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  1. From what I was able to find out... The drivers are stalling hence the crash. It's mentioned in the newest driver release notes for other titles but not IL2. So we wait.
  2. The classic arguments keep coming back. If you complain the FW is not where it needs to be you're a luftwhinner and you need proof. Well proof was given hence a change in the FM. The argument is over period. Stop saying anything bad about folks that have an issue with the current FM. Having flown the FW for the last decade and numerous changes to the FM via mods and official patches in IL2 1946 this A3 we have is a lot more of a handful to fly successfully. Anecdotally speaking when I merge co-e with a Yak or worst yet an LA5 you have a very tough time on your hands because you just don't have the real advantage the FW had in match. It's main advantage was the ability to extend and superior roll rate. My gut tells me the acceleration is a bit off as well but take that with a grain of salt as I haven't tested anything. If you're careful and patient in the current version you can at least make it a neutral fight. Try climbing you will die. Try diving and you will die eventually. Try turning you will die. Make a mistake and spin you will die. Does that make it impossible to be successful? Of course not come into a fight with superior E and positional advantage you can be successful. But all things being equal we are not able to use the normal tactics the plane did provide in RL to be successful. The A3 was built to be a Dog Fighter. Jabo came later because the war had shifted to different priorities as things progressed. Just look at the transformation of the 109. It was not the pure fighter later in it's life cycle. Oh and my credentials... I'm a RL Pilot and Airplane Owner. These observations are just from flying the sim Online. I haven't done testing.
  3. I have an EVGA Factory Overclocked 780 GTX and this game crashes. Went to the older drivers and it seemingly it makes it more stable. I didn't test extensively but it didn't crash either. Unfortunately I can't run other games with the older driver so I will have to wait. I have never had an issue with this Card and that includes flying other sims.
  4. The FW 190 is a great plane but in it's current form it has some issues as some have noted. Is it worth it? Well given the two main fighters for the Axis are the 109s and FW I would say yes. We will see what it's like after the fix.
  5. You are correct sir. Every map on War Birds of Prey had a date which always gave the FW pilots planes which were a year older than the current Spit. You always had a Spit which was faster than you. I called out a few of map makers on it and got in trouble with them but there is a reason their server died the way it did. The MK V is already outclassed by the FW A5 in many ways. It's still going to be a good plane but you will have to choose your fight carefully with G2s and G4s let alone an A5.
  6. Yes the A-3 is different in HSFX than what we have in BOS. I would also offer I think there are more variables involved with BOS than HSFX. The stalls are certainly more believable in BOS which leads me to believe this... Purely anecdotal but the BOS FW FM seems is a bit more unstable all around. You can get her to almost swap ends at 400mph which would be pretty difficult to do in most planes. There is some interesting discussions in the FM section of the forums about the FW. In terms of flying the FW it's quite a bit harder to be successful in this sim. We will see if anything comes of it.
  7. Agreed... Keeping her coordinated is the key but why she gets there so fast in the first place is a bit odd.
  8. +1 I couldn't agree more. The only way I've been able to get away from a Yak without forcing a scissors is to cruise climb and hope he loses interest or someone scrapes him off. Purely anecdotal but it is my experience many times
  9. History of other sims along with this one say otherwise... The FW 190 FM is by far the most tweaked airplane I've seen in combat sims since 1982.
  10. You are correct sir... Very little negative G and you will automatically be in a spin regardless of airspeed as well. I will have to do some testing but I think what is happening is the way the FM works is if you're negative G you are instantly uncoordinated and go into a spin. Not even a flat stall but a spin. It would take quite a bit to get a plane to get into a spin at 400 mph unless you really set it up to so and stamp on the rudder. The current 190 does it will very little effort and no rudder input for whatever reason.
