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  1. LA 5 FN campaign, amazing bird and you have to watch out to get back home in one piece. Otherwise you have sit in the LaGG - 3 until the next batch of LAs is delivered. Also make sure you start as squad lead so you can choose witch plane you get.
  2. I dont have Blitz or Tobruk, but in the Dcs F-5 the clicking in the cockpit was a bit too much for me. So I like without
  3. Thanks for coming everyone! We had 2 multicrew tanks and 3 planes in the air!
  4. Info: Date: Thursday 30th July Time: 21:00 CEST (GMT+2), 16:00 EDT (GMT-4) Play time: 1.5 hours - 2 hours Voice comms: Unofficial IL-2 Discord sever - mandatory https://discord.gg/UXFKX6G Vehicle set: UDSSR Kuban Planes, all UDSSR Tanks Slots: 10, 5 left Combat Orders: We are going to take over the bridge of Tomarovka in the north and protect our forces crossing the river! Take part in this exciting Respawn Coop Mission! Let me know that you'll join as Tanker (or Pilot)!
  5. When I'm done with a mission, I usually delete all language files except the english one. Then save in the mission editor again, so the other languages get generated again with the latest text.
  6. Team Attacking a 110! With @[N.O.G.F]_Cathal_Brugha
  7. My big question is what to run the DServer on, I can't just keep it running on my personal computer 24/7, I gotta do other stuff with it too!
  8. My theory with public PvP Servers is, if super-tanks are available, even if limited, players strongly prefer them. Not just because they are powerful, but they look cool and are super well known from history books, movies and games. Like the Panther and Tiger. This is especially obvious if you have a low player count, you'll naturally get a few big cats versus whatever the other side has. In the new future I'll try my hand on a coop TC event, where among other things all players will fight a pair of AI Tiger tanks from a advantage and with buildup to the fight. I expect much better results. I'm still building the mission, you'll hear from me announcing it later.
  9. I've made and hosted TC coops. I made the missions from scratch tho.
  10. Just tried SRS on Combat Box for the first time and its great! One thing I don't quite get, are the 5 channels for 5 squads flying together, or is there some different logic like 1 - Tactical, 2 - Tower, etc... Would be great if someone could help me figure this out! Edit: So far I only used channel 1 as a combined Tactical and Tower channel. There I announce where I do Cap, who has a job as fighter for me (escort), report contacts and negotiate which runway to use.
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