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  1. I gave up the forums a while ago but I have to reply to this. That behavior of the Il16 was what you get with some Morons that want to ruin others fun and enjoyment .(that's how they get off)...Sad Lives Really !...…..Hvb, do you have "pilots" landing in Enemy Territory and "shooting" the AA ? on TAW ? Is TAW immune from Morons ? I have just got back Online because I don't want Morons in my Fun time Flying(and All that goes with Online ). Do you Feel WOL is Inferior to YOUR HIGH standards ?...Morons like that Guy and Responses from people who think they are Elite, "Hardcore" doesn't encourage any Single Player to try MP..... If all you MP want to Attack another Server, your cutting GBs Mp throat. Soon there will ne None !
  2. I know a lot of the "Hardcore" crowd don't want Icons of any description. They don't want any GPS of any kind ! Fair enough . Are these the same people that use TS that didn't exist. They form as a Squad and they have Perfect Communications (that never happened) with each other. ….And they scream in every Server for "Full Real ".~S~
  3. What about the Thousands of copies that have been sold that Don't Read Forums, don't play Multiplayer(all 300 of ye) and ye all move from Server to Server depending what ye want ? Not very Enticing for new Players . But ye are "Hardcore" !..I wonder why new pilots have a Look and Give up ?
  4. HI all .I have done my upgrade in two steps . First, I got a 2080ti. I had a gtx 1080. My Res is 3440.1440(this is important) ...I run BOS on ultra . Stuck in 2080ti ...not much difference. My 9700K arrived. I had a 6700k.I waited for 9700k because (I believe) it has greater headroom for overclocking.9900k owners are going to get Throttled even if they have 10 Fans.I may be wrong but I made my choice. On all the same settings in BOS, I am getting 10-30 FPS more. IE, 100-130 fps. My mem is the same at 3000.... So Really, you don't need to spend money on "The Latest and Greatest". Just depends on what Resolution you want to play and that is your video card.. All the VR guys will chime in with "yea but no But". Bos loves High CPU Freq..If you have an old MB, try Overclocking your CPU to 4.5 to 4.9. What have you got to lose ? You are thinking of upgrading ? If you can get 4.7, you don't need a CPU/MB upgrade. Video Card. Honestly, in my resolution, 1080 to 2080ti ! not much difference.
  5. Hi Pierre ! Give it to you straight regarding your PC. 4k textures are going to hurt you in framerates (no mater what you set your Nvidia settings to.) If you settle for normal textures, you should be able to run Bos quite well. Pierre, I wish you a speedy recovery mate. ~S~
  6. How far this Sim has come ! I think , as it stands, BOS is "THE" WW2 Sim...Also, I think, the new (and some Old Reluctant) faces around here reflect that.. Good Stuff Team ! Keep going ! ~S~
  7. David, I have set up my controls by spawning in QMB with Aircraft Parked. I can then watch the controls move as I move my controllers . Its a bit of back and forth with Settings but it is worth it...Just bear in mind that "Curves" are a "Double Edged Sword".. Especially with Centered controllers (which most of us have)....For example : If you have a Curve setup for fine Control near the Centre (Take-off, Landing ,Level Flight etc ) you may find that the Curve is not good at the 75% mark. You are pulling High Gs in a turn ,close to stalling and Just want a Little bit more ! This is where that Curve will Bite you !...You move your controller one more Millimeter and your Controls move 20 mm...Not good. Sit in the Cockpit and watch the Responses. Hope this helps mate. ~S~
  8. Hauksbee,There are some good Profiles Here on this website. Try "Requiems" ! A lot of BOX pilots use it. You can easily "Fine Tune" it to your liking later but it is a great starting point for BOX....Also Don't forget to Tick the "Exclusive" box in your Trk Ir (GUI) when you load your Profile to fly BOX...
  9. I think sometimes Vulching gets Confused with Base-Camping...Keep Spawn Points 50ks from nearest Enemy Base and Vulching may become Straffing (with all the consequences). Very Real and Legit for Both Sides...Also, Anyone who uses the ME 262 Landing / P 51 Scenario to Justify "Base Camping" is kidding themselves. The War was Over at this stage. The Allies Owned the Skies.
  10. Hi Hauksbee ! Welcome to WW2 Flying !...If you haven't flown WW2 Aircraft yet I would recommend you start with the IL 16 !...Compared to what you are used to flying, it will feel like a Jet ! (1) You will have to learn to manage the Engine but once you do you will be able to jump in any Russian Plane and will be able to manage the Engine Easily ! (2) It has Great Visibility from the cockpit so you can "Get to Know " the BOX Maps and still watch your Six ...(3) It has Firepower that will give you confidence in an encounter. I think it is the Perfect "Transition" between WW1 and WW2. The German planes have more Automation to aid the Pilot....Its a bit like learning to Drive a Car. If you Learn in a Manual Transmission, you can easily drive an Auto...but not Vice-Versa... With Russian Aircraft, If you cant manage your Engine, you wont be worried about BNZ, Turnfights, etc...Do Not Even Think about the P 40 yet. You will Blow Engine after Engine and Give up (calling it a Dog)..... One thing I forgot, the IL 16 is a Joy to Fly but it has a Very Viscous Stall and Spin when pushed to far... Remind you of any WW1 Aircraft ? Hope this helps Mate ! Welcome to BOX . ~S~ ....Sorry about my Paragraphs, my mouse is dying and Double clicking.
  11. Hi Spirit. just a suggestion . Don't run CH Manager or exit it if you have enabled on start-up. Go to windows Control Panel and verify they are all working. If so, test them in BOS... It may be a CH Manager or a USB assignment issue ! Hope that helps mate ! ~S~
  12. I am waiting for next gen which is coming soon. Much better resolution.......http://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-mixed-reality-hmds-comparison,35596.html
  13. Hi all. The Next Gen of VR is coming very soon. So hold off spending your money for few months. Better Res and a lot more ! This is just one of them coming !http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/samsung-announces-high-end-high-resolution-vr-glasses-for-windows-pcs.html
  14. Hi motoadve. If you are using Win 10 there is an option (I think its powersaving) to let your USB devices to "Sleep" if not used within a certain time. I found this in Reverse, some of my Devices wouldn't work when I played the game. Might be worth looking into. ~S~
  15. As SE said, if you have a 1080 ,you don't need DSR. Edit : depending on your monitor and resolution !
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