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  1. that's what all those who fly online want..... I am still waiting for the day with a minimum of 100 pilots online to be of one map
  2. G suits? ...... the idea may not be bad, but there are enough other priorities or problems to be solved ....... in 5 years it may be possible I would not worry about it beforehand
  3. yes amazing ...... after this picture it is not possible to see the direct 6
  4. There should also be no way to simulate this strain and effort in a game. only a limitation of the 6 not completely visible .......... and yes, the discussion is funny 😎
  5. when I'm VR I don't even try to look back,because it's too exhausting ! and when I'm on TrackIR it's so ridiculously easy
  6. everything is possible if you only want to..... They are rarely online, why are they so much against it No resources should be wasted in multiplayer, now I understand your problem
  7. just because there are not enough online ??? that's why it shouldn't be done? I don't care if there are more single players ! and yes. it would ........ I hope it comes no no no ..... i don't want that is not the solution
  8. Limiting the rear view would be awesome,I hope it will be done...... This must then be set by the server in multiplayer,
  9. Angus


    that answers the question ! why should i buy someone a module ? The module I would like to have still doesn't work properly to this day! but.................. this is another story !!! in this sense beautiful Christmas days
  10. Angus


    I'm not sure if it has already been asked ! why isn't something like a crowdfunding campaign started here? for new aircraft or maps or netcode or or ..... there are certainly some here who have the money loosely, just not the possibility to spend it . or would that be just a stupid idea?
  11. Angus


    Extreme 3D PRO funktioniert bei mir gut,zur Zeit Ersatz für meinen FFB-2
  12. yes ........ for 2020 no announcements only optimize and a great netcode for over 100 pilots and 2021 the next announcement that's how the plan must be, because if all the online players are gone ...... the single player will get nothing
  13. I really like it, that's why I'm so disappointed, in the past you knew when a game was stuttering or jerking the PC is too weak or the graphics card is not enough, but in this game it does not matter
  14. that with the skin is really funny, look to the left standart skin, a short time later selected skin, look to the right standard skin, short time later selected skin, look to the left again standard skin .......... ............... the problem was completely eliminated ...... now it is almost worse ..... a mistake is eliminated 5 new ones come for me it is a very big Bug ...... and that has to be eliminated first
  15. if i am not mistaken, make a security copy of the input folder, otherwise all your stick settings will be gone
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