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  1. In that case I hope enough mission designers decide to include the AA vehicles, even if they don't include tanks. This has the potential to really change the dynamic of multiplayer missions.
  2. I have one question about the AAA vehicles. Since they are collector vehicles and as such not tied down to a particular module such as Tank Crew, will they only be able to spawn at tank spawns or will they also be available from airfields? I ask this because these vehicles would be really useful for defending friendly airfields in MP against the dreaded vulchers, but since most missions run by the popular servers don't include tank spawns this would be impossible most of the time. Also spawning at an airfield would save a potentially long and tedious drive there, by which point there might be no friendly aircraft left to defend.
  3. It's been a long time coming, but that just makes these screenshots that much sweeter. It's genuinely a pleasure to support this team.
  4. Check out Requiem's 'learn to fly' videos on youtube, they cover the basics for taking off and landing in each plane in the sim. I found them very useful myself.
  5. Well since the physiology update a few months ago pilots can be knocked unconscious by serious wounds, so sometimes this could be the case. Also some canopies won't open at high speeds and don't have an eject function, so often pilots are trapped until the plane either slows down or hits the ground.
  6. "Before the end of March" is much sooner than I was expecting for the update, glad to hear it's on its way. Hope the team are doing well.
  7. I remembered something related to this being in a dev blog about the Me-262, and I managed to find it: "It should be noted that the longitudinal center-of-gravity depends on the remaining fuel, ammo and modifications installed very heavily. For instance, if you remove the nose gun armor and two guns, it becomes so tail heavy with full tanks that it is dangerous to fly." (From dev blog #223) So I assume the rear tank is the one that is empty at 70% as it sounds like full tanks make you more tail-heavy.
  8. This is a simulation of aerial combat and an important part of that is accurate pilot physiology. Death from a bullet to the head is a pretty key part of human physiology (okay people have survived head-shots in the past but let's not dive that deep).
  9. I would just like to add to the gratitude already expressed by the community here by saying I'm very happy with the frequency of the recent dev diaries so far this year. It still feels like Bodenplatte only just released yet you guys are already working on Normandy and some very exciting collector planes, not to mention improving on the sim in its current state. I always appreciate developers who are transparent and willing to work with their community and the IL-2 team are high up in that list for me.
  10. Manual is definitely better. Automatic RPM control just seems to make the engines freak out a bit. Maybe I fly it a bit too agressively.
  11. I agree, but I've always loved the duck since IL-2 1946 just for being such an underdog. Now all we need is a b-3 so we can play with that under slung 75mm cannon.
  12. I'm one of those people who never quite got the hang of the P-40 engine management, so I imagine I'll have more success in the Hurri just because I'm less likely to blow the engine up. Also, I'm excited to try hosing down targets with twelve .303s. None of those fancy cannons or .50 cals for me, thank you.
  13. Hey look, if there's anyone not excited to try and knock a V-1 over with their wing-tip then there's something wrong with them.
  14. A Bristol Blenheim, either mark I or IV would be nice for a potential Finnish front expansion. And if this wish fulfillment ignores any obstacles to large, 4-engine aircraft then I would love a Short Sunderland, especially since the Normandy map would provide the English Channel to fly it over.
  15. I'm pretty sure the number of AI gunners has been given as a major obstacle for adding heavy bombers to the game by the devs.
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