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  1. P-47, its cool with its heavy bomb load and 50 cals. But it flies like a fat whale and very complicated to manage the turbocharger
  2. We did get AA trucks tho, I'd count them as part of TC
  3. All buildings are brought into the maps by templates, which are just text files. That wouldn't require a mod, but only a edited template file and it would only work on missions using that template. You'd just have to mass change the object names to the destructible ones and make a mission or release it for mission makers.
  4. I dunno what kind of mission you are playing, but you can just hit the autopilot and immideatly go commander, hit something like ~, F3, F4, F1, then the driver will stop. If you do it a few times you can do it very quickly
  5. Yes, you're correct. First enter the drivers seat and hit the autopilot button. The driver should be then AI and not respond to keyboard commands anymore. Then go to the commander and use the command menu. @[KG]Destaex
  6. Brief description: AI gunner in TC tanks gets permanently disabled when ordered to "Do like me" in the command menu Detailed description, conditions: When the gunner in any TC tank (tested with KV-1s and Panzer 4) gets ordered through the command menu to "Do like me" either in the Assign Targets menu or Fire Control menu, he does not take any orders, like assigning a new target. This is permanent for the live of the tank and can not be revoked. The only remaining way for the tank to fire then is to take over the gunners position. How to reproduce: Step 1: Spa
  7. Hey man, you just saved me so much work! Thanks! Turns out, unknown to me, if you happen to have a zip in the same folder with the same name, it gets added to the .list file. Its beyond me what use that has, but that might be causing the problem. @blue_max I updated the mission again, correcting the issue just now. Please use only that one.
  8. Hi, I just ran both missions through the resaver, the download links are updated now. The way IL-2 handles missions might have been updated again. Try downloading the missions again, overwrite the old versions. If that doesn't work, have your mates install the mission too. If that doesn't work, let me know. About the Dserver, you don't need it, the mission are made to run fine from the in game menu.
  9. Oh wow, thats really convenient! Does it work with float param? And why wouldn't my solution work? It shoud...
  10. Dunno about the logo, never saw it. But you could have 2 spawn points on the same location. One is the actual true spawnpoint, the other the fake unavailable spawnpoint. One of them is always active, the other hidden using trigger actvate and deactivate. The logic to toggle them would be as same as the Icon toggle I made, its attached. You just have to replace the Icons with the true and unavailable spawn point and make one spawn unavailable at the start. Icon_toggle.zip
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