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  1. It's fair to say ANY tail dragger can ground loop. What we have for the FW is over exaggerated by a great deal for whatever reason.
  2. I think it's funny when folks give you advice on the technique used in ground handling. The sim is broken when it comes to ground handling period. The FW should be one of the more forgiving planes to handle on the ground because it does have a very wide track landing gear setup. The ground loops are insane. You have to use a decent amount of power just to get the bird rolling and you have a very good chance of ground looping even with rudder and differential braking which is wrong. The FW in this sim is able to do multiple ground loops even when cutting the throttle. Total rubbish. Having flown tail draggers in real life this is far from the real thing. It's not a technique issue. If this is what you have to do... then it doesn't represent how it's done in real life.
  3. The ground handling in the game is silly and over exaggerated. How do I know I've many hours in various tail draggers...Differential braking is a bit goofy too.
  4. More importantly did they fix the stiff elevator problem at high speed? The real FW didn't have this problem.
  5. I don't know if this a bug or a feature but after pulling Gs my virtual head is not in the same position anymore with regards to the TIR. I find that if I sit up the alignment comes back but the real fix is to re-center like it was suggested. Normally in other flight sims I don't have this problem. In fact I can get up and walk away to grab a beer and sit down and it's perfectly centered.
  6. It's pretty clear given your statements you don't no much about the engine. Clod has nothing to do with Il2-1946 other that it has Oleg's name on it. They were ambitious and the fell into trouble with the publisher in terms of getting out to the public. The publisher made them release it early and it failed at the launch. The engine is DX10 and they spent a lot of time developing things high fidelity models which is why you have so many systems that can be damaged unlike other simple DMs in other games. If you were to talk with some of the devs from Team Fusion you would be blown away by what this engine can and will provide in the future. The gotcha is the devs aren't working with the source code. This takes more time. The list is long but they were able to unlock and fix a lot of issues with the earlier release of the software. Their goal and I think they got there was to make it perform and be stable while fixing bugs with some extra features along the way. BTW they just announced the Beaufighter today. I was thinking about posing the readme to TF 4.0 but it's too large. http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6276 Lastly here is a video that covers many of the highlights... This is a year old. http://vimeo.com/60197559
  7. Sounds like you have a convergence problem... Remember all planes aren't shooting 20mm. 8 30 cals work just fine if you hit them at convergence. Over 100 Players with multiple targets cannot be done in BOS ROF and or DCS at the moment. It can and is being done in TF version of Clod on a regular basis.
  8. EDGE is not a new landscape it's a new DX11 rendering engine. Currently DCS is a DX9c game which is the same for BOS and ROF. Clod is DX10. While I like BOS so far as you know it has a long way to go in terms of refinement. FMs DMs new theaters Aircraft etc. One of the biggest problems with BOS and DCS is the fact it's limited by the number of objects and players. I believe EDGE will address some of these limitations for DCS. Clod is currently the king when it comes to scaling. ATAG regularly has 70-80 people flying with all the targets etc. Another group is working on a competitive version of CLOD for online competitive play. I used the fly it frequently when it was flying IL2-46 but it's currently being tested using CLOD. Full real time war much like the old Scorched Earth but a different flavor. So far Clod looks to be much more robust than IL2 feature wise. Eye of the beholder I guess.
  9. No so sure about that... While BOS is a great looking sim there are things in Clod I like better but then again all of this is subjective. Also remember edge is coming out for DCS and new Maps are being created for the WWII theater. The first map is going to be the Western Front. You can fix a lot of that by going into your config and changing the rendering distances for clouds. Also Clod is work in progress and there is a lot more in the pipeline. We will see if it comes true but Clod was supposed to support real time weather.
  10. Recipe for success. Climb and always be above your target. Make slashing attacks and control the fight with extensions and climb only when you have separation. The think that you will have to learn is the current version we have in the game has very little elevator authority above 600kph. If you can stay below that during your bottom of your dive you can make your attack with more success. I find that it takes a lot of patients in this game as most aren't willing to give you a tracking shot. Get good at high deflection and snap shots with 4 cannons and wipe the floor with people. I've been flying virtual FWs for over 10 years and it's taking me some time.
