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  1. Ok, thank you. For some reason I thought those were designated as "factories". Don't ask me why I thought that. So, what about the cities of Bashkino and Sychevka? Those are actually what I was referring to, mistaking them for depots.
  2. I haven't been following TAW for a while now, but I wanted to jump back in, but I've got a question that honestly should be solved by the manual that hasn't been updated in years.... Are Depots no longer targets? They don't have any damage % and there's no recon photo. They do have a defense level though, so I guess the idea is now they are attacked by ground forces only? Maybe I'm misunderstanding. Someone who knows the backend please help me out here.
  3. I haven't religiously followed the Developer Diaries. What's the next big update? I hope it's not just just tanks and Flying Circus stuff...I wonder if the pacific campaign is upon us....
  4. I don't believe player gunners are allowed in TAW. I know it's not in the "rules" section of the manual, but, honestly, most of the game mechanics aren't very well explained and have to be picked up by reading the thread and catching tidbits on teamspeak. Like the Cardboard defensive positions with real targets hiding among the fake ones like an impossible game of "where's waldo". Brilliant. I know why the three lives rule is in place, but it's a hell of a time finding out about that once it happens, I'd imagine.
  5. I think something is wrong with ground kill accreditation. I've run 3 bomber sorties, 1 on a train column and 2 on a defensive position, and I'm not getting any damage reports in the log. I know for a fact I set SOMETHING on fire on the first defense bomb run, but absolutely nothing is showing up. I'm only getting credit for a combat sortie, so I guess the server script knows I dropped bombs relatively close to a target. Does anyone know what is possibly the cause?
  6. People whine about xjammer because he was spawn camping on the ground and using his tail gunner to kill people as they popped in last TAW. He is not sorry for this and furthermore he's a giant sperg using an obvious sock puppet account for no reason, attempting to defend exploiting the game with the excuse 'Its not stated in the rulebook, so it's allowed'. He shouldn't be in TAW. I don't know why he's tolerated. People have been banned for less.
  7. There might be a bug in the player count balancing scripts. I registered and joined the game, selected an i-16, and I was kicked for 15 minutes, indicating I died in a sortie. Red side isn't full right now, I suspect I joined at the same time as someone else and the server was full.
  8. New air marshal system? I didn't read anything about that in this thread. How does it work?
  9. If I had to guess, is this an attempt to make f-4s the Germans' +1 plane on early maps? Without knowing exactly what changes are being made, I would not say yes to this. I do prefer balanced gameplay, but I'm not opposed to gameplay changes that are something like historically accurate. But there's limits to how realistic you can make this game anyway. There's no reason to not make this campaign fun because real war isn't fun. The biggest change I'd like to see is better ground targets and a fixed paratrooper system. If you want to keep flak so godlike that's fine, there's methods to deal with it, but having to eat flak again on a fresh mission because 2 hours passed is annoying. And plenty has been said about the 52 para troop mechanic. It needs fixing.
  10. @[TWB]fenderbird This was in response to dealing with the bugged static tanks. If I had to guess, I'd say there is a plan to test moving armored columns during the off season. Doing so could change the composition of the column. It's always the same static lineup right now, obviously. I can't say what the best solution to the overly difficult armored column problem is, but I will say it would be nice to know if anti aircraft guns have been knocked out of ground attack targets. Russian players have IL2s, and they are USELESS if there is still anti-air present. You have to rely on reports from other players about the state of defenses, and that can mean an armored column is safe from IL2s until Peshkas knock out the flak AND they tell everyone about it AND someone is watching chat or in TeamSpeak to catch the report. Since an armor column always has flak guns at the start of a round, you can never use the IL2 first, if at all. You don't have to broadcast on the map the exact number of AA guns left (That would be nice) but SOMETHING indicating the current defense level of an armored column, and maybe some conditions for a column to spawn without AA could make IL2s viable.
  11. Are you referring to head z axis (forward and backward) the FOV slider (zoom) as one entity? Because those are two different things
  12. I haven't played since the latest update. I searched for the problem, and this happened about a year ago after an update, too. Something to do with merging Steam purchases with 1C purchases. I should note I have NEVER seen the steam login icon in my game until now, and NOW I can't connect to the master server. I wonder if the latest update borked purchase authorization....
  13. He's clearly not though. He's attempting to level bomb buildings in Tactical Air War. The draw distance makes high alt bombing impossible, and I'm guessing he's running into fighters just waiting for him right at the "ceiling" of building visibility.
  14. It seems so. If the a.i. doesn't have a significant energy advantage, they will turn and burn as their only defensive manuever. Even if a straight line or shallow climb would be the sensible thing to do with a slower fighter on your six. Seems a.i. still won't break off from a dogfight until they're dead.
  15. It definitely effects how the game is played. If you're bomber hunting, you know what altitude to patrol at: 3 to 2.5k. of course, if you're hunting fighters, you go 1.5 to 2k higher. You can't see anything on the ground, but you'll be above fighters patrolling for bombers.
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