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  1. I mapped it once and didn't have 2 controls in CLOD hence the confusion on my part.
  2. I thought that was only true for Ailerons in the 109. So what is Stabilizer Trim? Does it control the Pitch Axis? I will play with it and see what happens. Okay got my wheel assigned to the Stabilizer but it's a bit confusing because it suggested left and right as well as there are 2 other Stabilize Up and Down settings. Regardless it seems to be working
  3. Elevator Trim in the 109 which is should have. I also have them mapped to my Thrustmaster Warthog. They work fine in Normal Mode and don't work at all in Expert. I must be missing something. You are correct the O key works but that is strange because the map function is a full map instead of a small one in your hud but they DO exactly the same thing including GPS mode. I just need a map that's it. hehe
  4. What gives... Give us a MAP a piece of paper in Expert mode... I mean how else do you nav?
  5. I just watched your video and to be honest your fight illustrates several flaws in your tactic. First is you can't expect to win a fight with a sustained turn that eventually turned into a vertical turn fight regardless of your aircraft having a better turn ability. You are perfect bait for someone to come across that circle and kill you. Second you didn't use any angles in you fight except for once which you had an opportunity for a snap shot. Third you stayed on the power the whole time and you never even set him up for a scissors and perhaps force and overshoot. By pulling consecutive loops you set your self up for a plane that has better climb. Had you actually backed off your power as you climbed you could have reduced your turn radius as he pulled into you by using "Gods G" and set your self up for at least a snap shot. Lastly if you had a wing man you might not have gotten jumped or at least cleared in the long run. Go back and review your movie and count how many left hand turns you did. I'm also assuming that was AI not an MP fight. I mean no offense but you're making classic beginner mistakes. It's okay as we all go through it.
  6. The LA5 really comes into it's own in the FN version.
  7. I love the idea of a new 4K Monitor but it seems a bit lack luster given that Oculus Rift isn't that far off.
  8. I like the comment "it seems OR has enough of a following". I'm not making fun of you but did you know Facebook just bought them for 2 Billion dollars. Palmer said their first unit on the market will be sold at cost because they've already made their money. OR is working with some of the brightest people in and out of the industry. In fact they are still tackling some technical challenges with outside help in the science community. OR just won't be for games think much bigger and broader than gaming.
  9. Skill aside FWs are generally forced to fight using BnZ tactics. Co Alt Co skill set any of the planes you have here are very capable of taking out a FW regardless of model. Down low that Tempest will eat a FW for lunch. It was mentioned above it depended very much on the server. Some of the more DF oriented servers appealed to newer pilots which created the parity in Kill to Death ratios. Guys would form really bad habits with aircraft that had superior turn capability. Once a FW sees this they learned to cut corners and get good at deflection shooting. After flying the FW for years and switching to many of the planes above I had no troubles with FWs. Anybody getting caught with their pants down regardless of aircraft was done. The A3 we are getting will be a difficult airplane to counter though I would say the LA is up to the job. Later 43 models against the A5 and A6 like the F and FN it becomes a lot more even and in some cases down low the LA has the advantage with speed.
  10. Different ammo types for those planes that shoot larger cannon mixed with MGs. larger rounds need more lofting etc.
  11. Well I would say you're just stupid if you don't pick this one up.... lol. Amazing
  12. Well figuring that most people here are fans of the Combat Flight Sim genre I thought I would mention you can grab a great sim for a few bucks. It shouldn't be confusing. The Team Fusion stuff is fantastic and it's something else to play while we are waiting for BOS to be completed. I whole heartedly support any combat flight sim.
  13. While we are waiting for this great sim... Steam has IL2 Cliffs of Dover for 5.99 Dollars US. With the Team Fusion mod you really can't go wrong.
  14. You will need some serious GPU performance to run at the native res of 4K. It will be game dependent.
  15. It's been my experience flying Il2 1946 in a competitive environment that a cheater won't last long. If the server is very active they usually have Admins and people send in tracks. They get the boot forever. Also I would say that most guys that are into our genre are a bit less likely to be a hacker. Certainly there is always some asshat that breaks the rules. To the original poster. I've had some amazing MP experiences flying Il2 1946 with the UP and HSFX Mods. If you fly on regular servers you won't run into many situations were people are hacking.
  16. It looks like it has a ways to go yet. This is a recent video that talks about the development and some of the challenges. It's fascinating to think that we are on the verge of something bigger.
  17. It's been said before... Once this is released I'm sure admins will have their handful with the internet personalities that come with MP. After paying into the game to have your account banned isn't going to be pleasant.
  18. I say do yourself a favor and pick up Clod and patch to the latest release from ATAG that came out about 2 weeks ago TF4.3. I don't agree BOS is any more realistic than Clod especially with TF latest patch. While I can't wait for BOS to come online it isn't finished yet. At this point I would wait for the official release and pick up BOS at that time it is looking very good. In the interim you will be very happy with Clod especially given it's price and where Team Fusion in heading.
  19. Thanks for the replies... Very frustrating but I had to play with the different camera modes then move it back into position (no TIR) and save. Wow that one will get you lost quick.
  20. While messing around and looking away from the cockpit I've managed to hit F10 and save a position of the camera/head outside of the cockpit facing down. I can't find any way to reset it so far.
  21. When the video starts and you see the three gentlemen planning their flight... That is Steve Hinton from my neck of the woods out at Planes of Fame Chino. That is also in Jason's back yard and was featured on his trip with the developers. Steve has flown about everything you could imagine and was responsible for test flying Paul Allen's FW A5. Very cool video.
  22. Wow... Clearly you've put a lot of time and research into your question/concern. The reality is... This is nothing more than a visual effect in a game. There are only a finite number of developer resources that are dedicated to building these effects so they will have some limitations. After all Modeling actual effects based upon real world data and information is IMO a waste of resources. There is so much more to a simulation that needs just as much attention. For 10 years we had OKAY effects with IL2 and they served the purpose well. Since then the mods have made things look so much better but does it actually change anything in the game? Not so much. It's just a visual... while important for the suspension of disbelief doesn't really effect the outcome of the damage model or game play for that matter.
  23. That is true but it's done behind the scenes minimally if you're texture swapping you will get Studdering... Certainly more memory the better but pushing textures across the bus is very slow even with the newer ports. Most devs will preload scenes as much as possible. They also tend to reuse textures even in different parts of an area to keep from swapping to memory. Anyways
  24. 64 Bit will only allow for more objects and preloading of terrain etc... Currently DCS has 64 bit capability. Textures are a function of the Video card not the OS until something revolutionary comes out like the new Maxwell Architecture from Nvidia. 64 Bit also makes software more complex. They chose 32 bit for now because they have to get a product out in short order and they already had a very capable engine. To create a new 64 bit engine or to upgrade to DX11 adds a lot of time to development. Hence CLOD and DX10. I'm sure none of these technologies are off the table for future releases but for now we are where we are. Most Combat Flight Sims we have now are still DX9 and OpenGL for old IL2. They need to be successful for us to see new tech any time soon.
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