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  1. Thanks for replies, however, the best cure was the more drastic one... Reinstalled game, an finally everything works perfectly.
  2. Il make sense, but this is not what happens to me, the game doesn't look for updating but, when I click play and I chose a mission, there are no the new airplanes to select..
  3. Acrually I did it, but it didn't work. This is what did happens: Launcher 29C on, then click on game icon. Updating has began and gone to end. Click on play and... surprise.. the game was the version of two weeks ago before updating (without multiplayer). Close game a restarted. it downloaded 79 more Mb.... Click play again. The game I found was the past week version. Closed game. Click play again. No change, the game start previous version and it is not looking for updating ... now, is like if today would be one week ago, right after weekly updating.
  4. It seem my copy of BoS doesn't want incorporate the updating, and no way to make it working. I rad all the comments, instructions and tips left in this Forum, but I'm still stuck at the starting line. In short, when the launcher is activate, the update folder get populated by 302 Mb of data, then it doesn't happens anything else.. and no matter how long I keep myself waiting for something... nothing happens. At this point I don't know what else I can do.... should I manually copy file from folder update to the game folder? remove BoS, and install it again? throw away my PC and buy another one?.... some help, please?
  5. Yesterday had to give up cause a ridiculus dowloading rate (tried several time, the best I got was 0.66 kb ), today it is stuck on Checking update cache... may be is just too many people downloading at the same time... it is this the only reason?
  6. I wonder why there is no folder-icon here, and why the message coded #10020... any idea?
  7. Thank you, Requiem. It was a relief to see how this your solution was so simple and fast... and now finally it is all OK.
  8. O no, again.... failed to update... and again, and again.. I spent lot of time and I got nothing but some headache, It is enough for today. Tomorrow I will try again... hope it will work...
  9. I got from 0 to 95% a fast download, then suddenly the speed has fallen to 4 - 5 kb, steadily. At now, two good hours are passed already, and if nothing changes, it will take 2 or 3 more hours again... pretty disappointing
  10. Failed to update while downloading files.
  11. Steam is good for sales, but I don't like it as online game browser, there is no comparison with the efficient, the semplicity and flexibility of Hypelobby. If CoD would have been allowed to "really" interact with Hyperlobby, I'm sure it would definitely have had a wider, faster spreading and a continous growing as well.
  12. I vote the Macchi, I see about the IAR80, but I'm more interested to discover the MC202 performances and flying model, I'm really curious to see how good (or bad) opponent it is in fighting the Russian warbirds
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