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  1. Somebody call xJammer please, he's got a job again... lol + this idea for 1 death per mission. Then time will say if it's good or not. At least 2hrs break is enough to keep exploiters away for a while.
  2. Are you talking about me whining? Careful, sounds like insult...
  3. And your point? My point is it doesn't make sense to play if you face superior number of players from the other team especially if some of them are known as chute killers. If you fight and got shot down, you will be killed either while hanging on a chute or sitting on a ground. They will just kill you knowing that nothing can interfere by doing it. With 3 lives + -300points + lost of plane... no thanks.
  4. Completely different topic my friend, don't even start... lol
  5. Then next logical step would be to allow pilots to extend free fall till they are close to the ground then activate the chute (i.e. your wing is ripped off @5km so you are gonna hang on your chute for like 2mins or so, good luck with that): https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attacks_on_parachutists >>> Hofmann gave this advice to his pilots: If you ever have to bail out, remember that the Americans are known to shoot us in our parachutes. Therefore, free-fall to about 200 meters; only that way can you be sure of survival. I have seen one of my best friends torn to bits by enemy cannon fire while still hanging in his chute. <<< I guess it's kind of complicated to implement. Still thinking that decreasing the escape time is the best option in current setup to make most of people happy. Still possible though for some players to watch out for bailing pilots at some distance and immediately attack them once they are on a chute or ditched.
  6. So it leads me to the conclusion that the TAW admins set up 15sec exactly for giving some pilots the option to kill parachutists to enhance the immersion))) On the other side it might be a reason why players against superior numbers from the other side decide to break off and not fight thus contributing to further unbalance of the server.
  7. For 1st, that's between him and you, I don't want to intervene, I just said what I understood from his post. For 2nd... whether there is connection between the behavior in real life and in game. Hard to say, that's a question to scientists) Some say there is. But I am always on the side of those who don't shoot chutes. I am done with this topic, kind of tired going back to it again and again.
  8. I believe what he meant was shooting chutes wasn't a common practice but rather rare events and no one actually supported such behavior while in TAW you see many followers who say it's normal and there is nothing wrong with it. First they say about immersion and getting as much realism as possible (plane set, etc.) then they say not to mix the game with the real life. So why to bother with realism when it suits you, and forget about it when it doesn't. Anyway, this is a question to TAW admins... Some people have already asked to decrease the timer from 15sec to 5-10sec. I think it would solve all this issue with killing chutes and also make it more risky to try it in case if someone really feel the need for it. But I don't recall they have ever replied to this suggestion with their point of view. I noticed if they want to do it, it takes about 10-12sec for it so decreasing the timer to 5-8sec should sort out most of the cases.
  9. For what it's worse... You completely missed the point, this is the server that manifests the realism and immersion. Once again people here talks about the moral aspect of chute killers... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attacks_on_parachutists <<< Attacking parachutists from aircraft in distress is a war crime under the Protocol I addition to the 1949 Geneva Conventions. Firing on airborne forces who are descending by parachute is not prohibited.[1] and more... Still, both German and American pilots did shoot enemy airmen in their parachutes, albeit infrequently. >>> So if you ask if it's allowed on the server, then the answer is yes. But proud pilots would never do this, that's the idea of this conversation. And it's important to say pilots like Adolf Galland never respected chute killers nor followed this shit practice. It's just the reality, rotten pilots were in all sides. I guess we talk about it too much, you are right. But some people feel they need to name those who feel fun shooting other pilots while on chute or ditched, that's the main point. Personally I want to know them or need to know who is my team mate.
