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  1. I wonder why can't expand server available time to 4*24 or 5*24hr/week after tested 1 month. Any plan to expand server available time?
  2. I hope there is bomb blast wave to overturn ground objects :D
  3. I do want the wingtip vortex. BOS's particle effect is well optimized.May we get it ? :D
  4. When can we play multi-player? I didn't find the road map in the forum. Can anyone share?
  5. How to let FFB2 always have constant spring force no matter what airspeed in BOS ?
  6. Thanks. I'm glad I preordered the premium edition:D
  7. Thanks! Looks great! If more faster downloading speed in China,it's better:D Average 30~40kbs...
  8. I wish BOS has the spring or summer map of Stalingrad. The winter map is too shining.Eyes will be blinded if fly long times:)
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