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  1. Yes, you probably got banned for killing one of our mates, right above our AF after he just took off. And he got a penalty ban for 20hrs because of you as it was his last life. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=42828&name=Julz And it was very nice of you to leave without even short or brief explanation or excuse. We wrote an official complain about you to the admin.
  2. Hey man. Just suggestion. Select Quick Mission, place PE2 at alt - 500m, yourself at 3km, dive and... practice, practice and practice. Speed, angle and deflection, all you need to excel with. Once you manage to start hitting it from ~500m with enough load of bullets and turn away before getting too close then you should be good to escape it most of the time. You don't need to put it down, just hit it hard enough and leave it out; it won't see its sweet home Much more hard time with new generation of Pe2 (as mentioned) so... practice)))
  3. First victim of new rule... http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=3252&name=72AG_Obi On my way to AF I got kicked from the server for no reason (no internet problem, nothing in my comp) and as a result I lost all kills and the only available 110... If it's gonna happen often, it's gonna be quite annoying feature!
  4. The concept of advancing columns (tanks, arty, trucks) against defenses is definitely very interesting and should be a separate subject to discuss. Few points though. The idea of single or few bombers (Pe2 for i.e.) attacking a defense/tanks in one raid with little chance for the other team to stop it should not exist, and it doesn't matter if they can escape or not after the attack. Tanks can be set in columns when far away from AF/City (maybe 2 or even 3 columns to make them tougher to attack), great idea might be if they are hidden when they are far from AF so the opposite team should search in some area it order to find the column(s) and make a damage while it moves in columns, and get spread out when they advance closer to AF. Also, the speed of advancing tanks should be slower (in the last campaign 2 missions could be enough). Probably we don't need 3 defenses but 1 right in front of advancing tanks, and much tougher and bigger/scattered on a larger area so that it would take much more risk and time for bombers/attackers to destroy or weaken it. That would lead to more dependency on the bomber's cover so that they must stay on the target for some time to destroy tanks/defenses and use more of the attackers to find and destroy well scattered and covered targets. Tanks can still be static so it shouldn't impact the server's performance. At the same time the defendant team will have a chance to repel the attacking force before they can make some damage. If the main concept of the server is the war simulation then the battle(s) should be around the strongholds (AF(s)/city(s), etc). Some fighters can still be hunters for stats, shooting down damaged bombers on their way back to base, but they won't change the outcome, and they will know while they are looking for easy and non-risky targets, their bombers will be shot down trying to complete the mission so that the mission will fail and that's what really matters. In November I believe a big release is coming with some very cool features so TAW admins should have enough time to think of it)))
  5. TAW server rule: "Don't use chat for asking questions not related with the current mission. Use the forum instead" I don't mind helping other people, but I do mind seeing people on this server who do dumb things just for fun or to entertain themselves instead of make some efforts and learn about it first before entering and bugging other people with silly questions. *There are more suited games and/or servers, or even offline missions in this game for this kind of people. Too many maybes. How about this: "Tactical Air War (TAW) is a simulation of the World War II conflict from the military pilot’s perspective." Let's stick to it. Plan your action, read manual, rules, forums, watch videos, try to learn, then ask questions and have fun as virtual pilot in virtual sky without screwing other people experience only because you don't care about all of mentioned above or don't want to waste your valuable time doing it. And if you don't, see my comments to first message (*).
