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  1. I really don't like the idea of letting players open the parachute manually. In reality they were often opened pretty fast and in the game it would just lead into half of the players doing HALO jumps to avoid chute-killing. It wouldn't really add anything to the game either. I wouldn't mine more realistic bail-out conditions and first person camera though.
  2. If I have understood correctly the entire tail-plane moves when trimming. Here are some quotes from http://www.virtualpilots.fi/feature/articles/109myths/ "The 109 tail was almost like the ones on modern fighters, the whole tailplane could be moved with trim." "Five three-quarter turns of a 11.7 in diameter wheel on the pilot's left are needed to move the adjustable tailplane through its full 12-degrees range. The wheel rotation is in the natural sense. Tailplane and elevator angles to trim were measured at various speeds in various condition; the elevator angles were corrected to constant tail setting. The airplane is statically stable both stick fixed and stick free. Lateral Trim"
  3. First thing is, the standalone is currently in early alpha (and will probably be for quite some time) so you can currently expect more content, stability and balance from the mod. That is something to think about before you spend your money on it. Externally the standalone might appear just repackaging the mod and selling it but in reality most of the work so far has been done under the hood (the game has been entirely re-written on modified version of take on helicopters branch engine). It also looks better with higher fps than the mod so there has been some nice optimization already. -In my experience, the situation with 'shooting on sight' is a little better than what it was/is in the mod. I have had quite a few friendly meetings with armed players and even some teamwork. You still usually die by some player's hand but the situation in much closer to what it was during early days of dayz mod when it had about 10 000 users or so. Don't know where this will go in the future however. -The graphics settings don't affect the spotting as much as they used to, low setting trees/bushes are even more obstructive than high setting ones and I don't think you can remove grass. High shaders/post-processing still makes the game look and feel like a walk home after a long evening in the bar though. -Running into people indoors and hitting yourself with a door isn't lethal anymore. Accidental suicides overall seem to be almost nonexistent (pros of being actual game rather than a mod). Old arma limitations/problems in general are much easier to overcome now that the devs have full access to the engine stuff. -So far I have seen no hackers. The old dayz was a hack running in heavily mod friendly engine with awful BattlEye anti-cheat. Standalone is going to be much stricter on player input and will be using VAC. I'm personally pretty optimistic about the standalone's future.
  4. In BoS you can operate the landing gears and LaGG flaps even when the engine is not running. Is this really possible or is it just a BoS thing? Where did these planes get their hydraulic power if not directly from the main engine?
  5. I think the Mediterranean theatre would be the best. It would be fitting background for plenty of British, American, German and Italian planes for pretty much the entire length of the war so from there it would be easy to move to any other theathre. African/Italian campaigns also haven't been done before (or at least in very long time). Fighting over the desert could also offer some interesting unique scenarios like fighting over a sandstorm. I'm not a big fan of pacific campaign, the flights there can be just incredibly long and flying/fighting over open sea is pretty dull. West European theathre is pretty well covered by CloD and DCS: WW2 and I personally dislike the idea of late Western front because I imagine it would mainly be High altitude bomber escorting/intercepting with long flight times and ground assault with total air superiority. I also don't think it would be that great idea to get stuck and try to "finish" the Eastern front (or any other front) for several years because that will just limit the amount of potential players. Of course if they can make another Russian operation without pushing back the the addition of the next theathre too much then all the better. And I really hope they will expand the Battle of Stalingrad game as was the case with original IL2 rather than make a separate game for each front.
  6. I don't usually listen to music while playing flight sims but if I play DCS: UH-1 or Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam, I just can't play without some Rock fitting the era (even if I can't hear the missile warnings and other somewhat important things over the music ): The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3rnxQBizoU The Rolling Stones - Paint if Black http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1zBG2TEjn4 Johnny Cash - When the man comes around http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4kQkF6Gsvw&list=PL0054CAD1367AFC37 Napalm sticks to kids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpsaLApA2eQ
  7. Band of Brothers feels a little dull and Saving Private Ryanish after watching Generation Kill. I really recommend that series for everyone who likes serious war movies/series.
