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  1. Thanks, the alpha seems off on the FN tho. I dont see a alpha channel and the plane is matt white.
  2. I cant get the LA5 FN collector plane´s skin template to download. Can you get it to download?
  3. @Beebop Hey man, sounds like you did everything right, thanks for letting me know! Thing is, some updates of IL2 break missions which then need to be changed to work with the new update. Looks like I missed the last of those updates, so the mission didn´t work, sorry for the inconvenience. All the missions in the thread are updated now, just download the mission again and replace the old one with it. 🏗️ Have a good flight! 🍾
  4. Thats pretty much it as far as I know. Usually I use the second method, exept when I something to respawn need. Funny annectode: I was making a mission which involved constantly respawning vehicles, they had 2 waypoints. Because of the respawning the first and second waypoint were triggered repeadedly, making the vehicles frantically drive back and forth between the waypoints! @=[TIA]=Stoopy
  5. Falcon BMS ❤️ ❤️❤️ Still amazed at it!
  6. Nice! I always wondered how the slats are powered.
  7. Oh yeah, I know similar stuff. It doesnt seem like the wingman are actually checking if you are in the way.
  8. I like that this map is very mountainous! WT
  9. Good question. I´d like to ask the same for the same.
  10. I do understand how flying without Headtracking is, because I started with pan view on a hat has well. My next step might be useful to you, its a paperclip headtracker, you can make one right now with 30 min of time and some duckt tape. The paperclip is not as good as IR headtracking but its good enough to be superior to pan view, the only requirement is any webcam (I used a "LifeCam HD 3000"). To set it up you only need to get Opentrack (its free - open source) and print out this picure. https://github.com/opentrack/opentrack/blob/unstable/contrib/aruco/test3.png Connect webcam to PC start Opentrack tracking with Aruco input and hold the printed out paper infront of it and it starts tracking it. How you attach it to your head is your call, mine looked like this. I used it for around a year until I built myself a HackIR. Further explanations can be found here: https://github.com/opentrack/opentrack/wiki/Aruco-tracker Goodspeed and nice flying! Edit: In terms of the enemys in single player, I´m no expert but I find them to be very predictable and easy to defeat, no matter the difficulty setting. Their aim pretty good on ace setting tho.
  11. Thanks man! Avoiding symbols in the SubTrans seems like a good practice.
  12. I dont know too much about autohotkey, but I´m using Universal Control Remapper, which features a Axis to Key function. As far as I know UCR is just a front end for Autohotkey.
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