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  1. Mod WIP. Let me know if you decide to venture into RD:Online. I'm having an absolute blast with the new stories, players, and posses. I've never had this much fun in a online game, ever.
  2. If you're part of the insider plan then you know what to expect with regards to system demands and requirements via the IPD demo. Let me just say that they're hefty, but not nearly as hefty as any website would lead you to believe. Is it the most visually stunning FS I've ever seen? Yes. Does it decimate XP and P3D with regards to realism, physics, and visuals. Yes. Does it require a Cray Computer to run? No. Not in the least. However, it does require an almost unlimited bandwidth given how it streams the terrain, iso, and mesh components. Now, this might have seemed like a good idea on paper, but in practice today, at least in the realm of ISP's that purposely depreciate (slow/halt) bandwidth for the sole purpose of enticing people to buy more, this is a major obstacle. More so now in the US with the demise of Net-Neutrality. There is an offline mode but it simply isn't worth it given the game renders. So, beefy supercomputer not so much an issue. Fios more so.
  3. You must have gotten this on sale? It's been ages since I've seen KCD screens. I take it you've seen the modding tools have been released... 🤤 Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts pre-Alpha
  4. It doesn't matter. I mean you can run number games all you want, but no wargame or sim has ever matched the likes of Graviteam. Truth be told, German AFV's actually got worse as the war progressed. And this doesn't take into account the horrid reliability factors associated with the mid-war and even late-war vehicles. The Reich tended to push bigger and bigger things for the sole expose' of Hitler's diatribe, a cunty sense of self-importance and overtly condescending diatribe. The downfall of the German AFV industry wasn't in anyone's flair, but the simple fact that the vehicles were too complex, that they contained many advanced systems, range-finding equipment, compartments, and were difficult to staff. Beyond that however, Germany had lost it's Tank fight long before this. The rare materials much needed to produce these vehicles had long since past or disappeared (NOR). The Reich had since supplemented many metals with far less superior ITM's in an attempt to out-produce the Allies and COMIntern. By 1944 and 1945, tanks and AFV's often rolled off the industrial line where the ballistic armor often cracked just by driving down the street to staging areas. My point here, as always via a fan, is how do you even remotely attempt to do model or simulate these aspects.
  5. Just a simple screen for our upcoming campaign and mod. As much as I'm looking forward to the complete HALO experience on PC, Infinite looks like a masterpiece.
  6. Long belated and all, but here is a WIP version of the P43-44A/revision 3, Das Reich early Panzer Wrap as seen and issued to units as early as Kursk. Still very much as work in progress. The normal and alpha maps still have to be created, but it's a start.
  7. Thank you so much for this! I was so lost.
  8. The Steel Wolves mod was recently released for the Steam version.
  9. Gimmicky to the core. They run with the late-war Bodenplatte aircraft lineup which are amazing and a massive but highly lacking in-detail (entire cities and industry are missing) map where things aren't (Ruhr Valley, etc) present but should be. A map covered in low resolution textures and normal maps, horribly placed urban components, and 3D models that pop in place like some sort of FS2000 fan made auto-gen template. There are entire community regional maps, airports, and cities for FSX with a 5 meter terrain resolution that includes HD foliage that puts what these guys do to complete and utter shame, and that game is well over a decade old. The aircraft lineup for BoN are a massive step back from the late-war Bodenplatte lineup, and it feels rightly cheap. The marketing team on the other hand have done a great job of advertising the likes of the Ar-234, Mosquito, and Me-410, of which you can't get unless you preorder the Collectors Edition. Honestly, they should have gone this route to begin with and then transitioned in the BoBp expansion. For me, personally speaking, it feels like a giant gimmick to buy three vaunted planes and what will be a badly rendered map.
  10. I thought it might be interesting to play a wargame using third-party input where the posters here (that's you) provide the overall strategy, force usage, unit composition, political aspects, and overall decision making process with regards to Operation Barbarossa as played from the German perspective using Hearts of Iron 3 and the latest version of the BlackIce modification on Very Hard. The intention of this endeavor is to see what strategies you, the community, might come up with to counter Soviet offensive and defensive measures and then myself using your advice and commentary to enact said tactical and strategic actions. So plan accordingly. Could Barbarossa have succeeded? You tell me. Current State of the Reich: I more or less followed the historical outcomes. Others not so much. Utilizing political pressure and coups I managed to incorporate Finland and then Spain into the Axis powers. Yes, both of these aspects are fiction, but they work. The invasion of Yugoslavia as it was with regards to historical terms was mitigated via semi-autonomy.
  11. Odd, no issues whatsoever on my end. Guess I'm one of the lucky one's.
  12. That sounds absolutely awful.
  13. The only issue I've had is a crash after playing for six hours straight.
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