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  1. Leon_Portier

    No Cockpit?

    Hm, I managed to break the alt-F2 cams every time so far. I wouldn´t mind to have the invisible cockpit option at all, but I also doubt I would use it.
  2. Leon_Portier

    Flight sim restrictions

    Flight sims clearly promote violence like every other video game and should be forbidden, just think of the women and children. 😁
  3. Leon_Portier

    An issue with the future of tank crew

    Thats pure ear pleasure
  4. Leon_Portier

    Sketch's Missions

    Ah, training missions. These should be in the vanilla game!
  5. Leon_Portier

    Die Nostalgie der Computerspiele

    I wusste gar nicht, dass der C64 und Amiga so viel drauf hatten. Helicopter mission aber habe ich schon als kleines Kind vom Paps gekriegt!
  6. Leon_Portier

    Der BoS Waffen und Munitions Thread

    Leider ist aber für die Tankgewehre die Panzerung zu dick geworden.
  7. Leon_Portier

    How do I insert multiple cloud layers?

    You can set the height and thickness for the lower cloud layer. The upper one is either predefined or fixed. In the Picture we have the atmosphere options. The drop down list called Clouds, the first number and the describing word show you how heavy the lower cloud layer is, 04_overcast is overcast its level is 600 and the clouds end at 700 giving you 100 meters of clouds. On the other side in the dropdown we have a second number, _09 in the picture which determines how many upper cloulds are. On a different note, go in the editor in 3-D mode, point the camera upwards and observe the changes!
  8. Leon_Portier

    DCS news

    Just got into DCS with the F-5 and it leaves a very bad impression. In the single player department I got 8 Missions for my expensive plane and 2 user made campaigns which dont work. The Multiplayer is so unstable, I can barely reach the runway to take off without crashes of the game, otherwise It laggs so hard it pushes me into buildings.
  9. Leon_Portier

    Kill Cam Compilation

    Whats up the weird sound effects? Edit: Nice shots!
  10. Leon_Portier

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    I need my weeb stuff
  11. Leon_Portier

    [MOD] Voice Pack in Deutsch für Funkverkehr

    Ich stimme @MechMech_Donald ganz zu und wär bereit mich mal an nem Piloten zu versuchen. Gerne einen Russki aber ohne Akzent wenns recht ist.
  12. Leon_Portier

    Refuel Rearm Repair effect

    Thats are my hopes and dreams!
  13. Over the year I made quite a bit of COOPs, so why not share my favourites? All missions have been made compatible with the game version 3.005 (18. July 2018). Have a excellent time! Delivery Boy Descripiton: Fly a JU 52 through friendly territory, deliver Food to be delivered to nearby villages. Its a pretty chill mission. Start on runway. Available Planes: 4 JU 52 Map: Lapino Summer Get it here, it goes into the Multiplayer\Cooperative folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s59ku8r8ixijvkl/Delivery_Boy_Ju52_COOP_BoS.zip?dl=0 Tank Attack! Description: The reds are attacking a blue position. Get in there and support the attack! Start on parking. Available Planes: 3 Spitfires, 3 IL2 43s, 2 A20s, 2 Yaks69 Map: Kuban Summer Get it here, it goes into the Multiplayer\Cooperative folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tum5xw7f2pieodr/Tank_Attack_COOP.zip?dl=0 Fight of Kuban Day_6 "Removing Gradeflys" Description: Attack soft ground troops, drop supplies over the beautiful Kuban landscape! Available Planes: 3x IL2´42, 2x P40, 2x Captured JU52 Special Skin, captured JU52: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pweqa4m946wbmf0/Ju52_russian_captured.dds?dl=0 Map: Kuban Summer Get it here, it goes into the Multiplayer\Cooperative folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gopt48f70j5xfpz/Fight_of_Kuban_Day_6_Removing_Gradeflys_COOP.zip?dl=0 Fight of Kuban Day_6 "BRRRRRT" Description: Saw squishy ground targets apart with the glorious JU87 mg-gunpods! Available Planes: 4x JU87, 3x BF109G2 Map: Kuban Summer Get it here, it goes into the Multiplayer\Cooperative folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oct6yytrww5xawo/Fight_of_Kuban_Day_6_BRRRRRT_COOP.zip?dl=0 Fight of Kuban Day 7 "Sacrifice to Erisvorsh" Description: Weather: Covered, Raining IL2s: Defend our AT troops at 0825 as long as you can. The AT guys are a sacrifice, concetrate on the attacking tanks, the more you get, the less survive, the better. LaGGs: Patrol the designated patrol area for hostile planes. Available Planes: 4x LaGG, 2x IL2 42 Map: Kuban Summer Get it here, it goes into the Multiplayer\Cooperative folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2sejl2ea2d6fam/Fight_of_Kuban_Day_7_Sacrifice_to_Erisvorsh.zip?dl=0
  14. Leon_Portier

    Pe2 Ser87 Blister turret > CTD

    Same here. I tried the QMB only though.