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  1. For my Ravcore Javelin, I use 25% Sensitivity for elevator, 20% for rolling and 35% for Rudder.
  2. Sound mods, like the english voice calls for germans and russians do work with mods off I think.
  3. Not without my IL2 sugar daddy! Because I´d not get it, but just switch games. Edit: The current mission editor is not perfect, but its a pretty good program which obviously gets a lot of care from the devs. It costing extra would be very sad. I do not want to pay extra just to create free content for everyone.
  4. Why should I pay extra to make free content for the game? Edit: Lets just go all the way. Do the Adobe route, ask 30 bucks a month just to use the mission editor. Edit 2: Hey I could make a job out of that. I could make a coop server with new missions every month, but you´ll have to pay a subscription to play on it. Gotta cover the Mission editor expenses after all. (I`m kidding)
  5. Oh yeah, that restriction really bothered me in IL2 1946, not being able to look behind me. I dont understand the big fuzz. Everyone can look behind in BoS, no matter if you use a hat switch to look around, keyboard or some headtracker. In VR you probably have to put more effort in looking behind you, I dunno, but that your choice after all. Edit: Restricting rear view would also restrict VR users with very flexible necks and I can´t get behind that!
  6. You can turn off the chat bell by unticking the interface sounds in the game options. Its in the game section.
  7. Gave the F-14 a whirl, its nice and shakes a lot. It´ll be definately a purchase somewhere down the line, for this year I already got the Mig-21 tho.
  8. I wish I had Vr or a High resolution screen. The only thing I did afford is my old 1080p screen and the head tracker I built, glued and soldered myself.
  9. I also have a promotional screen I made for my new mission, Snowflower. I was replaying Medal of Honor and so I sent Powell on a all new assigment! (Singleplayer mission for ArmA3) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1942551561
  10. 64 germans roleplaying as americans in the ArmA 3 GeCo
  11. Knapp dran, so könnte ich das auch sehen. Das F kommt von CoD Ghosts, wo man an einer Stelle aufgeforderd wird "F" zu drücken um einen gefallenem Kameraden Respekt zu zollen.
  12. Drücke F um dem englishem DCS Thread respect zu zollen. F
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