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  1. Thanks! Based on your answer I just duplicated the english localisation and put the german end to it. Its a little inconvinient to do that to every mission, but I have now a map which I like a lot!
  2. For me the mission maps look like this, is that normal? I dont get where I´m supposed to go... according to the map I´m supposed to land in the middle of the field in 2007 and the target is next to the starting airfield. Other maps look fine to me, only PWCG missions do that. I´m using the newest version of PWCG.
  3. So, as far as I understand, you placed down some Waypoints for players and they wont show up? You can do some things, first check if all player waypoints are object linked to the player (green arrow) . Secondly you need to activate the first waypoint at the start of the mission, for example with a Mission Begin Translator. I´ll attach a example waypoint template you can look at.Kilka_punktow_drogi.zip
  4. You could use Icon Translators, you find them in the MCU list, to draw any shape on the map. Just plop them down, and connect them with target links, also select the colour by editing the RGB in the Icon. Edit: those dont have any other function than to show up on the players map.
  5. I agree with the list. The biggest minus for DCS for me is the performance. Both SP and MP are very hampered with lags, with 8GB Ram and not fun because of it.
  6. Yeah, there are many of these missions, coconuts had them in the past quite a while ago. Also I´m working on a Coop mission with combined arms as well, its a big tank battle. Keep your eyes peeled for "Burning Steppe"!
  7. I forgot to mention that, Checkzone and Proximity work on DServer Dogfights and coops.
  8. Yes, they have a Http Download! Nice! Cant wait to play!
  9. I dont like to shoot at people with landing lights, becouse I wouldn´t want to get shot while bellylanding
  10. To my knowledge its not possible to set default bomb timer in Mission Editor, its fixed to some value close to contact.
  11. The featured mission Fight for Velikiye Luki PVE has just gotten a huge quality of live upgrade inspired by comments of players and @ACG_Sketch. With more playable planes, including a Spotter U-2VS, Spanish language translation and improved map icons the mission is now better than ever! Also huge thanks to @[N.O.G.F]coosjoaquin and @[N.O.G.F]ResonantCard1 for making the Spanish translation!
  12. Combined, their power levels are just too high.
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