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  1. Leon_Portier

    so what games should i try with an old pc?

    Get Doom2, google GZDoom and load tons of mods. EZ
  2. Leon_Portier

    Weapons after the last update

    I get more kills since this update, I like it!
  3. Leon_Portier

    Multiplayer Server List Empty?!

    Is MP working yet?
  4. Leon_Portier

    IL2/777 DOWN becoming Eagle Dynamincs?

    It´s really annoying, wish there was direct IP joining for MP.
  5. Leon_Portier

    A new useless video I made..

    Just twist the starting key!
  6. Leon_Portier

    Il2's Communication Problem

    I´m hanging around the servers discord or ts3 where I play, mainly coconuts.
  7. Leon_Portier

    Leons little Coop library

    It sure was! Ill try to host more soon, but I dont really like serving canned missions. So I´ll see what to do.
  8. Leon_Portier

    The Accidental Genius

    Its like russian roulette, but 5 of 6 chambers have bullets!
  9. Leon_Portier

    Spawn button greyed out unable to fly

    Got that one too once on coconut, game restart fixed it though.
  10. Leon_Portier

    Where is rest of the world?

    That MilOps game looks cool!
  11. Leon_Portier

    Pilot has done a great job here.

    That looks like GTA physics
  12. Hey thanks man! My calculations seem correct then!
  13. @bean Cool thing, how did you come up with the resistance of the resistor, I´m a bit confused because with a battery voltage of seemingly 4,5V combined and a 100k resistor on the LED, they get only 45 micro Ampere each? I´m thinking about something similar, but I am considering to use a 9V battery with 3 LEDs of a forward voltage of 2 Volts each and a 100 Ohm resistor.
  14. Ew, art games 😣
  15. Leon_Portier

    Boots under Pe2

    PE2 after bootcamp