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  1. KG 51 added. First and foremost I'd like to thank @sevenless who's aid, feedback, testing, and in-depth historical knowledge propelled this project forward and without whom it'd have never been completed. So a round of applause or upvote when you get the chance. Secondly, this will be the last update for quite some time. The economic situation in the US and around the world is fairly perilous and my typical income norms of CTR GFX design for aviation and airlines has pooped the bed, obviously. The industry is done. Even the odd game CT from the likes of Ubi and EA has dried up and I've dipped into my savings to the tune of 300K just to keep my bills at bay. The only option available to me is to go back into contracting, something I told myself I'd never do again. So I'm headed to Africa. Specifically Kenya and ops into Mali. This contract is specified at 45 days for an extension of 80, so if I miss a check in please report this page to the moderators so they can admin as needed. Cheers and take care!
  2. I thought the AoA indicator was off or the sim was bugged when I noticed that the horizon had disappeared and all I could see was the sky. Icing is nuts in this.
  3. I think I have an icing problem... This is amazing.
  4. Other than crashing on a fairly regular basis for me its an amazing accomplishment. The flight models are actually intricate, the systems modeling is well above anything offered by FSX, P3D, and XP on their default aircraft, and it really is stunning to look at. It is however fraught with a lot of bugs, both render wise and systemic, and has issues associated with the data streaming component, though patching will clear most of this stuff up. This is the first time I've ever flown GA birds in a sim as I've always typically stuck to my airliner addons. Now that GA is actually rewarding, does anyone have any tuts with regards to managing the AP/FD systems on the turboprops? I'm lost in the sauce and have no idea where to begin... 😁 Same issues. Also, the GUI itself is a combination of good, obtuse/unintuitive, and downright awful. There are aspects of it that reek of something designed for a console controller via sticks and triggers. It really stands out in some places.
  5. Heads up. I've removed the 262 liveries as I felt they're just not up to par and are in many ways substandard, though feel free to keep them if you wish. The 262's will return with the release of @sevenless 3./KG 51 request.
  6. Thank @sevenless for the new livery series.
  7. JG 27 added. Let me know if you come across any reference material for them.
  8. Isn't the CLoD engine a heavily modified version (though considered separate) of the previous iteration used in 1946? Hell, it has repeat code variations throughout it from older versions as seen in 1946. The same delimited parsing is present in a whole slew of file sets and configs. Could easily be wrong though. As much as I enjoy CLoD, it's just too old to devote any sort of monetary investment in. The tech limitations are evident in just looking at what it is and isn't capable of like enhanced terrain, weather, tex-res, the renders, etc. Task Force Admiral for example is a game that simulates hundreds upon hundreds of assets simultaneously while featuring complex FM's and DM's for the aircraft portrayed, and its an RTS... These engines have existed for quite some time. The issue for IL-2 isn't that an engine doesn't exist to fit the platform, they most certainly do (Outerra, UNIGINE, IBeX, etc). The primary issue remains that a great many indies studios are in similar circumstances. That being that they're comfortable in the dev-suite they're using and will avoid changing at all costs. Why? Well because it costs lots and lots of money to shift from one engine to another and to retrain the entire dev-staff in said software development kits. Not such a big deal with regards to EA or Ubisoft with almost bottomless pockets, but 1C and 777 it is.
  9. Just me and the boys runnin' some more COOP.
  10. Someone asked for these ages and ages ago, I simply forgot. I did several fictional versions on several early aircraft by request for someone, though the name escapes me, sorry. So I've decided to turn them into a new project for the birds in question on the actual airframe in which they belong. JG 27's late, late war schemes WIP. It still doesn't look right though. At all. Both fail to convey the facial features of a black pilot and it still looks like a white guy in blackface. I understand the barriers and all with regards to the pilot models, but I'd rather not even attempt it than have it look so out of place that it isn't even worth considering. It might be niche within niche, but I'm hopeful we'll get a proper Tuskegee pilot model somewhere down the line as I'd really like to fly as the Red Tails. I've always wondered who did all of these amazing profiles I see scattered throughout the internet. Now I know. EDIT - @sevenless your 262's are next on the docket.
  11. Orbx is dropping day one and post-release content. London City. London 3D objects pack. Innsbruck! One of my favorites from P3D. And many others - https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/198113-first-products-announced-for-microsoft-flight-simulator/#
  12. UNIGINE is absolutely amazing, especially now that it has a fully implemented sim SDK and is already in use as a commercial flight simulation training system.
  13. This. all of this. Ya know, I remember when the community was begging for dedicated servers and then ED implemented them. It took nearly a decade to do it, but they did it... 🙄 BoX's terrain might look dated and it might have some questionable performance data for some of the aircraft but if offers what amounts to an unparalleled and well-rounded experience in SP and MP alike with dynamic campaigns, great FM's, tons of user content, modability, and a dev team that actually listens and continually improves their products in a timely manner. So I most certainly agree, lets leave the ED business model to ED. This engine limitation is whats really holding the series back and its a big one. The fact that older games like CLoD can simulate hundreds of AI aircraft together with a hundred plus players is quite telling with regards to how the Digital Nature Engine is utterly lacking. That said, I don't know if this barrier can be broken with the current tech they're using.
  14. If you previously downloaded the JG 300 pack then you need to remove it. The JG 300 zip I uploaded here was the wrong version, the really wrong version. Attempting to copy over this update will not work as the naming nomenclature has changed. It's not your fault @Hien-0_1*. Much like the other 30+ million other Americans I'm in the process of running out of money and facing destitution. I simply took my frustrations out on you. Sorry, mate.
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