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  1. Very sorry to hear this. Always sad to see community members pass on. Kwiatek, your six is clear, fly on, good sir!
  2. I find building from scatch a huge chore with the current ME. However, Syn's co-op generator Can create a well defined mission, and I can use the ME to fine-tune things the way I like them. This being said, I think there is room, at some point, for the inclusion of a similar tool that is natve to the GB suite - not to replace the more powerful ME, but to augment ME. The idea is to use the (let's call it) MELite to build the basic bones of an otherwise funtional mission. And then those who can - or want - may use the more powerful "Avanced" ME to flesh-out the mission... Or those savvy enough can simply use only the original ME from start to finish. I'm not saying this should be a priority (since we already have Syn's well-done creator), but it is something to consider for future projects.
  3. Salute, old aquintance. May the winds be favorable, and angels be on your wings. Your six is clear, sir.
  4. Uhm... The others stuff is legitmate, but you might want to Google Alt-F4.... Just saying...
  5. The video is complete. You can find it in the video forum, located, here:
  6. This is not an action-packed fun-fest, but rather a 25-minute video, in commemoration of our departed friend, Tom "WWHappy" Madron. dz0oyhX5VHs
  7. A sincere thank you to every one who'd posted their kind words, and also to all those folks who had arrived to see our friend head off on his next mission. I am currently compliling all the video and audio tracks into a commemorative video. The final production should be completed in the next couple of weeks.
  8. Well this was a tad unexpected but the TeamSpeak provider we were using, suddenly closed shop without warning, and left us in a lurch without voice comms. Our XO, WWCraven, performed heroic measures and got us a new provider late yesterday. Our new Wing Walker TeamSpeak service is now at: wingwalkers.teamspeak3.com Sorry for the short notice and thanks for your patience, everyone.
  9. Thanks for the the kind words, everyone. In an effort to make it easier for those who would like to attend and want to see the Wing Walkers in their "Dress Blues Formal Uniforms" during the Memorial Flight, here is the direct link to the skins file. http://www.wingwalkers.org/vault/happy/WWHappy-MemorialSkins.zip For further convenience, our TeamSpeak server address (the password will be removed approximately 30 minutes before the memorial starts) T301.DARKSTARLLC.COM:2258 We hope to see you there tomorrow.
  10. This is short notice, but we've recently lost a dear and very good friend. Those of you who flew regularly in RB3D, legacy IL2, and Rise of Flight may recognize his name, WWHappy. If you knew him and would like to pay respects, please attend this Sunday evening 6pm Pacific time. You can get further details in the original thread pasted here. If you are able to attend, it is highly encouraged that you record the event from your own perspective and send me either the raw recording or a completed video, so i can add them (or portions of them) to the final video. If you are unable to attend but would like to post a few kind words, please do so in this thread -or the original- and we will add them to the final video of our memorial flight. In approximately two weeks, the final video will be posted on YouTube and linked to from the 777 Videos topics area for all to watch. Thank you, and we hope to see you there on Sunday.
  11. Yeah, strange, but it started working again in one of the 3.x interim patches. All is good again.
  12. DO NOT get the Rhino. Biggest pos ever.
  13. Cobbled together an 'OK' version of the Bf109 G6 in Wing Walker's uniform. (much artistic license in nose-bulge manufacture and individual markings) Head on over to our Paint Shed at http://www.wingwalkers.org (follow the " Paint Shed" links to the IL2: BoS page), and grab them if you'd like.
  14. I posted this is another thread and haven't seen any action on it, so posting in here as well. Since the 3.001 update, the Aircraft Viewer (...\bin\viewer\Viewer.exe) no longer shows the custom splash screen normally located in ...\data\graphics\textures\userviewer\splash.jpg I've tried to upscale the splash.jpg file to 4K (3840 × 2160), but that did not seem to help. Neither did dropping the splash.jpg file into the folder containing the viewer.exe tool. Is this nifty feature no longer supported? Or is it a different file-type, or folder location? I use the custom background to help me "normalize" my skins in comparison to a screen capture of an in-game shot of some ground features. Seeing my works-in-progress against in-game terrain features is very helpful... much better, for me, than viewing my work against a blue background. Any help would be appreciated. Also, and slightly off-topic, any rumors as to when the latest skin templates will be available for the AC released with Kuban?
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