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  1. You know I've been wondering about this myself as well. Is there anyway to repair/rearm in the career mode? Theres been a few occasions where an enemy fighter has followed me all the way back to base but I've been either very low on ammo or had no ammo at all, but wanted to shoot him down or at least chase him off. Or is that not possible in career mode?
  2. Considering that myself am passing up buying BoN until it goes on a steep sale, I would assume its a very popular and highly wanted flyable aircraft. I mean, one need only look at this entire thread to see that almost everyone here is asking for it to be flyable. Now normally, I would have purchased BoN, but considering it pretty much ONLY has fighters... it was a very hard pass for me. As much as I love the P-51, P-38, and P-47, I'm a transport/bomber pilot at heart.
  3. Well, I for one will not be purchasing Battle of Normandy until the C-47 becomes flyable. Literally none of the other planes interest me, and the map is the only thing I'm even slightly interested in. And since I'm not a mission creator (I've tried but the damn mission editor is stupidly hard to figure out) I have no use for AI only aircraft. Over all, really disappointed that they decided to make probably one of the single most famous and most used allied transport aircraft not able to be flown by the players.
  4. Well, until the C-47 becomes flyable, I cannot justify the $80 price tag, when the only thing in BON that I'd want is the map... and as great as the map team is for IL-2, $80 is just too rich for too little content that interests me.... I guess I'll be keeping my wallet closed for now, or at least until BON goes on a steep discount in the future...
  5. Actually... really disappointed in this plane setup... Allies have yet again, no flyable medium bomber... And the freaking C-47, the plane I've been MOST looking forward to... the one plane that is by far, my most favorite aircraft of all time... is relegated to an unflyable, AI only roll... And no, I do not really consider the Mosquito a bomber. Its most akin a heavy fighter/attacker, like the P-47 or the P-38. Aside from the map, I cannot see any reason to back this expansion personally... really really disappointed... =C
  6. It would be nice to get some official news regarding the state of the C-47/Li-2. Because lets face it... the C-47/Li-2 would probably sell a lot more than a two more russian fighters that are probably only slightly different than the other russian fighters... I know that I personally wont be purchasing any of those new collector's aircraft, mainly because I have 0 interest in more russian fighters... I might buy the hurricane, but even that one doesn't hold a lot of interest for me... Its like... why do we need even more 109s as well? We have OODLES of 109s... a metric TON of russian aircraft... but so few actual aircraft from Britain/The US/France/ect. And I feel like leading off the addition of western nation's aircraft, should be one of the single most successful and widely used transport aircraft of the allies. An aircraft I might add, that is STILL in service with some airlines in the world, even to this day. Not having such an amazing piece of flying technology would be such a disappointment tbh... Especially for balancing out the aircraft type list for the allies. That, and a C-47 would be an instant purchase for me.
  7. This is exactly why that if I get shot down a good distance behind enemy lines, I dont bail out. =P
  8. I always thought the A-26 looked like the A-20 had gone on a diet xD Such a beautiful aircraft tho (the clip of the P-51 flyby right after was pretty damn awesome as well lol)
  9. I'm sure there are plenty of museum quality Japanese aircraft laying around, or at least the basic specs for them. I mean, how else would other games be able to create them then? Like WT, IL-2 1946, and various other WWII aviation games (that said, I realize using WT as an example is kinda absurd considering how stupidly broken their FMs and stuff often are) Also, iirc there is actually a flight worthy Zero that exists to this day. Its the only one in existence (that I know of, I could be wrong tho) but it does exist. As for Vals, Hamps, Betty, ect... as I said, I'm sure there some museum quality examples laying around somewhere... I mean for example, iirc theres also only 2 intact stukas in existence in the world, with a possible 3rd being restored to airworthiness by 2020? And the devs added one of them into the game. Honestly its gotta just be that they haven't been able to get in touch with the right people. Although it would really be nice to get another update regarding the state of PTO... I also personally wouldn't mind aircraft that weren't 100% accurate, as long as I knew the devs put a lot of work into them, and left the option open to come back and refine them at a later date.
  10. I do remember reading about that when it was first posted. But tbh, that post is coming up on being two years old now, so its not exactly unreasonable to be curious as to the state of the PTO, right? Would be nice to hear where it stands now after all this time...
  11. And what a map it is! I am so excited to see it in person, and to try and fly an A-20 all the way across it like I tried to do with Kuban when it was first released lol I bet you guys are gonna be so happy once you're finally done with this huge map yeah? xD
  12. To be fair tho... the maps for the pacific theater would be super easy to make, considering they're mostly water. xD In fact, I can image them being also very frame rate friendly, and would maybe allow the devs to create some of the most highly detailed maps to date. Are the devs still having issues getting data for the japanese aircraft? I remember hearing that was one of the major hold ups regarding the Pacific. Would be nice to hear more information regarding this expansion.
  13. F-14 Tomcat when? xD Thats always been something I've been bothered about with this game. All of the Allied bombers get tiny bombs compared to what the Axis gets to use. Its actually one of the reasons I've started mostly only doing Axis careers now in the He-111. As much as I love flying the A-20, its bomb load is so damn tiny I feel like I cant actually destroy anything with it... Meanwhile, I can take out a crap ton of stuff with x2 1000kg load out in the He-111, or even the x2 1800kg if the target isn't that far away. The Allies are way over due for a bomber that can carry something truly devastating to enemy infrastructure. Which is why I'm silently hoping the B-25 becomes flyable sooner rather than later...
  14. Eh, nothing a little bit of elbow grease and duct tape cant fix.
  15. The soviets have the Po-2, the IL-2, and the A-20 (even tho yes it was lend lease, but still) They may not be dedicated bombers, but they're still more than usable in that role. And all these people speculating about all these "hot rod" fighters... I'm gonna laugh so hard if the devs announce its gonna be the C-47/Li-2, and some other Axis or Allied medium bomber xD
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