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  1. I am pretty sure that if you get killed by friendly fire, you are going to receive the full penalty (-300, lost of streak, etc) unless confirmed otherwise by TAW developers. In terms of urgency this is not a big deal, but would be nice to have friendly fire penalty addressed eventually.
  2. This is for TAW developers. Interesting observation. During the flight, I accidentally shot friendly, just a couple bullets, nothing major, he got home safely. Then later during the same sortie, another friendly shot me down so I needed to bail out as my plane was teared apart. He apologized so no hard feeling... But annoying part is that after I bailed out, I lost (of course) my plane, points and even got penalty for 8 mins. I don't think it makes any sense! https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=26552&name=72AG_Obi
  3. Same story, same person... I feel like I am loosing motivation to play for the red side and even at all. Now it's gonna be again a stupid sport contest: how many AAAs someone can kill in one sortie. I am sure some people soon will follow xJammer and bomb unprotected AFs. Damn it... first 2 maps were so good in terms of longevity. I am afraid, its' over now. Feel sorry and at the same time mad at TAW devs that they are not able to fix this ridiculous exploit after it's been described very accurately and long time ago.
  4. Possible, yet I think you can be killed more than 3 times before you get banned if you lose less than 1 point for a death. For example worse case scenario, you play alone vs 10 enemies. Every time you get killed you lose 0.1 points.
  5. Not really because according to the formula, less than 1 can be deducted (partially dead according to your logic). I saw some people taking off right away after being killed 3 times. Would be nice if you read the rules before commenting something. <<<<< To reduce number of “suicidal” sorties there are 3 lives for each map (there are 8 maps in total during the campaign). If pilot dies, captured or disco his live counter is reduced by: 1 when he is in bigger team X when he is in smaller team where X = #smaller_team/#bigger_team. Example: Axis players: 28, Allied players: 20 so X for Allied is 20/28 = 0.71. >>>>>
  6. Hi Kathon. Could you please verify this: "Every time “Lives on map” counter (shown in pilots hangar) <= 0 then pilot has 24 hours time penalty". It seems you get a ban if your live counter >0 but <1. For example for 0.53 you will still get a ban.
  7. Few important things about 3 lives rule. 1.Imagine you used all 3 lives and get a ban for 24 hrs. Then you get +1, get airborne and get shot again. So you are banned for another 24 hrs. If a map takes several days, it's not gonna be fun for you anymore because each death (not 3 for as long as the current map runs) will put you on hold for 24 hrs. 2.Also, with this new rule, it doesn't make too much sense to fly on a plane other than a top one or the one you have less skills to fly in because you increase your chance to be shot and loose your precious life. 3.Another example, you get on 6 of an enemy. At the same time you get your own 6. You wouldn't pull away because if you shoot the plane, he would be killed or captured thus loosing the pilot's life. But you can bail out easily because you won't loose the life/point as it's your territory. Lost plane vs opponent life point... obvious conclusion.
  8. Agree again and it's not just TAW. For a sake of interest, I tried Knight of Air server and was able to kill all AAs on a defense (around 12) in one sortie without even being damaged in La-5. And I was flying alone, so all AAs were focused on just me. So we need some fix to accommodate such behavior of AAs. I know that should not be the TAW devs problem yet it is.
  9. Agree. If Depots/AFs AAs remain weak and ineffective against few planes, and if buildings are still vulnerable to small guns, then I don't see a reason for some people in Blue team to change their tactics/exploits for easy win.
  10. I think the ability to start fast is important to prevent any AF attacks or to avoid being attacked by those who love to kill planes during their spawn/take off time. Front line AF should always be on alert and planes should be ready to take off immediately. What really pissing me off how easily people exploited another flaw when you can land your plane without landing gears, literally damaging the craft but getting away with no penalty for that. I know the answer from those, the server's rules don't say anything so why not...
  11. Only if numbers have any meaning, otherwise, it is just something that was cut off of the content and used for your advantage. I am done. Thanks Norz, we started wobbling again. No more.
  12. You are not the only one. This is his way to argue or to discuss something that he doesn't agree with, to switch to persona (hours, kills, times, skill level, etc). You will get used to it... just ignore it if you wanna save your time lol
  13. Wrong. I recall for at least several maps, 50% of the map time was just sitting on few rear AFs as your team and xJammer closed all frontline AFs so it was just waste of time with obvious end. I agree first 2 maps probably when xJammer was still in the process of figuring it out, it was different and more fun to play but then... Should I refresh your memory with some statistics again where I showed how xJammer closed the frontline AF with 4 sorties and with generous help of other players who were welcomed to help with that and then to another one, and closed all of them one by one? Can you please stop getting back to discuss the fact that was observed very well and confirmed? If you don't, I give you my word I won't comment your posts related to this issue just to avoid to support your trolling.
  14. Even though I can support limiting available spots for a side that has more players, it should be very carefully considered so that we can avoid situation when because one side has only 2 players, the other one would have 3 or 4 thus the server would look like the abandoned place. Also, I don't have feeling that the balance was a big issue in this campaign even being outnumbered. The issue was the exploit that was found and the cause was that the maps didn't last long enough except map #7 so it screwed not only the game experience, but also any statistics that is created in order to improve next campaign. My point is that all changes in the balance, setup, planeset, etc. might not bring the positive or expected effects as after the exploit is closed, those changes might not be obvious or relevant anymore.
  15. From my opinion, chance of capture should be high no matter where you bail out / crashed. Far away from the front line, well, you are alone and how are you planning to get back to your friends through the whole enemy territory. If you are close to front line, it's even harder, with all enemies concentrated around and watching you crashing... they are gonna hunt and try to capture you for any costs. It was a fact that pilots risk their life to cross the border even in a heavily damaged craft; otherwise the capture was unavoidable. Why to make it different here. My main concerns: 1.AFs/Depots AAA protection is very weak. 2.Plane guns should not destroy buildings, only bombs. 2.Flying low over AFs/Depots should be suicidal, way too much ammunition concentrated there to risk it left unattented 3.Logic for creating tank columns and drop-zone needs to be re-factored. 4.Flying over enemy territory should be dangerous and very risky with high chance to be spotted. I don't think enemy planes could fly freely over enemy territory unless they won air superiority like US/British in 45s but once again they were very visible. Germans just didn't have resources to stop them. 5.Penalty for suicidal missions should be greater (how to find out what it is, the source for discussion) 6.Re-balancing the setup when one side has an advantage in pilots (source for discussion) Once again, the rules apply to both parties so I don't think that creating them for both sides should favor only one side. So it will only make the server more sophisticated and less penetrable for some cheap exploits by some guys with mental problems for winning)))
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