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  1. Me, my brother and friends are on our own coop server and we regularly fly mission generated with Easy Mission Generator . Plenty of fun every time! Really a Great piece of software for beginners and not so regular players. Extremely user friendly ! Give it a try, trust me! happy flying
  2. @Yankee_One Thanx m8, glad you like! Damn! First the pandemic and this bloody Covid-s##t , now strong winds and rain prevent me to sail with my beloved Beneteau...so skinning become my trusted hobby in my always little spare time. Anyway, if you know some voodoo or pagan rites to propitiate the advent of summer...i’ll Be very very grateful ! 😉
  3. Again 3 others One-O-Nine of Jg77 Hope you like ! Bf 109 G2 "Leipzig Lion" of Heinz Bar Comiso 1942 DOWNLOAD HERE ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bf109 G6 Weiss 1 Comiso 1943 DOWNLOAD HERE ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bf109 G6 Gelb 1 Comiso 1943 DOWNLOAD HERE !
  4. Some Italians "Picchiatelli" in 4K Hope you like ! DOWNLOAD HERE ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD HERE ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DOWNLOAD HERE !
  5. @Mysticpuma Ok, i'll try my best to help you... Hope this Help! 😉
  6. I can only totally agree with you! Easy Mission Generator is already perfect as it is, adding new functions would distort it too much by removing that wonderful "Easy" from the name! So far I have done exactly as you say, I create the mission with EMG and edit it with FMB. However, EMG remains the most valuable tool for generating quick missions and I am extremely grateful to you for this! Good flight !
  7. @SYN_Vander First of all, I would like to thank you for Easy Mission Generator and its constant development. With a few clicks of the mouse, even a "disabled" person like me can create hours and hours of Coop-fun. I just downloaded the latest version and noticed the implementation of the skin selection function. It is a step in the right direction and, although still generic, it allows me to select generic skins for friends and enemies. my question is as follows: will there ever be a way to assign each individual aircraft of the same squadron a specific skin? (for example, if I create a squadron of 7 Bf109 of the Jg53 and choose the skin of Von Maltzahn for the plane n ° 1, I would like to have the possibility to assign each of my wingmen a different skin, at n ° 2 the Weiss 3, at No. 3 the Weiss 5, at No. 4 the Weiss 9 and so on ...) It is the same functionality that I would like to see also in the QMB and that so far is missing. Mine does not want to be a complaint or a criticism, I do not have the slightest competence in terms of programming, nor the knowledge of how easy or difficult it can be to implement this functionality. Mine is only a desire strictly as a single player and (modest) skinner. creating skins for an entire squadron and being able to view / use them simultaneously in an easy way without having to resort to FMB would be imho a great and welcome gift for all offliners, skinners and videomakers. Thanks again for your attention and for your invaluable Easy Mission Generator Good flight !
  8. @Mysticpuma Hey M8, I could not have said it better than this! I hope this important feature can be really added to QMB to the delight of skinners, video makers or simple offliners. I hope that the developers find the time and the way for this important retouching as it has been done so far for many other functional and cosmetic aspects of this beautiful SIM! Fingers crossed...!
  9. Indeed a very nice work, much needed italian Spads ! Again, thanx my friend, but i've just applied my very little make-ups to yours already beautiful skins and it was a pleasure for me!
  10. Bella Lì Amico Mio! Lo sapevo troppo che prima o poi avresti corretto il peccatuccio veniale…! Well done My friend, I knew too well that sooner or later you would have corrected that almost insignificant little flaw ... even if (almost) no one would have noticed ! 😉👍
  11. Very nice skin! I can only imagine how pleasant and relaxing it was to align all those strips ... Bravo! in your place I would have already taken a massive dose of Prozac! 🤣
  12. Help! Please, someone can help me? can't stop downloading and now i'm just startin' to evaluate a new massive and much expensive ssd only for the skins… DAMN!!!! @E69_julian57 Another Great work… Hey man, you are a really skinning-machine! Thanx so much
  13. Ok, i see Master Szelljr is back and in great shape!!! Thank you Sir !
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