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  1. Short answer: yes, German brakes apparently were much worse than British/ American brakes. Eric Brown mentioned this several times in his books, for example in Wings of the Luftwaffe.
  2. As zun already mentioned, it takes the inlet out of the boundary layer of the air flowing around the fuselage. Basically the lower velocity and turbulence of the boundary layer is not optimal for cooling while increasing drag. This way they could keep the radiator smaller
  3. Sinsheim and Speyer are two very impressive museums indeed. Lots of aircarft you often times can inspect closely and many other pieces like cars there as well. However I think the quality is suffering sometimes (*cough*JU88*cough*FW190*cough*) Probably one of the best (quality wise) is near Munic, Flugwerft Schleissheim. It's the aviation "outpost" of the Deutsches Museum Munic, on a historic airfield. So if you are planning on visiting the souther part of Germany (which i highly recommend), I suggest you pay them a visit. They have for example a Do24, Do31, a CASA 111, and losts more And while you're in the area I can also recommend visiting Deutsches Museum as well. Despite having many aircraft at Schleissheim, the museum near the city center still has many rare german WWII aircarft like Bf108, Bf109, Me 163 and Me 262. Some WWI planes and 20s and 30s aircraft, too. In case you want to spend some more days in the south I also suggest going to lake Constance. Not only a beautiful landscape near the alps, but also with the Zeppelin and Dornier museum in one city (Friedrichshafen).
  4. Taking off with full fuel and bombs is definitely possible, but challenging with a short runway. Acceleration and climb rate are pretty bad (1-2m/s) so having no obstacles after the runway is helpful. However, with the current size of the maps and typical mission time of max. 2h full fuel doesn't really make sense. It is a nice and fun exercise anyway
  5. Correct, you also can see the fuel consumption gauge literally jumping when you go from climb to cruise settings and back.
  6. Sounds awesome, have fun everyone! Unfortunately bureaucracy requires me to personally deliver visa request forms, wich means travelling another 1400km to the russian embassy and back home And then it is not even sure I could get it in time. Otherwise could be totally worth it, visiting Monino and the Kremlin and alike. And in the evening some vodka tastings...
  7. What helped me quite often was once I was all out of coolant, was periodically climbing and then shutting the engine down when oil temperature approaches its limits. While gliding down, the engine cools and can be used again when arriving at low altitudes. In total the engine will be hotter than before, but you can repeat this process a few times until the engine finally dies. Of course you should know your best climb and best gliding speed (perfectionists close water radiators for better aerodynamics) In my experience, with the rpms low and manifold pressure high, the oil temperature rises not as fast, probably because of less friction. And of course, as already mentioned, use rich mixture to help cooling. I haven't had much experience with radials yet, I can't tell if flying level with low power is better than short climbing and gliding periods.
  8. Thanks for giving the english speaking community the opportunity to watch documentaries from the point of view of other countries. BTW in 18:12 "Lettland" should be changed to "Lechfeld"
  9. A video or recording could help to analyze problems. There are many ways of coming in too fast. Common solutions: less power, shallow approach, full flaps, more tail heavy trim...
  10. The common 109, watching over its territory.
  11. Very well then, typical misunderstanding. No hard feelings, sorry for misinterpretation. I'm kind of an aircraft whore, so I actually do prefer aircraft over tiny details like these here :D By the way: I try to limit my sarcasm to non-productive threads, for obvious reasons
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