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  1. Well it's not going to go fast in a Cessna 152...
  2. Probably not part of the default plane list as PDMG are doing the 737 NG3.
  3. A lot of the stutters in videos are due to recording software impacting. One guy switched from OBS to Shadow Play and the stutters went away though he does have a strong rig:
  4. That's great news about TrackIR. I could accept other limitations & things missing at this point of development but I really felt no TrackIR was going to grate on my enjoyment of the game. Roll on the 18th!
  5. I'd prefer that Aviodev do it personally. They might be on the slow side but they did a ultimately great job with the C-101 and have made a very complete module with nearly full functionality and almost no bugs which they also continue to refine.
  6. Footage of New York here: https://gofile.io/d/77l4em?fbclid=IwAR1pZAgyFyg1-qF-5bHF3stKAGrORwXTw2lrcaAJHs5JwhDjc_sswLMuNDI Think it shows the good side and some of the limitations/existing issues. I absolutely can live with the issues for what I can see there.
  7. A2A unfortunately seem to be in no hurry to move to MSFS2020. They look to be concentrating more on their real aircraft and military contracts. They might get around to working on MSFS2020 at some point but I wouldn't expect it to be anytime soon.
  8. Somebody just posted a NDA breaking full point to point flight which is something a lot of people have wanted to see as we've mostly seen just snippets so far. Looks fab: https://m.bilibili.com/video/BV1ba4y1a7Bp
  9. Think it makes sense based on what MS are trying to do. They want to attract a wide crowd and those planes will just be easier to pick up and fly around. They can make them pretty realistic as they're not massively complex planes overall. They've priced it at 69.99 starters for the casual player which is the right price point for that market. Also they want to make sure that their 3rd party developers like PDMG, etc. have plenty of high fidelity complex planes to develop which will cover the hardcore fans requirements. So although they're providing the 747, 787 & A320 I'd assume the fidelity of those will be considerably lower than 3rd party developer offerings which is fine for the average player MS want to get into the game.
  10. I can live without VR for now. But TrackIR support is a must have. It's supposed to be quite simple to implement so not sure why they haven't done so. Makes me wonder if there's some issue with head panning speed and rendering the view.
  11. Insta-buy. Just wish they would get the finger out to support TrackIR. I get that VR implementation could be hard but TrackIR should be trivial to get in there. Hope it's there for release in August but I wouldn't be optimistic at this point.
  12. DCS does decent sales pretty regularly but Heatblur don't tend to give as much of a discount compared to other modules so you might have to wait a while for a steeper discount on the Tomcat.
  13. Not yet but it's one of their priorities apparently but I don't think there's any concrete date. Not sure if it even has TrackIR support yet. Last I saw was end April where TrackIR makers said they were in touch with MS now about adding support. I think adding TrackIR support shouldn't be overly difficult.
  14. I just leave the throttle as is to keep things simple for my brain - forward for pull collective.
  15. Got mine last week and loving them. Finally able to add my 200mm extension and get everything set up right. Now just waiting for their TECS throttle sometime this lunar year.
  16. I'm amazed that at 17:00 when he goes down that long rail tunnel that he didn't meet Monostripezebra coming the other way in a Mig-21 going mach 2.
  17. The Irish aren't actually Celts genetically speaking anyway. We did import a lot of their culture through the trading we did with Celtic regions on the continent. But a genetic study showed that Irish people didn't really have the genetic markers associated with Celts (which came as a bit of surprise to many people).
  18. Your miles are fine as Trooper pointed out above. Before the ED Miles program ED had a bonus points system which worked kind of similar but you could only use them against full price purchases which made them a bit hard to use sometimes. The bonus point system is on the way out though, after checking my email again, it seems if you use them for something then the expiry date gets extended. But realistically the only thing I could spend them on right now would be some campaigns and I have all the ones I want so I'm resigned to those points disappearing for me.
  19. Unfortunately I think they might be nearly useless now. They're going to be closing the old bonus points system at the end of May and as long as the sales continue there won't be any full prices modules to use them on and anyway you're getting a better discount with the sales than you would using the bonus points. Think campaigns aren't discounted at the moment so you could maybe use up a few there if you really wanted to.
  20. You can use your miles to get an additional discount. I just checked with the FW190 A-8 which was discounted to $24.99 and I could apply a further $3.99 based on me having 3990 miles in my account.
  21. Looks absolutely phenomenonal. The feedback coming out of those who have been getting hands on with the alpha is excellent too - it doesn't just look great but it flies great too. MS must have thrown some amount of money at this project.
  22. There's a large portion of the throttle travel that seems to do almost nothing and then it all suddenly seems to come on. I saw some people on the ED forums posting the curves they put on the throttle axis to make it easier to fine tune the throttle position and get more of a linear response along the throttle range.
  23. That's the May20 Crude Price - everybody was diving out of the contract at any price ahead of the expiry on Monday as they didn't want to have to take physical delivery. June20 is still trading at around $20. Still pretty amazing to see. There's going to be a long economic tail from this covid-19.
  24. Congrats on getting a publisher. In the air ops section you mention that in the flight characteristics you can manage attack coordination. Will both sides abilities in this area be reflected where, from my limited reading, the Japanese had the ability to get multiple strike packages on target simultaneously while the Americans hadn't really developed this tactic properly yet (except possibly Yorktown)? Or will the option to fully coordinate attacks be available to the US side without any downsides even though it wasn't fully part of their tactical doctrine at the time?
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