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  1. That might just mean same area but different static details. Hopefully they can include Falaise somehow but I'm in regardless as BON seems like a solid plan to keep things going. Would like to see PTO at some point but what will be will be.
  2. Still being actively developed by the BMS team - 4.34 was released 2 days ago. For the F-16 there's nothing else out there as close. It's pretty incredible what they've managed to do with the engine and I've found it a very bug free experience. The terrain when down low obviously doesn't look great and I found the whole controller setup a bit finicky but if you can overlook some of the understandably creaky bits there's so much good stuff. It's really probably something that only a non-commercial group could put together and focus in on for so long.
  3. Nope. It's DX9 currently so no VR. It's possible DX11 may come in the future. There is a greyed out option in the settings. But I haven't seen any firm promise or date. I bought it a couple of days ago and it really needs DX11 - even people with beefy rigs have to lower settings or framerates drop to unacceptable levels.
  4. Are you sure about that single purchase system? I think what you get for your $35 is what it says i.e. a flyable Hurricane and E-4. If there was going to additional flyables coming online later as part of that price I think they would've said?
  5. What's the FM like? I know it's an old engine but BMS has shown that's no barrier to having an excellent FM. I can live with things looking a bit outdated if the FM is good and the AI is as good as it is in WOFF.
  6. The T-16 was just a car that floated on air or am I missing something and it was really a state of the art space fighter?
  7. Or like a farm boy who grew up flying speeders sometimes being able to fly like a pro in a x-wing on his very first attempt. That's like me hopping into an F-16 and saying I got this guys I drove a fast car around the desert sometimes.
  8. Just so I understand your general point. Are you saying that entertainment games that are set in a specific point of history must adhere to historical fact in all significant aspects or does this train of thought only apply to certain aspects such as the role of women in these games?
  9. It's a lot easier to put together a world somewhat loosely based on history than it is to come up with a complete fantasy world. It's a single player game and this really has zero impact on anything other than the amount of interest / enjoyment a section of the demographic can get out of the game. Games like this need to sell in large amounts to justify their existence so hitting a broader market makes sense financially. And it makes a game more appealing to women so that's good for them too. There's really no downside at all except that it seems to annoy certain sections of men who are unhappy that their so-called "historical" game that allows them to kill hundreds of people has a completely optional setting to play as a woman. Not really sure that's a downside though.
  10. A) It's just a game. B) You can play as a man or a woman and beyond that there's no real impact. C) Women like to play games with female protagonists and don't always like to play as a guy so more $ for Ubisoft if they can tap into a wider market. Really don't see an issue. It's not a historical simulator - if it was a single sword slash could end your character and you wouldn't be able to kill several hundred people over the course of the game.
  11. Might want to take a look at the UTC MkII+ as well. Gotten a bunch of good reviews over on the DCS forums: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=159647
  12. Might be a bit of a fudge that doesn't fix the underlying issue but if you put vsync on I think that would limit you to 60fps which you'd likely hit all the time? I got a similar monitor recently and will check if the same issue affects me too.
  13. If sticking strictly to a Bodenplatte timeframe then +18lbs is correct. 2 TAF didn't start to convert to +25lbs until early Jan '45 after Bodenplatte was over. Was only the UK-based ADGB squadrons that had it before that as far as I know. But would be great if we got both and mission designers could implement as they see fit in some post-Bodenplatte scenarios. There would've been some 2 TAF Spit IXs operating with +25lbs not too long after Bodenplatte as you pointed out.
  14. Not too much that I've seen. Latest note from the devs I saw is on SimHQ (about halfway down the thread): http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4364019/1
  15. The rudder and elevators are fabric covered - don't think this was changed until the Mk.XXII The ailerons have a light alloy covering - this change from a fabric aileron was implemented towards the end of 1940.
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