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  1. A mate and I are working on a multiplayer game and I would like to be able to tie score into the game nicely. I do believe there is a way to adjust how players get scored for their sorties but I have no idea how to do that. Also, I would like to know if it's possible to tie points to objectives or a way to issue more points for destroying specific units.
  2. I am working on my own original game mode for multiplayer. I know most people would just use deathmatch but what do the other game types actually do?
  3. I guess the surface edit tab must be off limits for now. hope they will give us a little more to work with in the future. I feel like smaller things like roads and pathways would be really nice. Thanks anyway
  4. This is super useful, I'll add this to my notes. thanks a bunch
  5. Im trying to find ou how I could add things like dirt roads or a lager part of tarmac for planes to park on. I am also trying to find out how to add things such as ground based tracers and smoke to give more of an effect of a harsh battle going on below. messing with the surface menu I can find textures for a gravel road and at some airfield they have parts of tarmac that I can move but I don’t know how to add a new one. If I try to add a new detail( I think that’s what it’s called) it only places snow. Can anyone help out, please
  6. I can try running a test when I get back to my computer since I have 2 but I have no idea why 2 have appeared for sure.
  7. I had only created one inside IL-2, but I assume Dserver uses those same settings. yes, only the host is required to do this. I think if you have multiple PCs connected to the same network or possibly if you created a statc IP this can happen but I haven’t tested that. In my case the first IP was the wrong one which is why I made that assumption, but hopefully someone can confirm.
  8. IT WORKED!!!!! I FOUND THE FIX!!!! If connecting players are getting kicked back to the selection screen, without an error message and the mission is not the issue, you need to do the following: in game go to Options/multiplayer. you will see "available IP" and "Use IP" If you have 2 IPs under "available IPs" you MUST click under "use IP" and manually type the correct IP you are on. The blank for it is transparent so just click beneath it and start typing. My guess is that the game will just use the first IP that it has on the list, which might be the wrong one. let everyone know and put this FIX in any forum that doesn't have it. You should probably add this Fix to the manual. this will save a lot of headache.
  9. OK! I tried something within the game. so, let's try again. once again I have started up the server under dogfight/ haunterhero I also want to ask for anyone who has your own server working: from the options menu/multiplayer: Do you have an ip under "use IP" or is that blank? also, how many IP addresses are available under "available IP"?
  10. thanks, back to the the investigation, I have pretty much ruled out port forwarding as the problem. ill have to try something else😢
  11. can someone try joining my server when you get a chance to see if can join please it's under dogfight. just look for my name "Haunterhero"
  12. so they can't lift the ban? that's ridicules obviously mistakes like this will happen so why start issuing bans like that, especially with such a small community to start with. in the mission editor you can just make friendly fire damage reflected so IDK why they would allow this kind of sensitive auto banning. I messaged an admin too and I never got a reply. Thanks for trying anyway, I appreciate it.
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