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  1. The first patch is almost done. Will hopefully have it submitted by tomorrow. @[Pb]Cybermat47 I'm going to redo the camo patterns for the WitW as I'm just not satisfied. I understand that they're low-res ground vehicles and all, but none of them are quite right in my eyes. Is what you have now satisfactory, or would you prefer a separate download once the revamped textures are released?
  2. 4K versions available here for download. https://www.deviantart.com/detcord12b/art/51-s-over-the-Reich-867980148 https://www.deviantart.com/detcord12b/art/Intercept-867980513
  3. Yeah, this is on you and the devs with regards to livery and stores selection. The current GUI is easy to get lost or mixed up in when having more than six or so aircraft in a single mission. IMHO, the GUI needs a revamp where instead of selecting an individual aircraft one after another, after another, after another, after another, etc etc etc and making changes as it tends to lead to confusion and loss of place. I can't tell you how many times I've selected a livery and stores for a Sqn mission that's 5 or 6 aircraft only to have missed one or two or more, or assigned the same texture and alternate stores to the wrong aircraft. The GUI is a mess here. Instead of doing it individually per aircraft, it should open a new window representing all of the birds assigned to that mission. You could then copy/paste loadouts, fuel, liveries, or make individual changes as you see fit. It also needs a visual or text representation of what livery is currently selected for said aircraft. It'll never happen. But one can hope... This isn't meant to be used with any other campaign, period. If you plan on going back to an earlier iteration like BoK or BoS then it isn't relevant anyway as consolidated camo patterns weren't adopted at that time anyway. However, if you just have to have it (old version), then you'll find it here -
  4. @Jason_Williams @Lemsip Now I'd like to point out that this issue occurs when using any external view, not just the Free Camera as previously blamed as the culprit. So, this isn't just limited to said view. Jason wants people to make high quality videos of his product. It's kinda hard to do that when aircraft in flight appear to lag and stutter around the battlespace like popcorn kernels in the microwave. This really needs to be addressed, if it even can be.
  5. @bad_grant I actually forgot about this thread, sorry. Photoshop professional here so I'll try and guide you through the process. Are you sure you installed it correctly? The Save As file type will be DDS - Nvidia Texture Tools Exporter. It's also paramount that CC is installed on your core drive (same as Windows) as it can prevent a lot of compat problems. If not, hard reset time. Go to Add Remove Programs and Uninstall Nvidia Textures Tools Exporter. Open Photoshop, Preferences - General, and select both Reset All Warning Dialogues and Reset Preferences on Quit and close PS. Open Creative Cloud, under installed apps for Photoshop select the three dots icon (right of Open) on the installed section. Select other versions and ensure you're running the latest version (22.11). If you are proceed below. Open C:\Users\YOUR NAME\App Data\Local\Temp and delete the contents of this folder. It contains CC logs, prefs, ASD's, WinLogs and various files you don't need. Select skip for any files it states can't be deleted. Deleting the contents of this folder is perfectly safe. CC has severe optimization issues and dumps gigs of unnecessary files in there, so it's a good idea to clear it out a few times a month anyway. Next. Conduct a system restart for poops and giggles. Download and install the new Nvidia Dev Suite. Make sure the it's pathed to the correct Dir as you seem to be experiencing issues here. Once installed open PS, select File > New, and create a blank document of your choice and attempt to save the doc as a DDS file (DDS - Nvidia Texture Tools Exporter). EDIT - CS6 Extended? Just noticed your comment and it's probably your issue. It's antiquated and substandard to the current build of CC PS and has issues in Win10 native. That means that the plugins aren't going to work. So, this is all on you, mate. Upgrade or die.
  6. 1. I successfully added new squadrons without editing the existing ones. However, a few rendered errors (CTD's/campaign generation failure) given that they're already in the games SDB, so some worked and others didn't. I plan on going back at a later date post-beta and taking a concerted look at them as individualized assets. As for other mods, I'm not going out of my way to make this one compatible with the myriad of other mods out there. That's just a ludicrous undertaking. 2. My purpose was to overwrite the existing ones in keeping with the included liveries and the squadrons they represent on the battlefield. @Missionbug Did you figure it out? Cheers and a big thank you, mate. Greatly appreciated. Considering that everyone isn't experiencing this problem it must be on your end. My suggestion would be to disable the mod, run IL-2, exit IL-2, then enable WitW only. @Blitzen I answered you question a page back - https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/68586-mod-war-in-the-west/?do=findComment&comment=1046759
  7. You need to start the career mode as the squadron commander in order to be able to assign liveries and allocate stores to your aircraft. It's been this way since Kuban, mate.
  8. That's stellar @HappyHaddock. Love it. Anything else? @raaaid I've delisted/hidden/added you to my ignore list, yet you pop up. Your posts read like someone found on the streets, a habitual user of crack-cocaine or methamphetamine, someone mentally ill and or burned out via habitual drug usage. So, you go your way and I'll go mine. Just avoid my topics, leave them alone. I have neither the tolerance nor the patience to deal with your incoherent rants, spurious injections, and or more attempts to hijack as many threads as you can. Seek mental health. This isn't a statement nor is it a question, if you reply, I will contact the site admins in an attempt to rectify this situation.
  9. Yep, no worries. if you're using No. 88 Squadron make sure to download the No. 88 liveries found in the addons section. Still hoping to fully engage to community, so provide feedback, ratings, motivation wherever you can.
  10. DCS is just visually stunning, not doubt.
  11. I'll wait and see what Rap has to say. I kinda put the ball in his court with regards to the USAAF content.
  12. Are you using the new Nvidia Developer Tools as provided on their site?
  13. Everyone, I've added No. 88 Squadron liveries to the Addon Squadrons tab. Follow the instructions provided. I created all of the Luftwaffe and USAAF (P-47) aircraft textures and @Raptorattacker created the RAF liveries for the Spitfire and Tempest, as well as being a member of the mod team. Still, it's your content and I wasn't going to use anything without explicit permission. That's just common courtesy as well as being within the realm of IP/Creative Commons. However, seeing as how this is still considered official 1C content I'll have to wait to see if Jason will allow it and whether or not Raptor wants to do his own P-38 liveries. That'll be up to him. I still greatly appreciate you chiming in and giving your nod. Cheers mate.
  14. I use Hitfilm Pro as it's absolutely chocked full of features but Adobe Premier is the better product stability wise.
  15. If you're still having issues after all of the hoop jumping just shoot me a PM.
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