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  1. Loving the update, just tried out the new IL2 '43, such a wonderful machine to fly and even more so in VR
  2. Have to say I was on the Syndicate server last night, best mp experience I've had so far just doing supply drops into the Kessel, 12 HE111s taking off from the airfield is a very immersive sight to behold. Of course on that run I only made it under half way got bounced by a LAGG... still great fun, keep up the work guys. I'll post a screenshot later today
  3. I agree, I play Sims for the immersion of combat, flying, what harm would having the option to be able to walk up to a plane be and have an animation of getting in similar to the one were you see the pilot eject. Its one of the selling points for Star Citizen. Of course saying that, it's not high on my list of wants or needs it just would be something cool to have eventually that or being able to run up and control AA....but that's a different topic
  4. hmmm! i'll hold off doing anything until we hear from a Dev.
  5. tried running the launcher twice and I've also tried deleting what was in the updates folder. So this is the only other option. Extreme but usually works for me.
  6. Do we need to uninstall and re-download the "Game Installer"?
  7. Have to say, what I saw in that stream of the Pe-2 yesterday was amazing, the work that the modelers and animators put into the little details blew me away. Hats off guys.. can't wait to fly that bird
  8. Type of improvement: Radio Explanation of proposals: After Ejecting from aircraft, It seems more realistic that you shouldn't still hear radio chatter between the other pilots. Benefits: Useful for making the player feel more like there out of the battle.
  9. Hi Zak, would it be possible to post some more screenshots of the Pe-2 in game if available?
  10. I have to agree with you MIKHA, the "Lagg3 escort" mission has to be my favorite so far from take-off to watching the IL2's landing individually. really love these type of missions
  11. Just updated and I quickly setup my controls, I took the IL2 out on a ground attack Mission all I can say is the AAA is deadly. You really need to be careful flying level and straight for too long they'll getcha
  12. No worries Zak, I'm sure we'd have wait 40mins :D
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