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  1. Ahhh, and as we patiently await for MS Flight Simulator 2020 to "minimally" grace our SDD/M2 drive space as well!!!... that is an entirely new thread topic! o7
  2. Indeed, its pure speculation on my part, but with the set of islands noted as included in the map, all are key areas associated with WWII action during that part of the War. Additionally given its islands/Pacific arena, it must be Naval-based aviation, and it seems logical that this map may be a springboard to WWII naval aviation as well as modern?!
  3. DCS announced upcoming release of new free Mariana Islands Map! Will this set DCS as frontrunner for WWII carrier operations in high fidelity VR experiences?! I am very much looking forward to seeing where this goes, and perhaps it may bump IL2 efforts to see which development studio makes first offerings of WWII carrier based scenarios...unseen since IL2 Pacific Fighters/1946! Link to the Announcement
  4. I am running Win 10 v1909, i5-7600 OC 4.6ghz, 16gb ram, GTX 1080ti 441.66 I actually figured out the root cause. I was running reshade (latest version, and specifically, the dxgi.dll causes crash when attempting to load the Map on Battle Intro screen. Any other display experience, reshade works with no issue (training, tracks, etc..), but once you try a mission which includes the Battle Intro display and the interactive map, CoDB crashes to desktop. Thus in summary, only use reshade for flows which do not include the Battle Map screen.
  5. Bitz missions will not run... crashes out when just prior to entering pit. Note, trk files will run with no issues, and the training missions work. Quick, mission, campaign, etc.. all fail when moving to enter pit. From event viewer: Launcher64.exe 5daf3a40 ucrtbase.dll 10.0.18362.387 4361b720 c0000409 000000000006db8e 2a88 01d5b4ff6eed9ad9 D:\Games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz\Launcher64.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\ucrtbase.dll 896c4a60-080a-4078-98ee-c9f50d06afd3
  6. WindWpn


    4.56 - are release notes available?
  7. I tried IL2 in Pimax 5k+ last night. My biggest finding was at merge with enemy aircraft, they would become "double vision" at merge, and then it would clear shortly after. Perhaps its FPS and refresh rate. Note, i did down tune my Pimax to 72 refresh due to minor yet noticeable horizontal screen tear in the right panel. Dropping from 90 to 72 in PiTool fixed it, but at likely some costs... Anyone know if way to fix the "double vision" of merging aircraft...or have seen it?
  8. Saw VoiceAttack mentioned in this thread. Literally, BEST $10 software to complement VR as u can do many things by voice commands only such as pulling up Map or issuing commands to wingmen, ATC, etc... Anyone know of a good VA vap for IL2? I started one, but if one is already out there for default keybinds, that would be killer! Anyone flying DCS, there is an excellent VAP/plugin (VIACOM) that is quite well done. Brought me back to DCS as a sole VR flyer.
  9. Does PWCG run with Java 9? Recently upgraded and receive prompt "This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.7.0 - 2.0.0." Thus unsure if PWCG is simply not finding java on the box, or it will not work on java v9? Note, via cmd, java is recogonized on the box via: java -version thoughts? thx, wind
  10. Though, is not that PW the same which is used to access your IL2 Store account? Plus its a 101 level issue. Who in app dev when using PWs does not at minimum hash encrypt especially when tied to an e-commerce component?? Plus dude, your computer is connected to the Internet right?.... anything on it is detectable and searchable via any number of methods. Again 101 level stuff here and should be quite a low LOE to implement.
  11. Yikes!, a recommended/prioritized update for an upcoming patch should be encryption of the PW value included in the startup.cfg file. Currently the value is saved in the file as plain text. When starting up IL2, the prompt to enter your account password, and choice to "remember" it appears to store it unencrypted/plain text in the startup.cfg file. This should be updated to store the PW as an encrypted hash string. Given the PW ties to user's IL2 store account, it should be a high priority. Otherwise though, great game!
  12. I too am new to BOS (picked up on latest sale) and spent last night in it. Recently upgraded PC to current hardware specs including 1080ti and with three screens and max graphics it looks/runs great! Only challenges now is getting my x52Pro properly set up for all the required keybinds. If anyone has a recommended pre-confgured madcatz profile that fits the BOS default keyboard binds, please post! One other thought, though I guess its simply how it is designed, no clickable cockpit. CLOD has it, thus thought it was here too, but no worries. As others noted, its more of a step up/modern version of 1946 with updated graphics/experience. Though note, is the AI very good in BOS? I flew first campaign mission (intercept) and simply followed flight. AI seemed to find enemy ok, and I joined fight, but when ended, AI simply flew in rodeo circle over "action area" and we never zeroed in on primary target. Is BOS more tailored for online play relative to smart/challenging AI? That is one nice thing on latest/modded 1946, it has very good AI for offline play.
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