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  1. Thanks Zargos i"ve already been using WingsPallette as well as Asibiz.com and even Pinterest i guess it is possible i have exhausted all the best web sites already, nice skin by the way i like the all green camo 110"s, great job.
  2. Thanks for your kind comments everybody, as other skinners are concentrating on other 110 units I'd like to stick with ZG26 aircraft(early or later but not 110g's) but I am running out of resources her in the U.K. so if anybody has any full colour profiles either side view or three view of ZG26 110's please PM me and i'll give you my e-mail address so you can send them to me or if you want put them up on this forum(skinning resources) as I 'd like to do many more but have no more profiles to use as references now. I thank you all again for your kind support. Rob Mason.
  3. Bf-110 E1 Zerstorer 4_ZG26 3U+AM Balkans 1941. Here is another ZG26 110 skin, this time 4/ZG26 whose emblem was a Ladybird in a white diamond(sort of) shape. This is actually a scheme for an E1 which had the lifeboat fairing on the very rear fuselage and also a long chord going down the left side of the fuselage to activate this device. 1C's excellent PSD template does replicate this chord as a panel line layer but I have omitted it as obviously there is no lifeboat fairing on the E2. Also the E1 did not have the vent on the very front of the nose which the E2 does have, which I believe according to posts on this forum is something to do with cockpit heating or ventilation and not as I thought a gun camera housing. You will also notice that it carries a unusual yellow (gelb) stripe round the mid fuselage that actually covers some of the identification lettering, I don't know how historically accurate this is as I only had a side profile to use as reference but I am sure Panzerbar or Pierre will set me straight. Please be aware my skins all carry full historic insignia. Hope you like it. Thanks Rob. http://www.mediafire.com/download/xlugvcry84g6tt2/Bf110E_1_Zerstorer_4_ZG26_3U_AM_Balkans_1941.dds
  4. Very nice skin indeed Panzerbar superb Skull on the nose bet that took some doing.
  5. Don't get me wrong this sim is truly awesome especially with the new maps and tanks and planes, but it's the little things that I think they are gonna have to start to look at soon but it's no problem I can wait after all they have their hands full getting BOM ready for now I guess.
  6. Yeah right on SPEKTRE, I only managed to put one on each side of the nose there's a lot of "filling in" to do to get it right and wrapped around the entire nose cone and get the two spikes correct around the cannon ports, too much for me to handle I'm afraid.
  7. Yeah Finkeren your right I forgot Soviet P-40E's probably didn't carry drop tanks but 109's and 110's certainly did and Lucas although I see what you mean about not really needing them you could still jettison them where necessary. I think it would be a nice little addition especially as a skinner I find lots of 109's, 190's and 110 profiles where they are carrying drop tanks but it is only a very, very small niggle.
  8. Hi Devs and all, Will you possibly at some time in the future be adding droptanks to certain aircraft such as P-40, 109's and the 110 as they all carried them at some stage or another during this historic period, sorry if this post in the wrong place. Rob. P.S. Love the new maps and 109E7 and 110E2, THANK YOU.
  9. Here is the the link to the other updated ZG26 3U+BP 110 skin as promised. http://www.mediafire.com/download/lw6vhk8svyqyp3m/Bf110E_Zerstorer_6_ZG_26_Russia_1942_v2.dds
  10. Bf-110 E Stab II ZG 26 "3U+BC" Russia June 1941 version 2.0 Hi all, Thanks to Panzerbar for his corrections on historic markings and his excellent knowledge here is an updated "version 2.0" of my previous 110 skin hopefully this time much more historically correct than my first attempt. Thanks again to Panzerbar for his help in putting me right on many errors with my first skin. Thanks Rob. http://www.mediafire.com/download/21nu3nb2sann9ob/Bf110D-1_Stab_II_ZG26_3UBC-v2.dds P.S. Spinners are now the correct colours, Kloggs now appear on outside edge of both engine cowlings, letter "B" now in RLM 25 green outlined in fine white, hope this all correct now if not let me know. I will also have to correct my 3U+BP ZG26 skin as well when I can find the time, do not forget these skins carry full historic insignia.
  11. Ok Panzerbar i bow to your superior knowledge but i have one side view profile picture for each of these skins which i got from the good old world wide web so i was not expecting them to be super accurate historically speaking. I have no aviation books on the Luftwaffe whatsoever so resources are very thin indeed. I am sure somebody with more resources can do a better job on these two skins than i can and thats fine by me, i am only an amateur skinner still using a free downloded version of Photoshop CS2 and that good old program DXT BMP. If the followers of IL2 BOS want to download them or not that is fine by me as well as i just enjoy doing them hoping that some of you out there will enjoy using them as well. The purists among you will no doubt find many faults with my skins but i don't mind that at all but as said i can only use the internet as reference and working 60 hours a week as a bus driver really limits my time to collect all the many references i would need to do a 100%.historic skin. This is not a sob story it"s just that some of us skinners are true amateurs and some of you what i call professional skinners need to take that into consideration when viewing our skins but keep the info coming as it all helps us up and coming repainters and thanks for the constructive critiscism it is always welcome. Rob.
  12. Bf-110 D-1 Stab II./ZG26 (3U+BC) Russia June 1941. Nice easy one for me this, used my earlier ZG26 skin but omitted all ZG26 emblems as this 110 apparently did not have any, then added yellow(Gelb) tailfins and painted green spinners, then all I had to do was change the codes. Hope you like it. Thanks Rob. http://www.mediafire.com/download/qntao6ctzrtpm09/Bf110D-1_Stab_II_ZG26_3UBC.dds
  13. Bf-110 E 6_ZG_26 Russia 1942. Here's another one for you all, hope you like it. Cheers Rob. http://www.mediafire.com/download/dk1hz1qy542b5di/Bf110E_Zerstorer_6_ZG_26_Russia_1942.dds P.S. Oh yeah in one of my earlier posts I said I could not find the time to do any 110 skins, well here I am at 02.19 in good old Wiltshire doing just the opposite!!!!
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