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  1. I've been a CV1 rift user for some time now. I loved the VR experience but what really caused problems for me was I had to wait until about 1000 meters to really ID what kind of plane it is. Not all the time if they give me a plan form I can recognize but if their aspect was near might I couldn't figure it out. I hope that is taken care of with the higher res. I'm waiting to build a completely new rig so i will be running a i5 3570K at 4.4 and a 1080Ti. I hope it will limp through for a while. Any thoughts?
  2. Wow, I knew and flew with and against Monguse and company many times. So sorry to hear this news. RIP.
  3. I don't necessarily buy into the K4 being God Mode... Perhaps at the moment it is. A well a well flown 51 will give it a run for it's money but better yet MKIV Spits and at lower Alts the boosted 25 Spits will be very competitive if and when we get them. Hint hint nudge nudge... In terms of this sim and MP we aren't playing to how these machines were actually used. MP makes everything very Tactical in nature.
  4. IMO people need to remember our particular genre is really difficult to get into from the start. The barrier of entry is very high not only from a hardware perspective but a learning curve perspective. Another issue which is very much ingrained in our particular hobby is we are a very small market comparted to Wood Elf games or Shooters. Also consider the audience is very difficult to satisfy for a number of reasons. Just look at all the threads with discussions about plane performance historical accuracy and the FW bar being too big. So it’s quite the challenge getting all these variables to line up and be profitable. I’m sure Jason and team don’t have the crazy budget like AAA titles get. Publishers know their markets and how to make money. I think from now on we aren’t going to see any big changes come our way any time soon. Certainly we can start to bring in new people via new technologies but I don’t think it has the numbers.
  5. Barrel rolls are only part of what you can do... The key is at what distance is the bandit. If they're close you need to be thinking about getting them to overshoot. This is when rolling scissors and barrel rolls will pay off. Forcing and overshoot is a last ditch effort. The idea is not to get there in the first place if you can help it. Knowing when to unload and extend is important. Separation is part of getting enough space to neutralize the bandits advantage. All these concepts are easy but executing them and knowing when to do this takes time. BTW if the bandit has some distance behind you... It doesn't matter what move you make he is going to control the fight by using his speed. If you were to barrel roll he can just sit back and take shots at you. And yes this is why you fly with wingmen.
  6. I have no issue with setting up real battle scenarios from WWII but flying against 7 to 1 numbers isn't my idea of fun. I remember certain 1946 Mod servers cherry picking scenarios and time frames which influenced the plane sets to favor a particular side. In some cases we were flying 43 birds against late war 44. That's not fun IMO.
  7. You really see lopsided matches? I have seen numbers but not plane set issues. 42 43 should be a really good match up. 45 nobody is going to fly against multiple 262s for very long. Like I said if they can limit some of the numbers it should go a long way. Spits vs 109s comes to mind
  8. Well that assumes you want a WWII reenactment. No thanks we know who won. If done properly in MP you would have all the planes but restrictions on the number of types or it will just turn into 262s vs Tempest D-30s and other hot rod planes. Again if done right restrict some of those crazy planes.
  9. The original IL-21946 had a odd problem with the Setupfile but there were two of them on the disk. Use the second one and Il2 will play perfectly on Win 10. If your going to play the older IL-2 I highly recommend you download the CUP community mod. There is a lot of different modules. It's unfortunate there aren't that many MP servers and players anymore. During it's hay days which lasted oh about a decade you could find close to a 1000 people flying. There were plenty of campaign and competitive servers as well. You just can't beat the shear volume of maps planes and variants you can fly with the mods. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,45222.0.html Don't get me wrong I want IL2 via these new versions to continue to grow as well and yes it's time to move on but it will be several years before we see the scale of the original sim.
  10. Interesting news... Glad to see them push things forward. I don't think it will make a massive difference in terms of res but a bump none the less. Until we can see well over 4k and have machines which can run it we are stuck for a while with this. Perhaps the Foviated focusing is the answer but then devs need to support it.
  11. The G6 was always a dog... The only thing that made it anything was the MK108 option. The AS version was pretty cool but it wasn't until the G10/G14 things got interesting. By the time the K4 came around it was clear the LW was changing all of their airplanes to kill bombers.
  12. Well this is what I was able to gather... First I use an OTT profile and yes SS works fine. It seems as though ASW is actually turned off. No matter what I do graphics wise I don't get a change in FPS which tells me my 1080Ti is carrying the load for any of those settings. Also I used to get a pretty big bump in performance turning on and off the HUD and that's not the case anymore. Having said that I'm not sure where the change took place. My educated guess is I'm CPU limited. Funny enough if I run the game on my 1440p monitor in well into the 80s for most of my flying. It seems there is some pretty big overhead happening in VR and we are going to need to have some pretty screaming CPUs if we are going to get to the next gen VR stuff. Also I noticed this game hardly touches the CPU. Perhaps better multicore support is needed in the future.
  13. I will give this a ago. It may be a new release in either Oculus or Steam has broken OTT for the moment. Not sure.
  14. Hey Sparrow long time no see.... Yes running latest version of the software. Let me try it as admin. My gut tells me there was some changes which make it not work. It does seem to throttle even with this rig. I will post back
  15. You could be right but... I have ASW turned off via Oculus Tray Tool. Also I don't have the typical blurring of the gunsite with ASW on. It could be a change in Oculus or Steam in which the traytool isn't overriding is my best guess at this point
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