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  1. I had not much interest in BOBP + TC + FC but bought them to support the devs, with this one my interest is below zero... Sorry devs, no more support from me...
  2. There's a reason it's there or it would not makes sense... Or they like my avatar It gives me hope anyway!
  3. Same here, it seems that all aircraft have this issue.
  4. If i may, i noticed an alignement issue on the tip of nose. Other than it's very good! Thanks again! 😎
  5. Thank you very much! I don't thinl there were any stencils on them.
  6. I'm looking for someone to do a Nakajima Kikka livery. Anyone interested?
  7. Thanks to you for giving us these great liveries!
  8. The link for Yak-1B 6 GV.IAP Black Sea Fleet is dead.
  9. I have a "strange skin" request for you guys. Can you do a kawanishi n1k2-j George ?
  10. Same for me, as i'm sure the devs would do their best with the data they would have collected. I trust them on that.
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