  11. Lack of Skill aye... Well I'm a RL pilot and own my own airplane. I also have 100s of hours in tail draggers and flown aerobatics. Lastly I've been a dedicated virtual FW pilot since Il2 came out with their expansions. I played competitively online for over 10 years on Ghost Skies. I have never seen a Plane get so much scrutiny such as the FW. It has gone through dozens of changes throughout the years including this sim. Funny enough were do you think the programming is done for both this sim and IL2 1946? This A3 is not what you would expect. I agree it in the beginning it seem to have some of the right things going for it but now it's anemic at best. Try a head on merge co-alt with a Yak and I bet all things being equal in terms of skill you will lose almost every time. Everyone is capable of getting of a snapshot but just in terms of managing that fight you have your hands full in the current FW.
  12. LOL... I agree but I was trying to be nice about it.
  13. I think with the current plane set the A3 is a bit out classed in many ways. It doesn't really have the ability to extend in the lower Alts and it's rolling capability is much slower in this sim versus the older series.. Certainly if you get a bounce it's hard not to smash someone good. So you're relegated to hit and runs mostly and the fact the Yak can catch you because you will overheat before he does makes it pretty difficult to be successful.
  14. +1 I couldn't agree more. More content is more important than manual starts and clickable cockpits. Content is what drove the original IL2s success.
  15. I'm sure this has been mentioned a few times. I think one of the biggest impacts to the game would be to make it easier to build missions. I think this what kept IL2 1946 going strong over the years. There was a big MP crowd which always wanted more content. Of course I'm excluding the Mods but you get the idea. New content new maps great but getting the attention of new people via a MP community would go a long way. My 2 cents
  16. Since this thread continues to be looked at so much and that the topic has changed so much... Here is my two pennies. I too would have thought we would have seen a lot more Il2 46 pilots flying online. I think one of the bigger challenges is the fact this sim took a while to mature. Many went over to Clod for sake of flying something new. Thank Team Fusion for keeping Clod from disappearing all together. At some point I know some folks just got tired of flying Clod because the plane set hasn't changed in so long and despite the incredible improvements by TF it is the same map same planes. Enter BOS and BOM which is really a nice change and I welcome it however I think the 46 player base is pretty split up at the moment. What is not helping is the lack of central comms. There are a few populated servers most of which don't speak English so it seems everyone is on their own TeamSpeak. Also both of these sims don't have a lot of variety either in terms of planes maps and era. I don't think we will see the likes of 46 until there is more variety. I hope this series catches on and there is more development in the future.
  17. Yes I am. And yes I have authority based on my experiences flying and taxing tail draggers. Actually Mr. Ghost what are your credentials? If you don't have any RL experience I'm not sure what you can add if anything to this thread other than to argue.
  18. Umm No... I'm certainly giving you my opinion whether you want to believe my anecdotal evidence is up to you. I have RL experience in a number of tail draggers and I think this sim is inaccurate in terms of ground handling. Way too sensitive and way to unresponsive in many ways. Especially for birds that are over 10000 pounds. By just stating these planes are bigger and have more HP doesn't mean they should be all that harder to taxi than any other tail dragger. Certainly you have to be aware of the power but getting a plane to move using differential braking is not rocket science and shouldn't require more than a few minutes to figure out.
  19. Okay I will bite... Why would "Heavy's" be that much different? If anything wouldn't they have bigger brakes etc.? And when you mean pretty damn close... In what regard? If you're talking about using the same technique in RL vs what you have to do in RL then yes it's pretty good however where I think you and I differ is when it comes to how effective differential braking works as it does in RL. I can easily stop a low speed ground loop with braking in RL but not in this sim. With very little power you can get the FW to ground loop multiple times even with full brakes and opposite rudder. In my neck of the woods we have one of the largest WWII airshows in the nation. Well over 50 warbirds and not once have I seen a ground loop while they taxi. Just sit on one of the online servers and watch out many people ground loop while taxiing. If you tell me it's a training issue it's not given I have been trained in RL. Out of curiosity what do you use for brakes and rudders?
  20. This is exactly why I didn't continue responding to this thread again until now. To anyone who has ever taxied flown a Tail Dragger would instantly see there is an overall problem with ground handling in this sim. Those that say it's a training issue have no clue. It's been mentioned before just because you have figured out how to taxi take off and land which is a bit overly complicated in this sim doesn't make it more realistic or accurate for that matter.
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