  11. Purely anecdotal... I was able to employ rolling scissors through out the weekend with some decent effect though I have no idea how good the guys that I was flying against. Of course I also used the FWs speed and most people gave up. It was also interesting to see that I could use climb after a certain amount of separation. Yaks just couldn't follow me after getting out of the Weapons range I could zoom climb them and most that followed fell out of the sky. In terms of instantaneous turn I didn't note very much in the FW compared with other sims. Most of my attacks were slashing boom and zoom stuff which is what the FW does well. I felt that the high speed cement elevator prevented a lot of good shooting opportunities. I had to plan around the problem to get the FW to perform. A long sustained turn fight is the death of the FW.
  12. +1 I need to test further but this has been my experience as well. Why is it that our A3 in BOS has such a heavy elevator pull 600+ when other aircraft don't. I saw your post about the Jabo version having a harder pull but not the A3
  13. Generally speaking most aircraft don't enter a spin during a stall if the plane is coordinated. You should be getting the stall to happen on both wings at the root if they built in some washout and dihedral. By the way Accelerated stalls don't exceed a critical AOA. The stall is created by exceeding the lift vs. weight (G Load. They usually mush out not spin if you're coordinated in my experience.
  14. Alright... Andyw, I like your post and your willingness to take the time to test some of these observations. While I agree I think the 109 as a whole seems to be a bit more complete I don't see any mention of the FW. Maybe you don't own it. It could be and I'm willing to investigate but my ground handling problems are with a non modified Warthog and Saitek Combat Pro Rudders. It may be I need to look at the curves and make some adjustments but just at a quick glance my setup is pretty straight forward. Ground Handling Observation: FW After start just trying to make a right turn during taxi. Stick in lap to lock the tail wheel NO turn what so ever. Relax the stick with slight power added -20-30 percent and full right rudder aircraft moves forward with little turn to the right. Add a slight amount of right wheel brake no turn and come to a complete stop at some point. Add a bit more power back wheel unlocks and I get a complete ground loop 360 degree plus in some cases. I can assure you having 100s of hours in tail draggers this is NOT normal. Granted this could be some whacky hardware thing but from what I can see in the UI there isn't anything that indicates an improper configuration. For those that don't fly tail draggers here are some RW techniques. Most modern tail draggers don't have a locked tail wheel control. The tail wheel is locked when the wheel is aligned with the nose. It becomes unlocked passed a certain point. Which means you hold the stick back in your lap during taxi at all times. This gives you steering which is done with rudder and differential braking. Upon take off its a gradual adding of power opposite rudder to maintain centerline and stick forward until you pick the tail off the ground. As you pick up airspeed the forward stick pressure relaxes all while you're maintaining center line with rudder control and aileron if you have a crosswind. Upon reaching your take off speed it's a gradual pull and let the plane fly off the runway. Landings: There are 2 kinds. 3 Point which most guys use because it's the easiest to perform. Land tail wheel first and let the mains settle. Wheel landings which require some skill and practice. Upon touching the mains it's still forward and maintain centerline with rudder. Most bounce this part because they don't STICK the landing. Forward pressure to hold the tail wheel off as you start to slow down you bring the tail wheel down slowly by adding back pressure and don't Bounce it. Then immediate full back pressure once the tail has touched down and you're now in taxi mode. FW Stalls where interesting. Much more complex than good ole IL2 but the FW in particular is almost willing to swap ends if you push hard forward. She will also invert and rap up tight if you keep the pressure on which is expected and a nice touch. My general overall impression is that the longitudinal axis is a bit wobbly at times even under high speed. Perhaps it's accurate I don't know but at 300mph you would think most aircraft are stable in flight.
