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  1. Also, you can reduce the size of the avi produced from fraps, by converting it in a free program called ShotCut. I use ShotCut to splice together and encode a 100GB series of fraps avi movies, and audio tracks, into a much more palateable 250MB movie.
  2. @JPVann, I've been eyeing the Honeycomb product line. I am seriously considering jumping in and getting the yoke and throttle as a package, once the throttle releases later this year, but then found this post. Have you reached out to Jason and crew to see if they might know what might be causing the issues, or how to remediate them? (Could the issue be USB bus related; as in too many controllers/devices hanging off the same USB bus and confusing IL2:GB?) Could you post here again when/if you get the bugs ironed out - or find a good workaround - in IL2 for the Honeycomb offerings? It would be just really sad if such a well-built piece of kit could not be supported in the only sim I fly.
  3. Originally created and shared with just my squadies for their entertainment. Hope you all get a kick out of it as well. If chosen as an awardee, I'll re-gift to one of my squad-mates.
  4. Quite agree... Your field of view does not change when you move your eyes, so more body English will be needed.
  5. A trick a pilot showed me is to move your head like you are trying to shove your chin into your armpit. I find that it works fairly well wth VR. It's not a full 6oclock, but gets pretty close if you twist your torso a little, without snapping your neck off your shoulders.
  6. In my line of work, we call them "customers."
  7. I envision it being a way for one guy each side (designated commanders), to lay out and communicate a strategic plan, then task out flights to accomplish limited tactical objectives. It will then be up to each flight how that task will be accomplished. There could then be a way to communicate from the flights to the commander any significant changes in the opposition's battlefield attitude (New intel) so that the commander can alter the general plan and suggest to specific, future, flights to beware of possible enemy activity along a flight path, or recommend an alternate route to the current target/objective. The idea being that the commander does not have the ability to micromanage the activities of a flight or pilot(s), but at the same time can keep track of events in a somewhat timely manner, and then be able to modify plans for future flights/sorties. This of course will work better on coops or passworded DF servers, as they are generally set up for team, or team v team scenarios. Servers like WoL will have more difficulties utilizing the feature simply because they tend to be more casual regarding coordinated teamwork. Milage will very in any case, depending on type of server, and clientel who visit.
  8. What I was getting at is that the speed and/or intesity of the perphery effects, as it progresses across your field of vision, could serve the same purpose as a status bar strategically placed horizontally toward the bottom of the screen (or perhaps vertically to one side?). But, hey, until we see the implementation in action, who knows, eh?
  9. Grey or red periphery vision, that eventually consumes center vision, has already been discussed in the DD as visual cues for black and red-outs. The quicker or more forcefully you enter the condition, the quicker or more-saturated the visual representation of possitive or negative Gs will be displayed. I don't think that there will be any issue with us identifying what condition the pilot is entering, or how quickly or forcefully the event is occurring. Degradation of the audio senses was also mentioned.
  10. Oh, yes, the pattern seam. The lozenge was applied diagonally. I've seen some photos where the canvase was not mirrored, so instead of a cheveron, it was more of a candy stripe across the entirety of the upper wing.
  11. You talking about that camo overspray in the center section? That is actually a historic element. The center section is not part of the canvas wing structure, and was generally painted similarly to the fuselage.
  12. Very sorry to hear this. Always sad to see community members pass on. Kwiatek, your six is clear, fly on, good sir!
  13. I find building from scatch a huge chore with the current ME. However, Syn's co-op generator Can create a well defined mission, and I can use the ME to fine-tune things the way I like them. This being said, I think there is room, at some point, for the inclusion of a similar tool that is natve to the GB suite - not to replace the more powerful ME, but to augment ME. The idea is to use the (let's call it) MELite to build the basic bones of an otherwise funtional mission. And then those who can - or want - may use the more powerful "Avanced" ME to flesh-out the mission... Or those savvy enough can simply use only the original ME from start to finish. I'm not saying this should be a priority (since we already have Syn's well-done creator), but it is something to consider for future projects.
  14. Salute, old aquintance. May the winds be favorable, and angels be on your wings. Your six is clear, sir.
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