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  1. Just for the sheer technical achievement you owe it to yourself to try it out. For general aviation VFR + IFR it's incredible just being able to go anywhere and have the world well represented. It's definitely not perfect and some locations obviously look better than others but I'm regularly amazed at how good it looks just flying through random places that you'd never think to fly to normally but happen to pass through on a round the world trip. You can try it out on game pass for $1 for a month.
  2. Some may have seen it already but there's a handy route planning and map following program available that's completely free called LittleNavMap: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/587475-little-navmap-262beta-released/ Once you install it and then load the MSFS 2020 scenery into it it has all the airports & navaids from the MSFS database. You can then plan your own routes, STARS, SIDS, etc., save the plan as PLN and then load in MSFS rather than you having to use the one in the game (which I think works well too actually but you can do your plans offline with this). It can't read the MSFS DB yet for the departure/approach routes so has it's own set which mostly match up. Also has flight following once you connect to the sim. Keeps an accurate log book for you. You can track aircraft performance, fuel, etc. while in flight. All in all a really nice free program. I've used it to map out my whole round the world trip.
  3. I'm doing my round the world trip in the Mooney + the Garmin 530 mod. It's a pretty extended trip at 65,000nm so going to take a while considering most legs I've planned out are around the 100nm mark. Made it down from Donegal through UK, France, Alps, Croatia, Greece and into North Africa now with Carthage next stop. Regularly blows my mind how good the standard scenery looks e.g. just a random screenshot somewhere not far from Tripoli yesterday:
  4. I gave up waiting on FSEconomy and went with OnAir. The UI in OnAir looks a lot nicer to work with. It's not free though as costs about €2/month but seems worth it so far to me just to add a little more purpose to the game sometimes.
  5. Exactly the same here. Quick to install. GA are great to fly around in. World looks amazing for the most part. Airliners aren't all that great for those who want study level but that was always to be expected. Asobo/MS want all the 3rd party developers to get onboard and they're not going to eat those guys lunches right off the bat by developing their own study level airliners. The game runs very smoothly for me with most settings on ultra and the only CTD I've experienced was due to some mod I'd installed. There's definitely plenty of things that can be improved and hopefully will be but it's a fun product right now
  6. Worth the price I think. I passed on their 182 as too similar to the 172 but the Mooney is great. Modelling is very nice. Flight model seems good. Nice mix as you know of steam gauges, digital readouts and Garmin AP. There's a mod which improves the default GNS 530 a bit too.
  7. Well it's not going to go fast in a Cessna 152...
  8. Probably not part of the default plane list as PDMG are doing the 737 NG3.
  9. A lot of the stutters in videos are due to recording software impacting. One guy switched from OBS to Shadow Play and the stutters went away though he does have a strong rig:
  10. That's great news about TrackIR. I could accept other limitations & things missing at this point of development but I really felt no TrackIR was going to grate on my enjoyment of the game. Roll on the 18th!
  11. I'd prefer that Aviodev do it personally. They might be on the slow side but they did a ultimately great job with the C-101 and have made a very complete module with nearly full functionality and almost no bugs which they also continue to refine.
  12. Footage of New York here: https://gofile.io/d/77l4em?fbclid=IwAR1pZAgyFyg1-qF-5bHF3stKAGrORwXTw2lrcaAJHs5JwhDjc_sswLMuNDI Think it shows the good side and some of the limitations/existing issues. I absolutely can live with the issues for what I can see there.
  13. A2A unfortunately seem to be in no hurry to move to MSFS2020. They look to be concentrating more on their real aircraft and military contracts. They might get around to working on MSFS2020 at some point but I wouldn't expect it to be anytime soon.
  14. Somebody just posted a NDA breaking full point to point flight which is something a lot of people have wanted to see as we've mostly seen just snippets so far. Looks fab: https://m.bilibili.com/video/BV1ba4y1a7Bp
  15. Think it makes sense based on what MS are trying to do. They want to attract a wide crowd and those planes will just be easier to pick up and fly around. They can make them pretty realistic as they're not massively complex planes overall. They've priced it at 69.99 starters for the casual player which is the right price point for that market. Also they want to make sure that their 3rd party developers like PDMG, etc. have plenty of high fidelity complex planes to develop which will cover the hardcore fans requirements. So although they're providing the 747, 787 & A320 I'd assume the fidelity of those will be considerably lower than 3rd party developer offerings which is fine for the average player MS want to get into the game.
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