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  1. TY . I was waiting for Pimax but have changed my mind due to world events and which country will get My Australian Dollars ! Where is the HP Reverb made ?
  2. Was there any Rivets in the wrong Spot ?..Were the Markings for the Squadron Wrong ? Was the Antenna 10mm Longer than it should have been ? Were the Tyres the wrong Shade of Black ? .............SOME TRIVIAL things dont measure up to Your High Standards..
  3. Well Done to Buzzsaw and ALL the TF Team. You took a Great Sim and Volunteered your Time and Effort over Years ! To make it so much better ! Thank you. Some here will remember how CLOD began and it wasn't a great experience for some. ..BUT , at the time it was Leaps and Bounds (Simulation) advanced beyond our old trusty Il2 FB/PF that everyone was flying at the time....TF came along and CLOD has never looked back !...My BEST ever MP experience ( I am SP mainly) was escorting Bleinheims to france ...I think there was 24 of us in the package and I was just a Lone straggler that tagged al
  4. Hi all, I have had few days using Intel Extreme Overclocking Utility. I am really impressed ...My 9700k is very happy at 5.1...NO Blue screens, everything is good....I never thought I would say this, but Intel have got this right. Try it !
  5. Alonzo, couldn't agree more...SSD (any),Fastest CPU Frequency and Fastest(you can afford) Low Latency Ram . Il2 runs great. Loading times can be one or two seconds . Big deal !..I think where some folks get confused is when it comes to Resolutions, VR and their Graphic Settings....For example," Stutters must be a Slow SSD". ..Not "Lack of GPU Power" at the selected RES, Or the Monitor/VR requirements....The Fast NVMe is not going to make much Difference at 4k on GTX 1060 or equivelant !
  6. Canada, to answer the Question you asked. No. If you have the game on an SSD already ,you are fine...Some of the comments above get very Complicated for Neglible Return. (Not to mention the Waste of money. ) ..For example, If you add another Expensive NVme drive, can your motherboard run Both (without Sharing Lanes ) ? ...SSD and you are fine ! ~S~
  7. Hi all. After using Track IR and various Profiles (in Different Games) for the past ten years , I got it so wrong ! Centre Track IR and fly ! .. Why is my Gunsight Up, Down, Left , Right, a "Little" bit out , worse when I zoom ? When I first got TrackIr ., I placed the camera on the Left of my Monitor. Then I got a much wider monitor and moved the camera "More Left". Today I moved the TrackIr camera to the Centre of my Monitor ! Then tested the New Profile .What a Difference in the cockpit . I know this is probably common Knowledge to all Pilots here, but maybe I can help New Pilots
  8. Driftaholic , I have been waiting to jump in to VR ! I have been Lurking Chillies, Alonzos (to name a few) posts in VR trying to decide what Headset to go with...Clarity, Res, Screen door, Spotting ( without Icons) are all improving with each gen of headset...Your description of VR is like most that have tried it ! WOW. …..I think I will order my Reverb 2 Now !
  9. Hey Don. with all your helpful reports on VR, I have a question... Do you fly with Icons On ?
  10. HI all . I have been around Il2 for years. I have started flying online a few months ago on another server and I am loving it... My stats reflect my attitude to MY Realism. I want to live, I want to bring my Aircraft home after each sortie. If I can , I will provide escort to Bombers....And if the server is very Quiet, I will do Very wide circuits providing Cap to my base...That's me and how I Sim. I have tried to join TAW and have been kicked every time. I am Registered on TAW . I have tried reading this forum to try and understand the rules and limitations but it is Pages and Pages that
  11. Bies , I am in the same position as you . My Pc is VR ready and Ive wanted VR for a while. The next Round of VR is coming in the next few months so I am not jumping in until I have Read reviews and listen to feedback from users. Hold on to your money for another 3 months ( I know its hard ). So much Choice coming ! It may be worth the wait !
  12. That was great to read guys. I am still on the fence about which VR to buy. Thanks for your reviews !
  13. I gave up the forums a while ago but I have to reply to this. That behavior of the Il16 was what you get with some Morons that want to ruin others fun and enjoyment .(that's how they get off)...Sad Lives Really !...…..Hvb, do you have "pilots" landing in Enemy Territory and "shooting" the AA ? on TAW ? Is TAW immune from Morons ? I have just got back Online because I don't want Morons in my Fun time Flying(and All that goes with Online ). Do you Feel WOL is Inferior to YOUR HIGH standards ?...Morons like that Guy and Responses from people who think they are Elite, "Hardcore" doesn't encourage
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