  10. AF AAAs have still 0 effectiveness against the attack. Witnessed 8 planes, mostly Pe2s and1 or 2 fighters to dive to AF Anastasievskaya and flew around AF targets for 2-3mins wiping them out with 0 problems from AF AAAs. Seems AAA gunners got shocked and started firing everything but red planes ))) Only 1 Pe-2 was shot down and probably because pilot lost control and the damage was not significant. All others did what they wanted and left AF. So the idea that only the level bombing should be not suicidal for AF bombing still doesn't work. And I got PKed while trying to protect it by Pe-2 gunner so now asking myself why to even bother to defend AFs or other defs if AAAs don't help at all. Better be off saving 3 precious lives. Agree with that. With 3 lives and losing -300 points and a plane, what's the point to play suicidal missions in which you can't do much but definitely will get yourself killed? During the time of great unbalance in team's numbers, the server suffers its competitiveness and become of a war of one team. To be honest, if one side has few strong squads and the other team has mostly single players, the outcome would be pretty much the same so it's really hard to sort this issue out. Actually, not difficult, the problem is the beginning of the map, when blues always attack Ahtyrskaya, and once reds lose it, their strategic situation becomes much worse, almost unrecoverable. Last campaign, Kuban map was rolled out during the time when there were very few reds who couldn't protect it. This time, reds had more players (12vs1(myself)), and wiped out 2 tank convoys within 1/2-1hour so Ahtyrskaya got saved. Blues have an advantage at the beginning of the map because even if they lose the beginning of the map, their situation doesn't get much worse so that they can keep going.
  11. Interesting observation for TAW admins. I noticed in my recent sorties the damage exceeded 100% yet the red plane continued flying. In one case it flew for 5mins after such damage and ditched getting another 60%, in another one Pe was even able to land with damage more than 100%. Is it a new feature of red aircraft or just a bug in how the server registers and evaluates hits?
  12. Yes, you probably got banned for killing one of our mates, right above our AF after he just took off. And he got a penalty ban for 20hrs because of you as it was his last life. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=42828&name=Julz And it was very nice of you to leave without even short or brief explanation or excuse. We wrote an official complain about you to the admin.
  13. Hey man. Just suggestion. Select Quick Mission, place PE2 at alt - 500m, yourself at 3km, dive and... practice, practice and practice. Speed, angle and deflection, all you need to excel with. Once you manage to start hitting it from ~500m with enough load of bullets and turn away before getting too close then you should be good to escape it most of the time. You don't need to put it down, just hit it hard enough and leave it out; it won't see its sweet home Much more hard time with new generation of Pe2 (as mentioned) so... practice)))
  14. First victim of new rule... http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=3252&name=72AG_Obi On my way to AF I got kicked from the server for no reason (no internet problem, nothing in my comp) and as a result I lost all kills and the only available 110... If it's gonna happen often, it's gonna be quite annoying feature!
  15. The concept of advancing columns (tanks, arty, trucks) against defenses is definitely very interesting and should be a separate subject to discuss. Few points though. The idea of single or few bombers (Pe2 for i.e.) attacking a defense/tanks in one raid with little chance for the other team to stop it should not exist, and it doesn't matter if they can escape or not after the attack. Tanks can be set in columns when far away from AF/City (maybe 2 or even 3 columns to make them tougher to attack), great idea might be if they are hidden when they are far from AF so the opposite team should search in some area it order to find the column(s) and make a damage while it moves in columns, and get spread out when they advance closer to AF. Also, the speed of advancing tanks should be slower (in the last campaign 2 missions could be enough). Probably we don't need 3 defenses but 1 right in front of advancing tanks, and much tougher and bigger/scattered on a larger area so that it would take much more risk and time for bombers/attackers to destroy or weaken it. That would lead to more dependency on the bomber's cover so that they must stay on the target for some time to destroy tanks/defenses and use more of the attackers to find and destroy well scattered and covered targets. Tanks can still be static so it shouldn't impact the server's performance. At the same time the defendant team will have a chance to repel the attacking force before they can make some damage. If the main concept of the server is the war simulation then the battle(s) should be around the strongholds (AF(s)/city(s), etc). Some fighters can still be hunters for stats, shooting down damaged bombers on their way back to base, but they won't change the outcome, and they will know while they are looking for easy and non-risky targets, their bombers will be shot down trying to complete the mission so that the mission will fail and that's what really matters. In November I believe a big release is coming with some very cool features so TAW admins should have enough time to think of it)))
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