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  1. I'll definitely fly tomorrow! Recognizable traits: Frequent visitor to the following sections on the forum: skins, mods, mission Editor, screnshoots. Typically flies: Black cross Red Stars, Wacom or Huion tablets and Anything related to CS6 Intrepid Miner Recognizable traits: Unrivaled artist when it comes to dig deep smoking craters in every corner of the battlefield regardless of faction Typically flies: whatever tries to fly, crawl, navigate but inevitably shatters anyway Normal Pilot Recognizable traits: Not available at the moment !Everything related to other simulators is CLASSIFIED Typically flies: Not available at the moment !Everything related to other simulators is CLASSIFIED
  2. Gorgeous skins ! Well Done Sir !
  3. @ema33ig Nice one !!! (reactions depleted for today, sorry !) 😉
  4. Beautiful subjects and, as usual, executed with great skill. VERY GOOD !
  5. @SYN_Vander Ok, downloaded V39.1 , all is smooth as the silk , THANX SO MUCH ! Enjoy the coffe, it's well deserved !
  6. @XQ_Lothar29 much appreciated bro’ Grazie Fratello, very useful and great work as usual. Stay safe my friend
  7. @SYN_Vander having "happily" entered my first 57 years of age, unfortunately yes, I am forced to use larger fonts not only in my kindle but also in any application that allows it, including windows 10! so, if the problem could be solved in the way you say I think I will be enormously grateful. in the meantime, I thank you again for your work and for your continuous and tireless customer care. Hat off Sir! ok, i’ve just seen your ultrafast reply, i’m Speechless.
  8. Ok, i’m not alone...and this help me to feel a little less noob 😂😂😂😂
  9. Okay, just a problem between my keyboard and my chair perhaps... i’ve just tried to resize the window but this work only for height, can’t Move the bloody corner in width. never happened before! I’m scratching my head but got rid of solutions... any further hints? 🙏
  10. @SYN_Vander Excuse me my friend, I'm sorry I created yet another headache. The fact is that this fantastic utility of yours has become like a kind of drug that I use daily to feed the coop addiction for me and the bunch of friends...
  11. @SYN_Vander Hi M8 ! I've just deleted previous version and re-downloaded V39 but no joy ! this is what appears to me when I launch EMG V39, no Rhineland buttons. Any hint?
  12. @SYN_Vander i’m Away until tomorrow. When back home i’ll re-download ASAP. thanx for your assistance! Great piece of software.
  13. @SYN_Vander it’s only on my side ? On V39 I can’t generate Rhineland scenario cause there is no more Rhineland tab !
  14. @VA_SOLIDKREATE thanx for your 190d template, it’s a great piece of work and indeed very useful . @sevenless thanx m8 ! thank you very much for confirming what I have long suspected. Never trust blindly in an artistic representation, much less a decal sheet. I have Jerry Crandall's book and a lot of other documentation on the 190D9 and I was hoping there was some unknown photographic evidence of this elusive white 1. Anyway, even if fictional skins aren't my favorite genre, I've always liked this white 1, will it be worth sharing? Thank you again for your attention and help and apologize @E69_julian57 For briefly hijacking your thread. Love your skins so much, keep up the good work !
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