzer Wrap. Waffen SS - Das Reich P43 Panzer Wrap. Waffen SS - Das Reich Panzer Wrap (inc. by default). Vanilla wool gloves replaced by the issued leather variant. Armored Fighting Vehicles: Two new Tiger camo patterns for Das Reich (N.S23, N.S24). Three new Panther camo patterns for Großdeutschland (N.322, N.231) including one winter variant. Dirty Vehicles and Tracks: Tiger and Panther have increased wear, dirt, and grime. All TC vehicle tracks have been updated to make them appear muddy (inc. new normal maps). Additional or Minor Features: Tiger and Panther internal graffiti. New vehicle previews that depict the camo pattern selected. New or updated vehicle historical backgrounds further detailing their deployment and AO. Screenshots: CONTRIBUTORS Russian Translation @Lofte Spanish Translation @E69_julian57 Installation: Drop into your mod folder and enable via a mod manager of your choice. To install either the P43 or the Großdeutschland Panzer Wraps, open the zip file of the uniform you want and drag the data folder into the Achtung Panzer! mod folder, overwrite when prompted. The W-SS Das Reich Panzer Wrap Backup.zip is what it says, a backup. This uniform is already included in the mod itself and is provided should you fail to backup the original uniform. Please report any issues encountered be they bugs, texture problems, etc. DOWNLOAD
  7. I thoroughly enjoy these write-ups, Blade. In reading them I feel like I'm viewing some sort of MIL AAR coupled with personal pilot experiences.
  8. You're both correct, I meant Zug, my bad. Apologies, I was copy pasting from an old version/doc of an existing description template. Translations for both should be Platoon.
  9. Thanks mate! Stab is like platoon, so Stab 2 is 2nd Platoon, Stab 3 is 3rd Platoon ect. Might as well supplement those (# Platoon) for Stab in the Russian translation. EDIT - 2.A is the unit designator for the 2nd platoon, A section of that Panzerjäger or tank destroyer unit. So that designation can be removed and replaced with Heavy Tank Destroyer Company.
  10. As amazing as this is, and it is... @AEthelraedUnraed Is anyone else monumentally perturbed by the fact that the actual, no s#&t, top-flite developers of this series haven't done this themselves? I mean like Jesus F&#ing Christ, that's just sad. The IL-2 series as it progresses is increasingly becoming one devoid immersion and has instead devolved into a paint-by-numbers campaign and MP experience. Thank you for this, mate. If I had a trophy to award I'd present it. But I don't, so I'll drink a Leffe and Spatan in your name and donate to your Patreon. If you have one?
  11. Wonder if it will turn out to be a brazed joint and blow valve icing, as is the most prevalent theory. Probably. However, it's more likely that the entire disaster was the fault of the engineering team at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Can't give a MIL contractor a black-eye after all...
  12. The mod is done. Save for these unit descriptions. @E69_julian57 Could you also translate the above into Spanish in that order (top to bottom)? @Tomi_099 Yep. Just open the Tiger template and turn the wireframe on. I've never seen so many inconsistent tri's, verts, and poly's in my life. EDIT - Any native German speakers I need the same. Thank you.
  13. This one is included in the upcoming Achtung Panzer mod.
  14. Greatly appreciated. I have some stuff to add to the T-34 down the line after release but for now I need four descriptions translated in Russian.
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