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  1. But thats not how Counter Strike works! In the default most popular game mode, called Bomb Defusal, you get one life per round. The T - team has to plant a bomb in marked zones under a time limit. While the CT - team wins by either defusing it or making the other team run out of time. Because of the one life per round you can always lose by having all players of your team downed, so you have to play very carefully and talk to your team to stay alive, my dude!
  2. Sorry I didn´t want to be rude, just had a bad day. Edit: Thanks for the encouragement, is appreciated!
  3. Okay I just played a bunch of MP and its such bullshit. There is always a more enemys than I can handle, they are doing weird turns and turn faster than I can and shoot me down all the time.
  4. Now that I tried out the new procedure a few times I noticed even as a amateur one thing. IL2 used to take the control away from the throttle on engine start, which did annoy me. Now I´m a strong independent pilot who is finally allowed to push around the throttle myself!
  5. It worked! Thanks guys!!! @Herne @6./ZG26_Custard
  6. My Yak wont start anymore, I have Mixture at full and throttle at null as usual but the engine just sputters and then wont start again. Help?
  7. I have a about 5 jears old PC, I think it was pretty gud back then: I5- 4460 3.2GHz 4 Core 8 GB RAM GTX 960 HDD Drive Game Runs at 1080p at 60 FPS on balanced and 45 FPS on High IL2 struggles though near ground and when planes get hit with HE.
  8. Please do test! I´m all ears!
  9. I´d like it if someone would put together a basic skin pack, which would contain a few community created skins for every plane. Advertise it a bit in the forum so people know about and can get the pack and when it gets updated. Then many people would have a common skin pack in which can be used in both SP and MP.
  10. Personally, I´d be happy as long there is any marking, including the current one. A empty tail is just boring. Put the Wolfenstein logo in it if you have to!
  11. @FeuerFliegen The game lists all multiplayer missions with respawns, where you can grab a plane mid missions, in the Dogfight category. The server should be up for a while, its hosted by my friend Dorf and will run until his server license expires. If you are interested, I´m working on a new coop called Burning Steppe. Its a randomized tank battle where you can either help it by destroying tanks directly from land and air, or supply the local defenders. I wish you much fun with the coop!
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