  6. Actually he had a chance to pull over before he got his wing taken off as he started taking damages from AAs much earlier but he kept diving on me anyway. He later confirmed in chat that he wanted to shoot me dead so much seeing my smoking and emergency landing plane on that AF as an easy target. Also, I was sitting on my ass on that AF whole 15 stupid seconds watching him diving on me and having no chance to do anything. In WW2 it would mean the end of his professional career as a pilot but not in TAW giving him just one extra coffee break. )))
  7. It never ceases me to impress how greedy and dumb some pilots are!!! This retard found nothing else but flew over our AF searching for easy kill and ended up smashing his plane on the field killing himself and me from explosion. The 15 seconds server leave rule is really annoying making all this shit possible. He crashed into me when I had 2 seconds left. Click on the link to see the video --- https://youtu.be/iApL-aSheao
  8. Here is what I saw in Kuban map. A day or 2 ago when reds were able to advance very far when the stack was very balanced. Then I saw myself during NA prime when blues had 10 - 1 and ever worse air superiority for 3 consequent missions which completely consumed all advantage that reds gained fighting for few days. I am sure TAW admins need to address this issue. I might be wrong but in last campaign I saw much less occurrences of it when one side dominated in numbers so greatly for so many consequent missions. In Kuban map it's especially critical with so few AFs and long distances between them. It is important to get a statistics on how many consequent missions the air superiority was huge, like in 3-4 times (i.e. 10-3 or even 10-2). I think this kind of issue really destroys any competitiveness of the server, and needs to be addressed ASAP in order to keep this server popular.
  9. And another interesting chain of events... Mission #390 when we have a blue tank convoy attacking Krasnodar in NE direction. Krasnodar is a crucial point for reds to defend. We managed to soften the tank convoy and protected our defense around Krasnodar. As the result, tank convoy was destroyed during the attack. And what did we get in next mission #391?! In next mission, another tank convoy got created North of Krasnodar right away I guess to replace the wasted one and this time close enough of Krasnodar AF to close it and spit at all red pilots who tried to defend it last mission. So now we have huge desert in reds middle and south areas. We know that Cuban map is not very well suited for MP, nonetheless this map really needs to be modified so that the build of tank convoys has some sense for both parties.
  10. I do not scream if we lose maps! If you want to comment my opinion with dumb comments, please don't! I share my opinion on the initial start up and how it favors the blue team with image of the map as a prove. I propose that more thinking should be applied to initial start up to give equal opportunity to both teams; otherwise, more red pilots might lose motivation to play as reds, and you will enjoy playing alone and bomb whatever you want, and be very proud of your skills.
  11. Here is an example for first/start mission in Cuban and how much it's biased towards Blue team. If Germans succeed taking out Akhturskaya, Gelendzhik gets cut off of the rest of the Soviet's resources so basically it's like the beginning of the end for Reds. If Soviets succeed taking out Timashevskaya, Germans are still good to continue as all their AFs are still well within their support lines. Add to it the lack of red pilot numbers at the beginning of the map to repel Germans attack and you can figure out how bad is the logic to balance the initial start of this map. I feel like this map is for reds who like and enjoy pain )))
  12. Yeah, Germans ran out of the tanks 2nd time. After first run out, more tanks were added to both side. So I thought after 2nd one more would be added as well, but it didn't happen. But Reds still have tanks. Same happened last map. I guess Germans need to make some efforts to protect their tanks better.
  13. Question to TAW admins or whoever knows the answer. Mission 271, blue tank convoy attacked Kalinin and was destroyed completely as showed in the mission event log. Yet in next mission 272 it appeared again continuing advancing and attacking Kalinin. Is it normal behavior of the script logic? PS. Please ignore this message, the map wasn't refreshed and re-built completely. Then the tank convoy was gone in mission 272.
  14. I agree with this. Especially in the last map, the initial setup was really in favor to Blue team. First, 7 Blue AFs vs 5 Red AFs in a large map! Second, suicidal attack of the tank convoy to Gelendzhik in 1st mission on this map. If I recall correctly, Gelendzhik always belonged to Reds prior to this campaign. Add to it the time of switching to Cuban map when there were just few players, so next mission and Akhturskaya got closed because of close Blues tank column, leaving Reds with just one front-line AF and giving Blues huge strategic advantage over the battlefield.
  15. I am pretty sure that if you get killed by friendly fire, you are going to receive the full penalty (-300, lost of streak, etc) unless confirmed otherwise by TAW developers. In terms of urgency this is not a big deal, but would be nice to have friendly fire penalty addressed eventually.
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