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  1. I'm waiting for improvements now !!! I think that the team is looking for the problems, but it would be nice to say yes, we are working on it.......................... Priority : 1. Game Engine and Netcode 2. Everything else and if not comes after 19 years another hobby !
  2. yes ........ for 2020 no announcements only optimize and a great netcode for over 100 pilots and 2021 the next announcement that's how the plan must be, because if all the online players are gone ...... the single player will get nothing
  3. I really like it, that's why I'm so disappointed, in the past you knew when a game was stuttering or jerking the PC is too weak or the graphics card is not enough, but in this game it does not matter
  4. that with the skin is really funny, look to the left standart skin, a short time later selected skin, look to the right standard skin, short time later selected skin, look to the left again standard skin .......... ............... the problem was completely eliminated ...... now it is almost worse ..... a mistake is eliminated 5 new ones come for me it is a very big Bug ...... and that has to be eliminated first
  5. if i am not mistaken, make a security copy of the input folder, otherwise all your stick settings will be gone
  6. yes that's exactly how it is, I have no explanation for it...... every change in the graphics settings will automatically reset to 60 fps i've been using this attitude for a few days and am very happy with it, i have not dared to change anything yet.....
  7. I tried it and entered in the startup cfg 59 fps........and it is smooth !!! I do not get it....had it a few days so left, because I assumed it would be an illusion,back to 60 fps and it stuttered again online...... I have no explanation where the hang together ?
  8. the tanks will drive again ? comes a map overview ?
  9. so again, in the single player all settings to full power, no matter how many ki or battles are simultaneously! the game is super liquid ............ no stuttering nothing !!! with the same settings in multiplayer stuttering and the game is so puking ! It is not due to the settings !!!!!!!! it had always stuttered in multiplayer, only it was tolerable,but now it is a disaster . Setting the FPS brings some improvement, but does not solve the problem. Now my question, why does it bring some improvement? what changes? something is not working right online ! and I'm really tired of looking for the best attitude after years,but I will never find them in multiplayer because it does not matter what I do there we all hope that it will be fixed soon
  10. no matter what settings ..... nothing changes! FPS up or down, it may be a little better, but not acceptable to me and the stutter Vidios show the problem well
  11. I agree with you THERION....... a new announcement is at the moment as interesting as a Bag falling over in China !! Oh yes, of course I tried several missions in the SP !!!! if the multiplayer were so fluent, my heart would burst with happiness I also talked to my squad and there are the same problems,there are a lot of people who have this problem, not everyone writes here
  12. the change to DX-11 was perfect at that time ...... I had more FPS and it was really smooth.........for my CPU and Nvidia card.!!!! but there were problems with AMD cards any particle effects are not in order,Shortly thereafter, there was a hotfix for it and since then I could not play fullscreen anymore and the stuttering started........Since then, nothing has improved, but it has gotten worse.......For me the problem lies in the Engien or the Net-code...... but I do not give up the hope that the problem will be solved soon,and then the new battlefield can be announced !!!!
  13. I hope that stuttering is now eliminated as soon as possible, I have bought myself box for the multiplayer, and I would like to enjoy it in its full splendor and not down any attitudes just to make it a little better some have the stutter, some do not stutter, no matter what PC they own.........somewhere has to put the error of this causes and that the stuttering game has been known for a long time, I had a one-year break from Box and nothing has improved as far as the stuttering is concerned, on the contrary, it has gotten worse t is sad, I am looking forward to the announcement of a new battlefield, but will wait with a heavy heart until the multiplayer runs smoothly back then at Bos was written .......... Multiplayer with up to 100 players, and what do we have? 84 players and the server explodes and I'm still waiting for it today
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