  8. I think rise of flight has the best flight simulator crash physics of all time and the small explosion when the fuel tank is hit is one of the most satisfying effects I have ever seen. I was pretty disappointed when I saw that planes get totally annihilated when they hit the ground hard in BoS and while I doubt we'll ever see soft-body deformation in the game I really hope there will be a bit more debris flying around when crashing. Currently the Bf-109 wing seems to have only two places where it can snap right? Some twisted metal would also add nice flavor to the damage.
  9. Marcomies


    Does anyone know if several AI planes actually work as a team, in other words, does it acknowledge the presence of friendly aircraft in any way during combat? I really hope you will be able to order the AI to perform some basic maneuvers with you in the final version.
  10. I kinda like the slightly simplified plane management of BoS. With most of these planes full procedures would only change one button start-up to three button start-up or so. As long as they properly model the stuff that is in (prop pitch, mixture, etc) we won't be losing more than an occasional flip of a switch. While I have nothing against the scalable procedures (and would probably use the full modeling myself if it were available), the current model might be really saving the developers resources. As it is, the start-up is probably pretty much checking if mixture is rich enough and wroom wroom the engine goes. If they added every step of the procedure as manual then they'd have to model every single way one can mess things up and what it leads to. I'd imagine this could easily double the amount of work it takes to make the engine/system management stuff functional. It's awfully lot of work just for a few button presses more. Plus, this would really make the clickable cockpit a must (another thing that would probably involve quite a bit of work). If there were no clickpit I'd probably just map the start-up procedure to 1-9 and slide my finger over it...
  11. I'd prefer having both systems. A scaled point system that gives score depending on the used aircraft, downed aircraft and the skill level of both pilots. This should also have proper "assist" points for sharing kill's and being involved in the fight. This would be good for those players who just like simple competitive team deathmatch. Then there should be the basic kill system where you get one kill for every downed plane and that's it (maybe with the national variations for shared kills?) This would better fit cooperative and historical gameplay where most players would presumably be more interested in authentic experiences than the size of their score compared to others.
  12. I prefer the theatre-addons with map and some planes plus some single plane additions every now and then. These are only my preferences of course but for example the BoS could use some transport (Ju-52, Li-2) and recon (Fw-189, Po-2). Next I'd like to see Russian summer map from 1941 or 1943 (Smolensk, Kurks) with fitting planes to go with it (earlier/later version of LaGG-3, earlier/later version of Bf-109). Then after we have big enough plane and map roster for all sorts of scenarios for entire early-to-mid war on the Eastern front they could move on to Mediterranean theatre and do the same there.
  13. So is there's no careers where you are just a regular pilot who does what he is ordered to do and fly as a part of a single historical unit (getting unlocks that represent the real availability of equipment at the time)? I really hope that is not the case here. Regarding unlocks, I really think you should just give an option to unlock everything from options or something like that so people who don't want to play single player can just go fly online with all unlocked. Unlocks are there only for players to enjoy and there is a big group of people who will just hate them. I personally will like unlocks in career if they are represented somewhat like "Your unit just received 12 LaGG-3:s armed with 23mm cannons" or "You are now big enough star in your unit to remove the standard head armor from your Bf-109 even though the crew chief is giving you sour looks". This should be the same for every career (presuming there are careers where you play as a single normal pilot) so that unlocks don't carry over from career to career. If it's going to be like "Congratulations! You can now use bombs that have been widely available for the last 20 years" or "The enemy tanks are pushing our forces back! Too bad you ain't cool enough dude to put some bombs on your bomber" I will hate it. In general I really don't like the idea of having bombs and rockets as unlockabless
  14. The swastikas will have to be added directly to every single skin texture as there is no separate markings overlay as in original IL-2 for example. This will probably lead to all swastika fixes being unusable online at least. All in all I doubt putting the swastikas in will be anywhere as easy as it was for original and CloD. It's definitely not going to be just a matter of "swastika enabler".
  15. I really don't like it when flight simulators model physiological effects other than black/redouts and getting shot. Flying against Lagg's removing bf-109's canopy does have it's advantages but I'd say you are still better of being a lot faster than Lagg-3 rather than just a bit faster. When we get more planes the performance loss will surely counter the pros of small visibility increase. If it had not, real WW2 pilots would probably have flown their planes WW1 style: cockpits open wearing goggles and thicker scarfs. So rather no gamey blur effects or 2D frost effect overlays on the screen.
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