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  1. So you have to look after them without warning messages, so to say at their probable approach lines !
  2. 1) So many of the Allies' side pilots in this Forum want to change the "unbalanced" game by reducing Me262 via vulching their AF. So what's the problem with vulching? 2) I experienced JG4_Ammi's methods and he isn't vulching. Neither did he make his kills mostly in a Me262 but rather in a D9! 3) If you were a decent pilot, you'd make height before you head for the target. As many didn't, they fell pray to Ammi. 4) To win it is better to shoot down the bombers BEFORE they reach and bomb the target, not after they completed the task. 5) "Someone who won't fight", as you say, is someone, who is smart enough, to choose HIS CONDITIONS of the encounter rather than those of his opponents. I call this clever, but feel free to continue as a stupid player. The clever pilots survive, the dumb die. (Unfortunately I fall also into the second cathegory.) As an allied turnfighter, you know that on low altitude you have the advantage. So why should LW then go low and accept your terms of the fight? By the way: I saw a lot of P51s and Tempests strolling around at 8-10k!
  3. READ! Kathon said three posts above, it will start this WE
  4. Keep in mind: You will get killed more easily in a tank and thus end your career.
  5. C´mon, this is a game, that should make fun, not a historical weather report
  6. Is there a special TAW-program to piss off all, who want to fly Germans or Level Bombers by giving every map an "overcast" (russian turnfighter-) weather? We had it Wednesday three times in a row.
  7. Whats wrong with not flying red??? I think you just have an attraction problem with red, therefore few like to fly them.
  8. I will ONLY fly supply runs, that saves my life! Ground attackers will die out at least when they have flown their first six missions! And adding to that: this slot reduction is the end for flying as a squad. Therefore the talking about "coordination is a must" for surviving is bullshit, because TAW prevents squads to fly together in formation. This effect was noticable already in the last campaign. We will only have Hartmanns flying solo at 7k and above over own territory!
  9. 😩 In June holiday season starts, so lot of us will be off
  10. Only a second later the Yak 7b spawned in from nowhere! Guess with what outcome!
  11. Either Spoutpout is cheating or the game is bugged: he appeared first in 20m distance at my dead six and shot me down instantly. Videoproof: he was not visible before. 2nd flight shortly afterwards the same with shyrik. spawned in in 30m distance. what´s wrong with this game???
  12. Brief description: Commands by sqadron leader missing Detailed description, conditions: I t would be fine to have more possibilities to influence the Ai-mates by differentiated commands, like "attack bombers", "attack fighters", "attack AAA", etc.
  13. Got knights cross after 100 air victories but didn´t get iron cross 1st class ahead of knights cross.
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