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  1. If you happen to have a webcam laying around, you could use the ARUCO paperlip tracker. It works with opentrack, the opentrack website has a guide how to set it up, basically its that QR code looking thing. You print it out and stick it to your head somehow! Its really crude and not as good as LED headtracking, but its super cheap, easy to make happen and it beats snap views any day! Edit: I used that one before I built myself a IR Headtracker!
  2. Thanks, I must have missed that part! I´m using your manual a lot by the way!
  3. So I´m putting a sound effect into my mission, to notify VR players to missions text messages. Naturally, I need to play it every time I put a text message on the screen. The problem is, it only plays once! Is there a fix? The sound effect: Radionoise.zip The test setup is that the subtitle and media translator get triggered when a flare is fired near the complex trigger. The subtitle plays everytime a flare is fired, the sound only plays the first time.
  4. Brief description: Tank Crew, commanders designation circle disappearing Detailed description, conditions: Switching the realism setting 'Navigation Markers' to off makes the tank commanders disappear, making designating waypoints for the AI driver difficult and targets for the AI gunner almost impossible, since you have to have the designation circle exactly on the enemy tank to make the AI gunner attack him. Steps to reproduce: Set Navigation Markers realism setting to on, start in Tank Crew tank, enter commander, open command menu, observe the commanders red designation circle. Repeat steps with Navigation Markers setting off. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): You can see the commanders red designation circle is present when the Navigation Markers realism setting is on, but disappears when the setting is off. Navigation Markers ON -> Navigation Markers OFF -> Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): IL-2 v4.004 CPU: i5-4460 @ 3.2 GHz GPU: GTX 960 RAM: 16 Gb DDR3 Win10
  5. Close Shade Support I´m working on a brand new combined arms coop mission, its still rough but liked so far! My friends without TC have a great time scouting with the PO-2, TC is in the spotlight in the mission tho! You get to capture some cities, ambush a train and protect engineers building bridges so far!
  6. Have you tried the "Terrain Presets" button in the Mission Properties?
  7. @Stumble Here´s my config. While it works perfectly for me, you might wanna edit it, make sure you do the calibration in any case! Leons Opentrack config.zip Edit: you need to put it in your documents folder -> opentrack
  8. I have just updated the Fight for Velikiye Luki PVE coop mission to have Repair Rearm Refuel, had some bugfixes and a extra little bit of randomisation!
  9. I´m using Opentrack with LED strip too! I can share my config if you want
  10. Thats funny! I didn´t even notice that! LOL I´ll see if I can organize some air support!
  11. I´m not crying, I´m asking how to deal with the cats.
  12. So I tried TC online the first time on the Efront server, joined the Russkies, since they had less players and basically got blasted by Tigers and Panthers for about 2 hours. Uff I felt so helpless in the T34 and KV1, I even managed to sneak and get a few side shots in, he turned his front and one shotted me! At least the Panthers and Tigers had fun, I didn´t! Is there any trick to dealing with those?
  13. Ohh I have the same question! I do have some things tho the most right collumn spells DT, which is the machine gun, for shells I used so far the most left collumn because it lines up with the techchat.
  14. Pilots, Tankers, I´m happy to announce the release of my first combined arms mission, Burning Steppe! Defend the city, build defenses, destroy the enemy airforce and win the battle in this coop mission with respawns! More info in the first post of the thread!
  15. Its a server setup issue, I say you are just using settings which work well with the mission! I fiddled so much with server settings I dont even know the defaults anymore... But I´m always happy to help to solve any troubles with my missions! 🍺
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