  15. LOL Well played quite a bit more today... It's clear to me this is pretty early work. There where some strange things like not hearing any rounds impact my plane but I could here gunfire and engines while flying. I know my observations are anecdotal but I suspect I'm not too far off in some of them.
  16. Perhaps my Saitek Pro Rudder with Brakes aren't working correctly... I will try them again but my last test it was pretty terrible
  17. Finally got to spend some time in multiplayer and flew on a DF server just to get into things a bit quicker... I'm a RL pilot with 100s of hours in tail draggers and my current plane (A36 Bonanza). Generally speaking the ground handling is a bit over done. Yes in tail draggers you have to keep the elevator back to keep pressure on that tail wheel for ground control also to prevent ground looping. Currently the game takes this to an all new level and it's over exaggerated IMO. No I don't have experience in 1000Hp tail draggers but I can assure you they can turn which ever direct they want using differential braking and rudder control. It's almost impossible to taxi correctly in these aircraft. A couple comments on the FW-190. I highly doubt Oleg and crew got things completely wrong as well as many of the other FM guys that have tried to model the FW when it comes to elevator control at high speeds. 600Kmh and there is very little if any elevator authority. By all accounts the plane had plenty of authority at the cost of taking something off or blacking out. I'm still spending a bit more time with the 109s then I will move on to the others. Generally all aircraft seem a bit too unstable. Certainly there were aircraft that had unstable characteristics and killed people. I just don't think that is the case here. The FW in particular is swirling around at high speeds even with mild control inputs. Aircraft flying well within their normal regime and properly trimmed should be almost hands off. The only planes that I know of that are dynamically unstable are racing aircraft with Aft CGs. Remember they built these planes to be flown by regular folks. I would hate to imagine what the game will offer for planes like the P-39.
  18. I own a Thrustmaster Warthog and I just started to play my founders package. I too was a little disappointed but here is the deal that others pointed out to me. First this game has 2 different controls to handle the pitch Axis. I had to use my wheel on the Stabilizer Control for it to affect the pitch control in the 109. One thing to remember is that not all aircraft have trim controls for every axis. I then mapped to my hats the other trim controls and it seems to be working. Also it changes if you're in Expert Mode for some reason. I hope that helps
  19. I mapped it once and didn't have 2 controls in CLOD hence the confusion on my part.
  20. I thought that was only true for Ailerons in the 109. So what is Stabilizer Trim? Does it control the Pitch Axis? I will play with it and see what happens. Okay got my wheel assigned to the Stabilizer but it's a bit confusing because it suggested left and right as well as there are 2 other Stabilize Up and Down settings. Regardless it seems to be working
  21. Elevator Trim in the 109 which is should have. I also have them mapped to my Thrustmaster Warthog. They work fine in Normal Mode and don't work at all in Expert. I must be missing something. You are correct the O key works but that is strange because the map function is a full map instead of a small one in your hud but they DO exactly the same thing including GPS mode. I just need a map that's it. hehe
  22. What gives... Give us a MAP a piece of paper in Expert mode... I mean how else do you nav?
  23. I just watched your video and to be honest your fight illustrates several flaws in your tactic. First is you can't expect to win a fight with a sustained turn that eventually turned into a vertical turn fight regardless of your aircraft having a better turn ability. You are perfect bait for someone to come across that circle and kill you. Second you didn't use any angles in you fight except for once which you had an opportunity for a snap shot. Third you stayed on the power the whole time and you never even set him up for a scissors and perhaps force and overshoot. By pulling consecutive loops you set your self up for a plane that has better climb. Had you actually backed off your power as you climbed you could have reduced your turn radius as he pulled into you by using "Gods G" and set your self up for at least a snap shot. Lastly if you had a wing man you might not have gotten jumped or at least cleared in the long run. Go back and review your movie and count how many left hand turns you did. I'm also assuming that was AI not an MP fight. I mean no offense but you're making classic beginner mistakes. It's okay as we all go through it.
  24. The LA5 really comes into it's own in the FN version.
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