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  1. ... exactly as you can do in the QMB of the good old 1946! Il2 BOX + Il2 1946 QMB = ❤️ Come on, Come on! give a little bit more to us poor single players too! 🙏
  2. @namhee2 I very much hope that "Max and Moritz" sees the light. I will definitely be the first to download and appreciate it! if you decide to continue, take all the time you need, the beautiful things come to those who can wait... Thank you very much!
  3. Hello everyone! I took a look at the mission builder and... I realized that unfortunately its complexity is far beyond my capacity for understanding even in relation to my very poor leisure time. I wanted to ask if any of you very good mission and campaign builders (by the way, thank you so much for what you have achieved so far), had thought of carrying out a mini campaign or even just a single air cover mission concerning the JV 44 Sachsenberg Schwarm to protect the Me 262 in takeoff and/or landing...I do not hide that I would really like to give the beautiful skins of my good friend Geraki9 and szelljr the right location, although perhaps historically with some simplification. I apologize for the request but I really did not understand a nice nothing of the mission editor. thank you anyway for your attention.
  4. Dear Santa Jason, this year I was a good boy, I saved several human lives, I was a loving father and, moreover, I did not even betrayed my wife. I have no ties of any kind to international terrorism and I also did the recycling of waste with great care, I no longer use plastic bottles, I lowered cholesterol and smoked a few less cigarettes and I even walked the dog every night, so relying on your well-known goodness I dare ask you the ability to add more of the current 4 flights and ability to select custom skins for each individual aircraft in the mission generated by the QMB and, just for a little more variety, i hope for the inclusion in the series of the fi 156 Storch... and last but not least: Please let me try some Pacific in VR before the senile Alzheimer's. For everything else: Thank you and to the whole team for what has been achieved so far. keep it up!
  5. @geraki9 Actually my real disappointment related to the il2 box series is that I practically stopped tinkering with cement, putty,brushes and airbrush...Damn! So many kits to build but no more spare time to do it! I also have that D9 Dragon somewhere in my man cave, who knows, maybe someday a lightning will fry my PC power supply or the motherboard and maybe, after so many years spent dusting on a shelf I'll open that box and add it to my Focke Wulf collection. A beautiful D9 flown by ... Gerhard Barkhorn 😂😂😂! ti ringrazio e ti faccio ancora i complimenti per la bellissima skin dell’ 1 bianco e , qualora ti capitasse di passare dalle mie parti (Cala Gonone,nel golfo di Orosei) avrò il piacere di stappare un buon Cannonau!
  6. Still about JV 44, on some of my books (ModelArt No.336 Focke Wulf 190D & Ta152, ModelArt Camouflage & Markings of the Luftwaffe Aircraft Vol. 1 Day Fighters ) I found some profiles concerning a 190 D9 white 1 of which I have not found anywhere any photographic evidence. I've found only images of a decal sheet of the Dragon/trimaster kit from a few years ago, photos of model kits built in various scales, 2 or 3 profiles, a generic caption that would attribute it to Waldemar Wubke on Apr. 1945, München-Riem and ,last but not least, a very nice skin released some time ago by a forum member @geraki9. Just to satisfy my curiosity and hunger for knowledge, is there anyone out there, artist or history enthusiast, who has seen some photographs of the real plane ? by the way, have I already told you that I have a compulsive disease towards Focke Wulf 190 D and Ta 152 ? In the meantime I thank you for the attention you have given me and for reporting to me the wonderful skins already in place related to Sachsenberg Schwarm. I am proud to belong to this fantastic community ! Thank you all, Grazie Mille!
  7. @lefuneste Ok, downloaded e installed successfully 15.1.1! Now all is working as intended . Thanx so much 👍
  8. @namhee2 Wow mate !!! I can't believe it! I thought I had downloaded everything I could but, obviously this masterpiece of szelljr i missed. Damn! I'm just getting old! Thank you very much for pointing this pearl to me , Now only Red 3 is missed. Ok, also grabbed Red 3 from Again muchas gracias 👍
  9. I would love if someone among the many talented skinners of this excellent community wanted / could paint two more Doras of the JV 44 Papagei staffel.. the FW190 d9 red 3 of Hptm. Waldemar Wubke and the red 4 (actually a d11 hack ) of Lt. Karl-Heinz Hofmann The motto on the fuselage of red 3 "Im Auftrag der Reichsbahn" The motto on the fuselage of red 4 " Der nächste Herr, dieselbe Dame!" Unfortunately I found on the net only a couple of decent profiles , which are attached to this post. I hope someone can paint them, I'm unfortunately too poor in painting to do graphic justice to these fantastic machines. However, with my request I take the opportunity to thank from the heart The developers and all the Skinners and Modders out there who devote so much time and passion to make this fantastic sim more and more beautiful and realistic. Thanx su much indeed!
  10. My recent upgrade from gtx 1060 3Gb to RTX 2060 S indeed has doubled visual quality and my Il2 time in VR…let's not talk about 1080p for me Best upgrade so far!
  11. @lefuneste Hi, Lefuneste, Thanx for your reply! Anyway, first i've disabled ver. 15 and then, as usual, installed via jsgme ver. 15.1 without using my old settings. Launched the game and when i'm ready to fly : black screen! I can ear clearly the game running but: Black Screen. Exit from mission, exit to desktop, reversing the process, back to ver. 15 ,reenter the game, launch mission : all works flawlessy, smooth as the silk. I play in VR, Win 10, Oculus CV1 , OTT, Open Composite, ASW off, 1.1 ss via OTT, RTX 2060 Super, 24 Gb Ram , I7 @4,5 Ghz , SSD, HIGH Shadows= medium Mirrors= simple Dist. Landscape=x2 Horiz. draw dist.= 100km Landscape filter=blurred Grass=normal Clouds=high AA=4 Fullscreen HDR Sharpen 4K text. No FPS limit Vsync=off With these settings the game is super smooth and a joy to fly, maybe now and then, some drops of frames but never below 45 fps. I hope I have provided sufficient explanations to allow you to shed light on this problem Thanx again and keep up the good work!😉
  12. @Lefuneste Me too,😢! When start flying i've black screen (game running ) any hint, please? Anyway, Thanx so much for your outstanding work!
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