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  1. Ah, das probier ich heut mal ganz frisch aus! Mir kommt es so for als wär das mit den Wolken besser geworden.
  2. I´d like to be able to rename my wingmen in Career, the recent AI updates have made me much more comfortabe flying with AI and I´d like to name em after my friends. ⛄
  3. Personally I dont see the use for clickpits in planes without MFDs and board computers. Back when I still could run dcs, I flew the F-5 Tiger (Jet without MFDs) without using the clickpit. I´d like much more to use physical buttons or my keyboard to fly.
  4. Das mit dem Vollbildmodus ist mir neu. 😮 Wann wurd das den gesagt?
  5. The AI wingmen in career can be adorable sometimes 🥰
  6. Leon_Portier

    Using 3ds Max

    I you could grab and make some helper objects in the game. I´d appreciate that.
  7. Du kanns mal probieren, wenn du die Kariere spielst, den Lufstart anzumachen, dann startest do in der nähe des Missionsgebiets. Alternativ, wenn du ein bisschen English oder Russisch kannst, kannst du verschiedene selbsgemachte Missionen und Kampangnen spielen, die machen mir persönlich mehr Spaß als die zufälligen Missionen im Karriere modus. Ältere Spiele kann ich nicht zum Vergleich heranziehen, da das hier mein Einstieg in Simulationen ist.
  8. Oh I have the same problem, the view is locked in Padlocked 3rd person! My personal workaround is to use the F2 free cam, you can move the mouse to move around and shift + mouse moving to turn the cameras direction. Then I track the enemy manually. Not the best solution, but it works.
  9. Brief description: Attached cameras not working in flight records of coops. Detailed description, conditions: Attached cameras, used by pressing alt + F2 by default, do not work if a flight record of a Coop mission is viewed. Attached cameras do work both in single player replays and dogfight replays, but not in coop replays. edit: This makes guncam videos of coops impossible.
  10. There are a few cams you can use by cycling them with alt + F2 , one comes very close to what you are describing, positioned where I imagine a guncam would be. Keep in mind you need to have either external cameras enabled, or watch a replay for it to work. Also, this one really bothers me, you can not use the alt + F2 cams while in a replay of a coop!
  11. @Bearchills I´m not running the most high tech PC either, mine is at least 5 jears old too. These are my PC stats and they run BoM, BoS and BoK perfectly fine. When flying near BoBP cities I get some stuttering while the buildings load. CPU: i5-4460 @ 3.2 GHz Grafikkarte: GTX 960 RAM: 8 Gb Win7
  12. Personally I find the morse code to be a great idea and love the execution. My Firefox browser doesn´t autoplay it, so I have to click on it to hear it. I can see that its annoying if it would be autoplaying, which browser does that anyway?
  13. Huh, my Firefox browser doesn´t autoplay it. I have to click the audio to hear the morse code.
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